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Is God Dead? Institutional Organized Crime in America

Remembering Rachael

Dr. Robert O'Dowd Murder and Narcotrafficking in the Marines

Oliver North Jeb Bush Put the Hit on Barry Seal

911 Evidence of Treason (Parts I - VIII)

Mossad Unit 8200 Follow the Hardware, Software, Middleware and Backdoors

9/11's Unanswered Question The Silverstein Gang

Silverstein Joke: Did Silverstein say "Raising" or "Razing?"

The International Zionist Military Industrial Complex

Simple Experiment that Anyone Can Do to Disprove Man-Made CO2 Global Warming

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Is God Dead? Institutional Organized Crime in America

An issue raised in a 1966 of Time magazine which made its way into popular culture in the 1968 film "Rosemary's Baby" and in the 1983 documentary "Chase the Devil" is the question of weather faith in God was dead in America.

Is God Dead?

Both the feature film and the documentary refuted the notion that God was dead: The former implicitly by asserting the existence of a devil (which necessarily implies the existence of God) and the later explicitly by demonstrating the presence of a Holy Spirit or Ghost which possessed the congregation of the steel worker and part time reverend Bobby Acres.

God's Not Dead

That God was dead resonated in the election year 1968, a year which saw the assassination of Robert Kennedy, barely four years after the assassination of his brother John who was the president of the United States. There is little doubt that these assassinations were the result of a conspiracy between organized crime and a thoroughly corrupt US government.

A key figure in the assassination was Meyer Lansky who was a bootlegging business associate of Joseph Kennedy Sr., the founder of the Kennedy fortune. Bad blood had developed between Meyer and Joe.

"Meyer was ready to bust a blood vessel. His temples were actually throbbing when Sam Koenig told him what Kennedy had said. And then Meyer, almost like he was a born Sicilian, swore a blood revenge on the entire family. 'The sins of the father,' he kept on saying to himself, mumbling like an old zeydah vowing revenge. 'The sins of the father.'"

Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

When RFK decided to go after the mob, his presidential brother decided to put the screws on Meyer's favorite charity (Israel) and both JFK and RFK went after the Jewish dictator of Cuba (Fidel Castro) in RFK's Operation Mongoose Meyer's vendetta began in earnest.

Of course, Meyer could not have done all this alone. He had to have help. And he got it through a world wide Jewish organized crime syndicate run by Zionist Jews.

Opium Lords Israel, the Golden Triangle and the Kennedy Assassination

and Jews in the media who did not like the Kennedy clan anymore than he did.

"Although President Kennedy was removed violently from office, the real strength of the coup was its ability to cover up the crime afterwards. Anyone with money can hire assassins, but covering up the crime is more difficult. This required the full cooperation of key people within the American news media."

Opium Lords: The Media Coup

Today, CNN is owned by the Bronfman family. The Bronfmans made their fortune in the boot-legging business during prohibition with the help of Meyer Lanksy’s "Murder Incorporated."

After his dealings with Joseph Kennedy Sr. and the Bronfmans Meyer went into the heroin business and then became the head of the Jewish-Italian Syndicate which he boasted was "bigger than US Steel" when US Steel was a very big and powerful corporation.

Joseph Kennedy's dealing with the mob, his "antisemitism" and Robert Kennedy's involvement in the attempted assassination of Castro have been confirmed by a member of the Kennedy clan - Gore Vidal.

"when I told Jack that his father had always said that I was the only Jew he could stand he jumped two feet in the air and bolted across the room, saying,
"I don't want to hear another word"

Gore Vidal, Palimpset, p 345-346

the family was pretty deplorable, while the father belonged in jail, along with his close friend Frank Costello.

Gore Vidal, Palimpset, p 348.

Finally, I said,

Lisa, for Christ's sake, leave him alone. He is a Republican. But at least he's not Bobby, who's been trying to kill your friend Castro all these years.

Palimpset p 369, 418 & 419


J. Edgar Hoover, the man who framed Lee Harvey Oswald for the assassination of JFK and who orchestrated the cover-up of the conspiracy to kill JFK, was in Meyer Lansky's pocket. Hoover was not only a homosexual but a pedophile and Lansky (who had access to all the FBI records according to a Canadian police wiretap) provided Hoover with his little boys through his business partner Lewis S. Rosenstiel.

