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Page 101: The Biggest Oil Discovery in 50 Years and the Cash Cow

Page 102: Economists Push for Wage - Price Spiral

Page 103: Government Shuts Down Sending Stock Prices Higher

Page 104: 96th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun

Page 105: Holocaust Day 2013: The Maskes of William Cooper

Page 106: Who Killed Camelot?

Page 107: Turkey Day 2013

Page 108: Christmas 2013 and the Conquest of Darkness

Page 109: Teach Your Children Well

Page 110: Disarming the Palestinians

Page 111: Austrian Court Indicts Ehud Barak for War Crimes

Page 112: DHS Chidren Should not Play with Dead Things

Page 113: Debunking The Saga of Bat Boy and other Scary Fairy Tales

Page 114: The Birth of Time and the Creation of Russian Currency

Page 115: Charlie Hebdo: the Movie Starring Alex Jones and a Cast of Minions!

Page 116: Your Bleeding Heart will Tell on You

Page 117: Time for a New American Revolution?

Page 118: Milestones on the Road to Serfdom: Endless Wars Paid For By Endless Debt and Endless Inflation

Page 119: The God of War: The Religion of Death

Page 120: Fed Up With Fake News?


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