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No-Soul Gang Comes to Fairfeild County

Two Cops vs. The US Cocaine Importation Agency (CIA)

Arkansas Ladies Against Government Corruption

Corruption in Newtown

Sandy Hook: Details of Second Suspect and Motive

Sandy Hook Witness Heard Shots 45 seconds AFTER police Arrived

Saline County as a "High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area"

Figures Describing Military Suicides Beyond Misleading

Gene Rosen's Story Just does not Add Up

The Hagelian Deception

Robin C. Miller on Israel's Crimes Against Humanity

Chalk Up 3 More for the "Clinton Body Count"

Youtube Video - Gene Rosen's Facebook Mission to Take Down Videos Questioning Sandy - Censored by Youtube

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January 30, 2013

No-Soul Gang Comes to Fairfeild County

Many internauts know that the late reverend Sun Myung Moon (coveter of barbecued penises) came to the rescue of Jerry Falwell when his university was in financial trouble.

Thanksgiving, Jerry Falwell, and the Mena Connection to 9/11

Fewer people are aware that his "Professors World Peace Academy" came to the rescue of Bridgeport University - which just happens to be in the same county as Newtown in the state of Connecticut.

Professors World Peace Academy

Bridgeport U. Closes Deal to Cede Control

Bridgeport U. Approves a Pact with Unification Church Affiliate

Now just why would Moon be interested in buying this particular university? Lets take a look at some of his other acquisitions.

"Moon literally owns whole countries in South America and Asia. His apparatus is rapidly buying up the U.S. Congress, the Presidency, and all potential opposition forces of left, right, and center. Moon's stock-in-trade is cash and sex—lots of it. The cash comes from the worldwide drug- and gun-running operations, part of which came to the surface in the Iran-Contra scandal: cocaine from the South American trade run under cover of the Moon-linked CAUSA group; heroin from Afghanistan and the Far East, laundered through dirty-money operations of the Moon cult that overlapped Ollie North's extracurricular activities while at the National Security Council…

The two operations of Wells and Russell from which Moon sprung are these:

1.The Moral Re-Armament Movement…
2.The Unity of the Sciences movement…"

The 'No-Soul' Gang Behind Reverend Moon's Gnostic Sex Cult

"There are two principal branches to Moon's interest in Paraguay," he said, "control of the largest fresh drinking water source in the world and control of the narcotics business", which is so prevalent in this area. "President Lula told me that Brazil took serious measures to curb Moon a few years back as it became evident that he was buying up the border between our two countries," said the senator.

Allegations from local law enforcement officials support this claim. The so-called Dr Montiel, Paraguay's drugs tsar from 1976-89, said: "The fact that they came and bought in Chaco and on both sides of the Brazilian border is very telling. It is an enormously strategic point in both the narcotics and arms trades and indeed the available intelligence clearly shows that the Moon sect is involved in both these enterprises…

Having decided to buy land in the area, he first visited (according to local Zeta magazine) the city of Pedro Juan Caballero in the province of Amambay. Provincial governor Mr Roberto Acevedo said: "This is the Mecca of the narcotics trade where dealers live with complete immunity. They own judges, the police, even politicians."

Moonies accused of involvement in drugs

But what does Fairfeild county have to offer along these lines?

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area: Profile State of Connecticut

New England High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Drug Market Analysis 2009

I do not necessarily buy everything in Lyndon Larouche's conspiracy theory about "the British" being behind the world wide dope Inc.

Dope Inc.

But his research does give one a good historical backgound of the drug trade which was dominated by the British Empire at one time - a time when the ill effects of opium were not widley recognized.

"Global regulation of opium began with the stigmatization of Chinese immigrants and opium dens in San Francisco, California, leading rapidly from town ordinances in the 1870s to the formation of the International Opium Commission in 1909...

Opium was prohibited in many countries during the early 20th century, leading to the modern pattern of opium production as a precursor for illegal recreational drugs or tightly regulated legal prescription drugs. Illicit opium production, now dominated by Afghanistan, was decimated in 2000, when production was banned by the Taliban, but has increased steadily since the fall of the Taliban in 2001."


"Increased steadily since the fall of the Taliban in 2001?"

"After the Taliban issued an edict banning farmers from growing poppies, drug barons pushed their business into Badakshan, the mountainous province under opposition control. Now more than 80 per cent of poppy fields in Afghanistan are in Badakshan, the UN drug control program said in a report.

Now the future of the ban appears to be in doubt. In Taliban-controlled areas the price of opium has tumbled from $1200 a kilogram in August to $176 last week.

Mr Frahi said the price had fallen because many expected the Taliban ban to lapse in the face of bombing. "People feel the Taliban will not be able to impose the ban and therefore there will be a large supply," he said."