The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover

The problem of Jewish organized crime running things in Washington continues to be an ironic source of the death of God in America. It is exemplified by lack of outrage against Israel after the murder of Rachael Corrie by the Jewish gangster Ariel Sharon and the cover up of 9/11 which has "Israeli false flag" written all over it.

Remembering Rachael

Rachael Corrie Interview

"The Syndicate" now extends far beyond Meyer Lanksy's old Italian Mafia- Jewish Murder Inc. merger. It is now a highly institutionalized organized crime racket which transcends all ethnicities. It includes the military and all three branches of government.

Dr. Robert O'Dowd Murder and Narcotrafficking in the Marines

"for twenty-three years I have heard repeatedly,

"There is not one shred of evidence other than suicide."

Congressman Duncan Hunter requested that the US Att. General Alberto Gonzales investigate Col. Sabow's death. The response from the United States Attorney General stated that the

"Federal government has no jurisdiction in this matter"

when the CA attorney general tried to investigate in the early nineties they were informed that this

"was a federal matter and that CA had no business getting involved"

those same leaders have tried to ruin me, blackmail me, attempted to have me dismissed from practicing my profession as a neurologist, have the IRS try to bankrupt me, monitor my communications, falsify autopsy photos that proved beyond any doubt how severely Col. Sabow's head was bludgeoned and hire unethical "experts"¯ to construct reports that anyone with an ounce of common-sense would dismiss as ridiculous."

Murder and Narcotrafficking in the Marines

Oliver North Jeb Bush Put the Hit on Barry Seal

Just in case you are wondering who the rigged voting machines are likely to choose to be your next president you might consider how George Bush Jr. won Florida in 2000 with the help of brother Jeb who also gave his brother a helping traitorous hand on 9/11.

Barry Seal

Bush Sr., Clinton, and the Mossad Ran the Contra Cocaine Train

That big brother Bush would run away with the Florida electronic vote was foregone conclusion but since Dade and Broward Counties still had hand-countable ballots they had to come of with the "hanging chad" gimmick - which I suspect that Clinton crony Gore was secretly in favor of - him being a team player and all - like Skull and Bones Kerry after him.

"Barry Seal was asked by his close friend, Rene Martin, if he feared being killed by the Ochoa family. Barry Seal replied that he was not afraid of the Colombians because he had not implicated senior members of the organization. Seal was more worried about his contacts within the US government.

This view is supported by Lewis Unglesby, Seal's lawyer. He confirmed that the man Seal was willing to testify against was George H. W. Bush.

Miguel Velez, Luis Quintero-Cruz and Bernardo Vasquez were found guilty of Barry Seal's murder and sentenced to life terms without parole. The official story was that Jorge Ochoa had murdered Seal in order to stop him testifying at his U.S. trial.

Yet Ochoa never stood trial in the U.S. Nor did Seal appear to be afraid of Ochoa. His concern was with George H. W. Bush and the CIA.

Richard Sharpstein, defense attorney for one of Seal's assassins, Miguel Velez, says:

"All three Colombians who went on trial always said they were being directed, after they got into this country, on what to do and where to go by an anonymous gringo, 'a US military officer', who they very quickly figured out was Oliver North."

According to friends, Seal had a copy of a videotape of a 1985 DEA cocaine sting which had netted George Bush's two sons, George and Jeb, picking up kilos of cocaine at a Florida airport."

Barry Seal

Barry Seal

There are the brown ones, the dumb ones (George Jr.), and the smart ones.

"Jeb's the smart one."

George Bush sr.

And the ones from Arkansas.

Clintons Rise To Power

Bill Clinton's Rise to Power

Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection

Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection

According to Bush godson Clinton, Seal just got "too big for his britchs."

"Too Big for His Britchs" Barry Seal Time-Line

"There is a question that needs to be asked of Jeb Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Oliver North. It is: Did you murder Barry Seal in February, 1986?

The murder of CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal was just the tip of the iceberg. There was a lot of murdering going on to keep a lid on Iran-Contra in the 1980's...

