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Hillary's Village of the Damned

Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum

Founded April 19, 1996
Version 2.1 (February 28, 2001)

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Lightning Strikes New FBI Director
Robert S. Mueller III meets Museum curator
U.S. Senate vs. Melissa Morrison
Did FBI mutilate her before or after death?
Classics:  Waco: The Rules of Engagement
Script and analysis of the hoax documentary
Waco Suits for Waco Suckers
Analysis of civil lawsuit and FLIR distraction
The Cover-up Church
Who are the present day "Branch Davidians"?
David Koresh & The Cuckoo's Egg
The government's vital and spooky interest in Koresh's religious doctrines
Some of the material at this web site is graphic, brutal, and shocking.
Persons who do not wish to see or read such material should go no further.

The Museum is seeking echo sites throughout the world. See copyright notice in the Library. The entire collection can be housed in approximately 20 Megabytes of disk space. Download of the entire Museum to local platform is recommended for two reasons: First, some of the exhibits are large and will be more accessible on a local platform. But more important, attempts may be made to suppress this web site. Download by individuals, organizations, and echo sites will help to ensure the survival of this information and the continuance of the Museum project. Please see the Library for downloading.

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The Waco Connection to the Drug Smuggling and Money Laundering at Mena Arkansas (Part of the "Iran Contra Scandal")

"In the process of investigating this story, I developed a particularly fruitful dialogue with a recently retired high-level CIA contractor who, bit by bit, revealed what was going on with Foster, PROMIS and Swiss bank accounts.

For reasons officially unknown to me, but, I believe, unrelated to legitimate editorial concerns, Forbes chose not to run the story despite its passing the usual rigorous fact-checking process at Forbes and libel review by Forbes' outside counsel.

I have now been fired from Forbes for, I believe, asking too many questions about Cap Weinberger's Swiss bank accounts and possibly even causing one of them to be raided for $2.3 million in illicit funds."

Interview of Jim Norman, Author of "Fostergate"

"It was well known among the Davidians that two of their number—Jeff Little and Wayne Martin (Sheila's husband) —had been conducting an "investigation" into illegal government activities, and storing their findings on a computer.

It was said that, during a campaign stop in Waco, Bill Clinton went to a barber shop. The barber was a Branch Davidian. No one knows what the barber and Clinton might have talked about, because the only other witnesses to this meeting were three Clinton bodyguards who were later killed in the raid on Mt. Carmel...

In Waco: The Big Lie, these three can be seen on videotape entering the window of the computer room. As soon as they are all inside, the BATF agent left on the roof sprays the wall with gunfire, killing them with "friendly" fire. "

Waco's Connection to Promis Software

Waco the Big Lie Part 1

Waco the Big Lie Part 2

Waco the Big Lie Part 3

"So what national security interests are at stake here? Several suggestions have been offered: the selling of national secrets to foreign interests, the subversion of the policies of public cryptology, the illegal copying and modification for intelligence gathering purposes of a small software program from a tiny software developer, or the laundering of drug money and illegal campaign contributions through NSA contractors in Arkansas.

The widow of the murdered Jerry Parks has said that Foster had Parks transport trunk loads of cash from Mena airport to Little Rock in 1991 and 1992.

Further research is required to penetrate this national security veil and answer two simple questions: why did Vince Foster die? And why are we not allowed to know the answer to that question?"

The National Security Aspect of Foster's Death A Synthesis Of Recent Revelations

Here are some more articles by the Washington Weekly for Hillary and her ethically challenged supporters to read.

September 1994
Fabrication of Vince Foster's Suicide Note

May 1995
Interview of Terry Reed - pilot and subcontractor for the CIA Iran Contra operation in Mena, Arkansas in the 1980s

May 1995
Drug Smuggling by US Government at Mena Arkansas Confirmed

November 1995
British TV Exposed String of Murders Near Mena Arkansas

March 1996
The Investigation of Barry Seal by Arkansas State Police Investigator Russell Welch

Inslaw Goes to Trial over Promis

The Octopus: NSA FBI, DEA, and CIA Patriots team to do drug smuggling, counterfeiting, blackmailing, and murder all to fight Communism

April 1996
The Mena Anthrax Poisoning of Arkansas State Police Investigator Russell Welch

July 1996
The Foster Investigation Continues Three Years and Counting

Bottoms up or The Fat lady Flies for Barry Seal and the NSA

Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection

Barry Seal

Bush Sr., Clinton, and the Mossad Ran the Contra Cocaine Train