Opium growing doubles in Northern Alliance zones

If you think that the US government is really "coordinating" a war on drugs in New England then just listen to these ladies and gentlemen.

Two Cops vs. The US Cocaine Importation Agency (CIA)

DEA Agent Celle Castillo

Ex-Cop Mike Ruppert

Arkansas Ladies Against Government Corruption

Jean Duffy

Linda Ives

Now listen to Mario Lanza.

Mario Lanza- O Sole Mio

Picking Poppies for Peace?

If our Poppy Picking Patriots decide to sell their wares in Newtown Connecticut and they get caught, no worry. The Newtown CT RICO Defense Lawyers have fine record of getting crooks off the sandy hook.

Corruption in Newtown

"Wise Laws has Newtown defense attorneys on staff possessing a superior understanding of the complicated laws and issues applying to Newtown Racketeer Influenced and Newtown Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) litigation. We defend persons facing Newtown racketeering charges in Newtown.

Several of our Newtown attorneys have worked previously as Newtown prosecutors in various cities across Newtown CT and have strategic insights of RICO trials, including the process of investigations, and how to defend those charged with racketeering.

Our background includes knowledge of and experience with:

  • Newtown Connecticut Racketeering
  • Newtown Bribery and bribery-related cases
  • Acts or threats involving Newtown Murder, murder for hire or Kidnapping
  • Newtown Gambling and transmission of gambling information
  • Newtown Extortion
  • Newtown Trafficking of Drugs or other controlled substances
  • Counterfeiting and money laundering in Newtown
  • Newtown Wire Fraud
  • Mail Fraud and financial institution fraud
  • Unlawful reproduction of papers or procurement of citizenship or naturalization
  • False statements relating to the application, use, misuse or forgery of a passport, visas, permits or other documents
  • Obstruction of justice in Newtown Connecticut
  • Slavery or trafficking in persons in Newtown CT

Newtown CT RICO Defense Lawyers

Connecticut Police: Newtown Will Prosecute Independant Journalist Whistleblowers

February 1, 2013

Sandy Hook: Details of Second Suspect and Motive

"Police were dispatched to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown after they received reports of shots being fired by a gunman in one of the kindergarten classrooms of the school at 9.41 am....

The mayor said they are not releasing names until next of kin have been notified... There are said to be a number of people with injuries. At least three are being treated at a local hospital.

A second man who was seen running from the scene right after the shooting was taken into custody a few hours later.

There are unconfirmed reports of two shooters, one is believed to be dead and the other still at large

A witness told News8 he saw one child with a bloodied face and another with a hand injury. First Selectman Pat Llodra told Patch that there is no information being released about the victims only confirming that there was a shooting...

Mrs Lebinski said that she had spoken to her daughter's teacher who was in the school at the time of the shooting, and that a masked gunman had shot adults in the school."

Sandy Hook: Mainstream Article Posted Day of Shooting Reveals Details of Second Suspect and Motive

Hearsay, unnamed witnesses, unnamed police officers, and an unnamed caller phoning the police after hearing shots, when a named witness says that she heard shots only after the police arrived.

Sandy Hook Witness Heard Shots 45 seconds AFTER police Arrived

And where is the promised motive? Reminds me of the promised miracle of Fatima. The promised miracle came off in the "Miracle of the Sun" but the promised motive seems to have flopped.

So let me give you a possible motive. Suppose our kin to the great singer Mario Lanza - Adam Lanza - witnessed a drug drop or some other skullduggery by corrupt government employees as did Kevin Ives and his friend Don Henry witnessed at Mena Arkansas.

Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection

Suppose he was killed by corrupt policemen as is likely to have been the case for Kevin and Don. The problem for the police would then have been how to cover it up without another anti-police corruption crusader like Linda Ives jumping on their backs.

That would be a motive to kill Adam's Mother as well and to blame the killing on her son.

All of the shooting could have been done by the mysterious "second gunman" who may have been the only gunman shooting besides the police. Lanza's body (if it was there at all) could have been planted in the confusion or beforehand.

That is one possible scenario and motive. Another motive, in the grander scheme of things, would be to increase gun sales. As Mike Ruppert has pointed out gun running seems to be linked to drug smuggling and as we have seen school shootings are invariable followed by calls for gun control which always seem to result in increased gun sales. For some reason people do not like the idea of only criminals being allowed to own guns.

The economic aspect of things can not be ignored as demonstrated by the recent slaughter civilians in Mali.

In Mali, Forces Backed by UN, France, and Obama Slaughter Civilians

But why should Mali's gold reserve be important to the France and the US? They are not on the gold standard. It has been said that "gold has always been a currency." This may be true in terms of the narcotics trade.