Grisly stuff? And you can see why this material has been suppressed in the MSM because it is so discrediting to the political elites of the Republican & Democratic parties, the Bushes & the Clintons. Now you know why Bill Clinton and GHW Bush are so chummy: they are tied at the hip by some epic liability in Iran-Contra. There is no statute of limitations for murder."

Jeb Bush and the Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal in 1986

Initially, I was skeptical of Daniel Hopsicker's account of Barry Seal and Iran-Contra-Mena because of his left wing bias and his apparent attempt to shut Mike Ruppert up when he started to talk about the Mossad. Neither Iran-Contra-Mena nor 9/11 can be understood without examining the Israeli role in both - particularly without examining the involvement of Ariel Sharon as a war profiteer.

"Sharon was a private citizen who was trying to build a fortune dealing in arms in Central America. He had a network of people working with him there, one being the disgraced Mossad agent Mike Harari... Harari was a close associate of Panama's military intelligence chief, Manuel Noriega...

Sharon's private network bought their weapons from Israeli government factories and got their export licenses from the Israeli government...

By 1981, Sharon and Harari were running what Harari described as more of a CIA network than an Israeli operation -- and were filling their private bank accounts at the same time.

It was in 1981 that they started supplying a secret army in Central America, the contras, who were trying to destabilize and eventually bring about the downfall of the Sandinista government of Nicaragua, which had come to power in 1979.

The contras did not have any money -- Congress was not then willing to fund them -- and desperately needed cash to buy their arms.

Sharon, with all his power, could not force the prime minister or the leaders of the Israeli intelligence community to pay for weapons from the slush fund that had grown out of the Iran arms sales.

So, with the backing of Gates and the CIA, some members of the group created their own fund. They did this, according to Harari, by transporting cocaine from South America to the United States via Central America.

A major player was Manuel Noriega, who had known George Bush since he had been the CIA chief in the mid-1970s. Hundreds of tons of cocaine poured into the United States, and another handy slush fund was created.

Bush with Ariel Sharon

The Panama Deception (Youtube Video)

Because of the close relationship between Gates and Sharon and the special relationship between Robert McFarlane and Rafi Eitan, the strategic U.S./Israeli agreement sought by Sharon was reached.

The signing of the strategic agreement by Sharon and the U.S. was made public, but the contents were kept secret and are still not available through any Freedom of Information Act requests.

However, one part of it was that any U.S. arms sold to Israel involving technology that was 20 years old or more could be resold at the discretion of the Israeli government.

The agreement was very loosely worded -- it could be interpreted to mean that Israel was allowed to resell brand-new American weapons as long as the technology behind them was at least 20 years old."

Bush with Ariel Sharon

Profits of War

Profits of War

How Harari could have been a "disgraced" Mossad agent when the Motto of the Mossad is "by deception thou shalt do war" is anyone's guess. You have to remember that Ben-Menashe was himself a Mossad agent (a Jewish Iranian Mossad agent) so he may be trying to protect the Mossad and Israel while engaging in a little inside politics. The fact that Sharon went on to become the prime minister of Israel suggests that he was by no means an outsider or "loose cannon."

Of course, the problem with the above scenario is that the government and media believe that it is only a sin to lie in court when you do not have a CIA get-out-of-jail free card. Lightning bolts tend to strike sinners at random.

So when we are presented with 4 different people as being Barry Seal we do not question our lying eyes but believe the all-mighty government and media are telling us the truth. The "noble lies" we are told are always for our own good.

4 Barry Seals

NBC's interview with Barry Seal or an Actor Playing Barry Seal?

Seal #1 is a close up of the apparently murdered guy in the red shirt shown in the video clip from NBC News. Magically, the wrinkles in his brow have disappeared and his face has grown thinner as compared to the Seal #3 who is shown in the NBC interview clip. While no wrinkles can be seen in Seal #2 (also presented by NBC as Barry Seal) the nose on Seal #2 looks more like the nose on Seal #3 than the guy murdered at the Salvation army (Seal #1). But unlike Seal #3, Seal #2 has virtually no lips (very thin lips).

The movie made about Barry Seal's exploits in the world of DEA/CIA drug smuggling was called "Double Crossed" because the CIA disavowed any connection with Seal after they used him to link the Sandinista government to cocaine smuggling into the US. It never mentioned that the money that Seal was making was being used by the CIA to buy weapons from Ariel Sharon for the Contras.

