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Christmas in Palestine

Stupid ADL slams Helen Thomas as 'vulgar anti-Semite'

Helen Keller could hear through her finger tips!

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The Neurophone Works by the Helen Keller Effect!

Torture and Mind Control Box

Obama (Grinch of Christmas Future) Box

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Armenian Christmas Music

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Estonian Christmas Carol

Malayalam Church - I saw three ships

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Christmas in Palestine

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Stupid ADL slams Helen Thomas as 'vulgar anti-Semite'

A bit ridiculous, and laughable when you consider that the Palestinians are Semites and the Israelis are not. They don't even speak with a Semitic accent.

Flashback: Christmas of 1959

José Jiménez never claimed to be Hispanic. He said that his native country was Israel. He explained that the reason that he spoke with an accent was because the "Hewish people speak Jeebrew."

Merry Christmas!

Helen Keller Could Hear Through Her Finger Tips!

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!

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A Second Mount Carmel Blaze and a Second Psyop?

"Image from the Mount Carmel fire in Haifa. Pic. Credit: Arab Newspapers. Despite the help of many countries, who always cover up the zionist organization's war crimes in Gaza and Palestine, God and the nature wanted to give Israel a taste of what they perpetrated against nature, children, old men and women in the besieged Gaza, in Palestine and Lebanon."

...Kawther Salam

Gods Anger Burns Israel

Has Kawther been subliminally influenced into reporting the Mount Carmel fire as an "act of God?" There is another Mount Carmel fire which Americans are well aware of - the Mount Carmel fire at Waco. The Waco fire was a crime perpetrated by criminals in the US government.

Is there as connection between the network of child molesters in the Vatican and the child killers in Israel?

Christian Leaders Show Solidarity With Those Impacted By Mount Carmel Blaze

The FBI's Catholic Church

Was the first Mount Carmel blaze a psyops to turn public opinion against Muslims?

Carol Valentine

"Koresh was teaching that Bible prophecies would be fulfilled in a land other than Israel. He was teaching that a Savior would come from Iran. He was teaching doctrines that paralleled the teachings of Mohammed."

David Koresh & The Cuckoo's Egg

"When branch Davidian sect members hunkered down in their Waco compound last year and threatened to commit suicide, the FBI turned to an unlikely source. Experts from the FBI Counter-Terrorism Center secretly met in Arlington, Va., with a long-haired Russian Dr. Strangelove called Igor Smirnov. His plan: piping subliminal messages from sect members’ families through the phone lines during negotiations. For David Koresh, the self-appointed prophet, the FBI had a special voice in mind: God, as played by Charlton Heston."

A Subliminal Dr. Strangelove Mind: Using the power of hidden suggestions, his Russian scientist tries to rewire the brain

I always suspected that this story was some kind of disinformation. The US government was perfectly aware of how to get people to hear things inside of their heads without the help of any "Igor Smirnoff." The NSA prevented Patrick Flanagan from taking out a patent on one of his neurophone devices which works via the Helen Keller Effect. Although Flanagan is a bit of a flake his device does work. I remember him seeing him demonstrate it on the "I've Got a Secret" show (must have been in the early 60s, don't remember exact year). Was neurophone technology used on David Koresh to make him think that he was in contact with "Allah?"

Frankenstein Must Be Distributed

The Neurophone Works by the Helen Keller Effect!

"In our initial testing, we found that the neurophone produced a minute mechanical vibration in the skin under the electrodes...

The clue as to how the neurophone actually works, is contained in the skin vibration artifact which we discovered at Tufts University. The original neurophone used a high voltage amplitude modulated carrier wave to create a molecular vibration in the skin itself. The skin became the diaphragm of a biological electrostatic vibrator. The skin is piezo electric and opto-electric. That is, when the skin is stimulated by an electric field, or by a photon field, it will contract and vibrate with modulation of the field. If it is mechanically stimulated, it will generate its own electric field. In Russia, blind people have been trained to see with their fingertips; and in Czechoslavakia, deaf people have been trained to hear with their fingertips...

Six months after the patent was applied for, the National Security Agency placed the patent application under a top secrecy order #756,124. The order said that my invention was being suppressed in the interest of National Security. It further stated that I could be tried for treason and shot by firing squad if I revealed its working nature to anyone other than an authorized government representative."

...Patrick Flanagan.


When you consider that eyes and ears have evolved from skin (the nervous system and the epidermis are both derived embryonically from the ectoderm of the embryo) Flangan's ideas begin to sound plausible.

Research related to the microwave auditory effect and neurophone technology are both areas which the government has classified as top secret. Freedom of Information requests in this area have been turned down - obviously they are hiding something.