"The gold and diamonds side of the dirty money laundering operations, under the immediate control of Britain's Zionist Hofjuden (Court Jews), is part of the same machine. Through the highest circles of British policy, all the important branches of the drug machine — the Chinese connection, the old-line British opium traders, the dirty "offshore" banking sector, and the Zionist Hofjuden — run Canada from the top.

From there the trail leads directly into the American crime syndicate, through the Hofjuden Bronfman family."

Dope Inc.

The "Hofjuden Bronfman family" owns CNN and is active in the ADL which is pushing for gun control and has extensive ties with police departments all over the country despite its criminal spying on Americans on behalf of the criminal state of Israel.

The Media's Role in Federal Government Cover-ups

Saline County as a "High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area"

"The eight-month-long grand jury investigation into Kevin and Don's murders came to an abrupt halt December 31, 1988. Last minute legal maneuvering by Harmon, Garrett, and presiding judge, John Cole, prevented the jurors from revealing their findings in the final report. The men and women of the grand jury were sent home frustrated that they had not been allowed to do their job."

Saline County - Excerpts from Obstruction of Justice

Figures Describing Military Suicides Beyond Misleading

February 3, 2013

How many of these "suicides" are actually murders? Under the Taliban opium production was cut to virtually nothing. Once the US invaded opium production shot back up to where it was before. Heroin use by Vietnam vets was very high, and atrocities were a regular occurrence in Vietnam, but I don't recall suicide being a big problem for Vietnam vets who really had a PR problem back home.

No one back then would have swallowed the ridiculous "suicide bomber" stories you see coming out today. During Vietnam when the US military lied about casualties it was about the Vietgong, not US soldiers. What they would do is take the US casualty count and mulitply it by some factor, say 5 or 10, and claim that it was that many Vietgong who were killed.

I remember an army recruiter at my high school bragging about how Vietgong the US had killed. When he was told that there was not that many people in North Vietnam he said that they had killed "several generations" of Vietgong - which got a big groan and laughs from his audience.

They dropped a lot of bombs on Vietnam - more than all that was dropped on Europe during WWII by the Allies, but the WWII bombs were dropped on cities - while the North Vietnam bombs were dropped mostly on dirt roads.

But they also dropped napalm on children, which is why the vets were so unpopular. And this was probably the reason why so many of them remained addicted to heroin long after the war was over. Vietnam was about opium,

Opium Lords

as Afghanistan is about opium.

"Now Russia has joined the fray accusing the U.S. military of involvement in the heroin trafficking from Afghanistan to Europe. The Vesti channel's report from Afghanistan said that drugs from Afghanistan were hauled by American transport aircraft to the U.S. airbases Ganci in Kyrgyzstan and Incirlik in Turkey."

US military planes carrying Afghanistan's heroin

No one is making a penny on anything else in Afghanistan.

Afghani Claims US Generals are Trafficking the Heroin

February 6, 2013

Gene Rosen's Story Just does not Add Up

When first saw Gene Rosen's jolly interview (before he put on his crying act) I thought that he might be Jewish since "Rosen" sounds like "Rosenberg." The Rosenbergs were the Jewish traitors who sold US nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union which later threatened to "bury us" under that peace loving Nikita Khrushchev. But Eugene was the name of one of my childhood friends and he was a Catholic descendant of the Spanish conquistador Cortez so I was not sure.

Now, thanks to the Forward we know.

The Jewish Victim of Newtown Conspiracy Theorists

An excellent article on Rosen's inconsistences is given by a poster to the Insane Media. Perhaps because we know that Rosen is Jewish the Insane media should delete the article because we must never question the story of a person if he has a Jewish name.

"For those unaware, Eugene Rosen has reported to various media an account of that days events that include 6 children escaping from Sandy Hook Elementary after the death of their teacher, Victoria Soto, and making it to his house where he saw them sitting at the end of his driveway in a semi-circle with a school bus driver...

In one account he was preparing to go for breakfast at a local diner after feeding some cats.

In another version he was just returning home after having breakfast at a local diner when he noticed the kids.

Next, he says he heard noises that sounded like fireworks. another account he recognized the sounds as gunfire.

How did he see a victim's list on Friday evening when it wasn't released until Sunday?

And last…but surely not least... how, in a class of 15, did 6 students survive by hiding in a closet…6 get killed while trying to flee…and 6 survive to run to Rosen's?"

Insane Media: Eugene Rosen Plans to alert the FBI

Easy. That's 666, your typical Satanic conspiracy! Does Henry Makow know about this?

Newtown has Reputation as Satanist Hub

Wait a minute!

6 + 6 + 6 = 18 > 15.

That does not add up, like the rest of his story!

Oh, my! I forgot. Since Rosen is Jewish or at least has a Jewish name we much not try to resolve the inconsistences we must go on a search and destroy mission!

