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Page 1 : Super-Thermite Found in Dust from World Trade Center

Page 2 : Vice President Joe Biden Confronted with WTC Super-Thermite Evidence

Page 3 : Anniversary of 9/11

Page 4 : American Free Press Reporter Christopher Bollyn Publishes Book on 9/11

Page 5 : Zbigniew Brzezinski Advises Obama to Shoot Down Israeli Planes if They Attack Iran

Page 6 : Theologian David Ray Griffin Demolishes the NIST Report (and Other Historical Corrections)

Page 7 : Suppressed Footage of Explosions at the World Trade Center and Other Cover Ups by the U.S. Fraudocracy

Page 8 : New Fatima Movie

Page 9 : Historical Corrections for Pearl Harbor Day

Page 10 : The Christmas Star of Bethlehem

Page 11 : New Year Resolutions

Page 12 : Afghan Government Demands Arrest of US Death Squad who Handcuffed, and Executed 8 Children

Page 13 : Kuwaiti Foreign Minister says that Israel's Prime Minister Is Stupid and Insane

Page 14 : 2010: A Breakthrough Year in Aging Research?

Page 15 : My Response to "Does-one-Holocaust-Justify-Another One?" Desert Peace Article

Page 16 : France Falls Under Internet Censorship

Page 17 : "Hungarian Lawmakers Make Holocaust Denial Illegal"

Page 18 : Irish Bishops take Stand on Child Molestation

Page 19 : FED Prints More Funny Bunny Money for Easter

Page 20 : Remembering Saint Cecilia on Good Friday


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