The US government has been working in this area for over half a century with top scientists and engineers. Much of the internet BS in this area may actually be disinformation from the NSA designed to ridicule people who believe that they are being experimented on by the government. Mind control technology may be one way that the US and Israeli governements might be trying to create the "terrorists" they need as pretexts for military intervention in the middle east.

What's with the "aura" surrounding Christoper Bollyn's daughter in the photo that Bollyn took of her during a visit with Daryl Bradford Smith?

"Suddenly, during the dinner, he [Smith] turned to us and asked: "Why did you really come?" in a distinctly unpleasant tone. We reminded him that he was the one who had invited us... Pascal and Smith had one large and two small dogs. My daughter, who loves animals, enjoyed playing with them. We got two amazing photos of her holding one of the dogs. These photos show an incredible aura around them. " ... Christopher Bollyn

Bollyn Responds to Malicious Slander of Daryl B. Smith

Daryl Bradford Smith being zapped or just an over exposed photo?

"We turned out the lights and saw a purple glow surrounding our fingertips in contact with the plastic. So the Neurophone is actually a Kirlian Photography setup! It's also a "plasma tweeter," since it creates a glow discharge, then creates sound by modulating the amount of wattage feeding that plasma....Flesh conduction is weird. Underwater noises, with your body being the "water."

But best of all, we got to watch each other with 30,000V electrodes strapped to our heads! "

Neurophone - Real?

Suggested Reading:

Hearing Aid Based on Microwaves: US Patent # US-A-4,877,027

Auditory response to pulsed radiofrequency energy

Electro-communication in Fish

Ampullary electro-receptors

How Electric Fish Produce and Detect Electric Signals

Peripheral electro-sensory imaging by weakly electric fish.

Declassified MK-Ultra Project Documents

Merry Christmas!

Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum

Merry Christmas!

Torture and Mind Control Box

Mother of David Koresh murdered and they arrest
her sister for no reason?

"Bonnie Clark Haldeman, 60, was found yesterday
afternoon at the home of her sister, Beverly Clark, in
a rural area near Chandler, Henderson County
Sheriff Ray Nutt said. Chandler is about 175 miles
north of Houston. It's still under investigation,
and we really don't know what the motive was or what
caused this to happen, Nutt said today."

Waco cult leader's mother slain

Naturally, the first person you suspect in a murder is always
that person's closest living relative, which in a woman's case
would be her sister. Especially, if there is no motive.

So says Sheriff "Ray Nutt."

Interesting name. Almost as funny as "Igor."

Associated Press speak-eth, therefore it must be true-eth.



If Beverly did it (unlikely), then did Charlton Heston tell
her to do it, Newsweek? If she did not do it then could
"Igor Smirnov" convince her that she did?

How about a year of torture in jail?

Torture in US Prisons

The American Prison and the Normalization of Torture

Prison Rape: America's Torture Torture Inc.

The United States As Torture Central

How about covering up the mass murder of the Branch
Davidians as a motive? Was Bonnie Clark interested in
the circumstances surrounding her son's death?

If she used a computer she would most certainly have chanced
upon Carol Valentine's Waco Holocaust Museum.

And where is Carol, by the way? Why does she not post any
more on her website since 2005?

"Donald Ewen Cameron...was most famous for his involvement in the Project MKULTRA of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency...Cameron became known worldwide, serving as the second President of the World Psychiatric Association, as well as president of the American and Canadian psychiatric associations. He was also a member of the Nuremberg medical tribunal a decade earlier, where he accused German medics of things he himself did between 1934-60 or later..."

CIA Mind Control Experiments:

MK-ULTRA (Youtube)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Supplementary Resources:

The Exoneration of Lee Harvey Oswald

The Corsicans Who Killed Kennedy

Propaganda & Disinformation: How CIA Manufactures History

Youtube Videos:

The men who killed Kennedy episode 1 (1-5)

Rush to Judgement (Part 1 of 10)

Two Men In Dallas (Part 1 of 5)

Obama (Grinch of Christmas Future) Box

Return of Daddy Warbucks

Historical Corrections for Pearl Harbor Day

Just putting the National Debt in perspective. The US dollar need not dwindle into nothingness. The power to beat future inflation is in the hands of the people who buy "treasury securities" which are the engines of government inflation and the basis behind the US government/Federal Reserve protection racket. If people do not buy them then there will be no inflation and the government will have to raise taxes to pay for its wasteful spending - which no one will tolerate. The Federal Reserve will then disappear or become so weak that legislation can be enacted to get rid of it and put the criminal parasites who instigate and finance wars into the torture chambers (called US prisons) which they have built for others.

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