Gene Rosen Facebook Mission to take down Videos questioning Sandy Hook

Nixon couldn't get away with his cover up because he had the unfortunate task of uncovering all the commies in the government who just kept coming up as being Jewish.

"They were, every last one of them, Jews, and it played hell with us"...

Richard Nixon

Nixon, Watergate, and the JFK assassination

When I did a google search for this quote, curiously, I could not fined it on any site except one which tries to pin the JFK assassination on Nixon and another site which was a "neo nazi" website - sponsored by the ADL, may be?

ADL Owns

More search and destroy? ADL types must be sore about Nixon's real war on drugs bumping off the guy who blew president Kennedy's brains out.


"I suppose the turning point in my research came from another rare book, Contrabandista, by Evert Clark and Nicholas Horrock. Another good book is The Great Heroin Coup by Henrik Krüger. They both tell about the French Corsican assassins who worked for heroin kingpin Auguste Joseph Ricord. They also tell about Nixon’s war on drugs which was likely the real reason he was driven from office. Of the two books, I think Contrabandista is a better source, particularly regarding Nixon’s fate. Although Contrabandista was written by two journalists—and I don’t trust journalists as a rule—it was published in 1973, and Nixon was still in office at that time. A huge anti-Nixon propaganda campaign began after Nixon left office in the summer of 1974. The Great Heroin Coup was written in 1976 and it is filled with anti-Nixon rhetoric.

[Irving interjected:]

Yes, the Jews really did a number on Nixon.


Definitely. Anyway, The Great Heroin Coup is less reliable, in my view, although it still has good information. But Contrabandista is a better source because it was written while Nixon was still in office. Consequently, the authors provided unbiased treatment of his war on drugs. Nixon was leading a serious war on drugs which included the arrest, extradition from Paraguay, trial, and conviction of Ricord. Under Nixon’s order, Lucien Sarti—the man who shot Kennedy in the head—was tracked down by police in Mexico City and shot and killed after resisting arrest for attempting to smuggle drugs into the United States."

Contrabandista, in particular, helped me identify the names of the assassins. They were the bodyguards and lieutenants of Auguste Joseph Ricord (the heroin kingpin). That book, combined with an interview with drug trafficker Christian David—which appeared in Nigel Turner’s documentary, The Men Who Killed Kennedy—really nailed down the identities of the assassins. Both sources corroborated each other.

Once I realized Ricord’s heroin cartel was involved, then I read The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy. It gave me a good background about opium smuggling in the Golden Triangle and the history of Opium Wars against China by the Western powers.

Of course I used many other sources, which are listed in the bibliography and endnotes, but those are the main ones.

Mr. Irving also expresses an interest in Jack "Rubenstein" (aka, Ruby) and asks what was his role in the conspiracy. I explained that the House Select Committee on Assassinations linked Ruby to Meyer Lansky (per Encyclopedia Britannica: Lansky) and that Ruby had been identified by an eye-witness as driving a pick-up truck and dropping off a young man with a rifle who walked towards the "grassy knoll" about an hour before the assassination. I further stated that Meyer Lanksy helped recruit the French Corsican assassins and set up a deal with the US Government wherein the American Mafia would use opium produced in Southeast Asia for heroin production in exchange for killing Kennedy. I noted that Lansky of course was Jewish, as was Ruby, which supports my thesis that JFK’s death was ultimately the result of a Jewish conspiracy. "

David Irving, Another False Prophet (?)

February 7, 2013

The Hagelian Deception

As I said before, I do not believe that the split between Obama and Netyanhu is genuine and the Hagel confirmation farce tends to support my contention.

Jewish Lobby Crushes Chuck Hagel

This was a show for the anti-war Democrats. Nothing more. Since Hagel lied under oath to please these traitors his "anti-Israel" rhetoric must have been some kind of deception as well.

Robin C. Miller on Israel's Crimes Against Humanity

"Since September 2000, Israel has attacked ambulances 285 times, denied access to ambulances 1278 times, killed 25 medical workers and injured 420. "

Five Decades of Complicity in Israel's crimes Against Humanity is enough."

Missing Links - The Definitive Truth About 9/11 - Full Documentary


Chalk Up 3 More for the "Clinton Body Count"

Iran-Contra-Mena Wistleblower Accused of Killing His 2 Children, His Dog and Himself

Youtube Video - Gene Rosen's Facebook Mission to Take Down Videos Questioning Sandy - Censored by Youtube

The Video has just been Taken down by Youtube.

I thought that it would so I cached it here:

Gene Rosen's Facebook Mission to Take Down Videos Questioning Sandy Hook (MP4)

Right click and select "save link as" to download. But beware! Rosen might not let you play with his stuffed animals if you do!

Gene Rosen's Facebook Mission to Take Down Videos Questioning Sandy Hook (MP4)

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