At the end of the movie we are shown a black and white picture which we are lead to believe is the real Barry Seal - Seal #4. We are told that this photo of Seal was taken taken by the hidden camera on board the "Fat Lady" during the Sandinista sting. The problem is that Seal #4 looks more that the actor who played Barry Seal in the movie (Denis Hopper) than any of the photos purporting be Barry in the media and on the internet.

Double Crossed HBO

HBO's "Double Crossed"

"Double Crossed" also tells us that Emile Camp, Seal's drug smuggling side-kick, was killed when his plane flew into a mountain. If Camp had lived, presumably, he would have gone into a witness protection program and his name would have been changed because he had double crossed the Medellin Drug Cartel.

What better way to throw the Cartel off than to claim that Camp had been killed when he was still alive? The same thing would have been true in the case of Camp's boss - Barry Seal. But unlike Camp, there is presumably a real body with bullet holes in it wearing a red shirt – making him an easy target for an assassin identify. So was it the real Seal who was killed in the Salvation Army parking lot or was it someone else?

In this regard it is interesting to note that Seal (via his wife) did get to keep his ill gotten cocaine gains after all.

"After his death, his widow, Debbie Seal, received a $29 million dollar jeopardy assessment from the Internal Revenue Service. It has been claimed that this was a strategy to keep her from talking to reporters. While defending herself from the IRS charge, she discovered a frequently-called phone number in Barry's records. When she dialed it she discovered it belonged to the Defense Intelligence Agency. She was told to "never call it again". Later that day, the DIA phoned her back. "Debbie, you're young, you have a whole life ahead of you, and you have your kids to think about... Don't call anyone in Washington again."

Barry Seal

I wonder if Debbie still has that "copy of a videotape of a 1985 DEA cocaine sting which had netted George Bush's two sons, George and Jeb, picking up kilos of cocaine at a Florida airport" - just in case it is not available under a FOI Act request. There may be many copies of it by now.

911 Evidence of Treason (Parts I - VIII)

911: Evidence of Treason (Parts I - VIII)

Central Casting for 9/11

911 Evidence of Treason Part 1 Introduction

Central Casting for 9 11

Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews
AFP Reporter of Christopher Bollyn

911 Evidence of Treason Part 1

Part 1 Key Players in Israeli False Flag

911 Evidence of Treason Part 2

Part 2 Key Players in Israeli False Flag

911 Evidence of Treason Part 3

Part 3 Key Players in Israeli False Flag

Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews
The Crew of the USS Liberty

911 Evidence of Treason Part 4

Part 4 Attack on the USS Liberty False Flag

911 Evidence of Treason Part 5

Part 5 Attack on the USS Liberty False Flag

911 Evidence of Treason Part 6

Part 6 Attack on the USS Liberty False Flag

911 Evidence of Treason Part 7

Part 7 Attack on the USS Liberty False Flag

911 Evidence of Treason Part 8

Part 8 Attack on the USS Liberty False Flag

Declaration of James R. Gotcher.

Emad Salem: Chertoff did the WTC in 93

911 Evidence of Treason Epiplogue

Emad Salem: Chertoff did the WTC in 93


Missing Links - The Definitive Truth About 9/11 - Full Documentary

Mossad Unit 8200 Follow the Hardware, Software, Middleware and Backdoors

All 9/11 roads leads to Israeli security companies. Israeli security companies ran the security at all the 9/11 airports. Despite the misserable failure (or great success depending on your point of view) - the website that broke the "fake" BBC article on Charlie Hebdo hyped the Mossad Unit 8200's Check Point security software as being a "hot" product.

"A suspicious site that was attempting to mimic the official BBC News website while serving up false information about the Charlie Hebdo tragedy managed to garner an immense amount of traffic earlier this week—with the likely intent to deceive and perhaps harm visitors via malicious file downloads or through click-fraud."

Fake BBC News Site Baits Victims with Charlie Hebdo Misinformation

Now who would do a mean old thing like that? A hacker in need of a job?

"As the number and sophistication of cyber-attacks increase, so too does the demand for people who can prevent such digital incursions. Cyber-security is having a jobs boom."

Cyber-attacks increase leads to jobs boom

A security company in need of more profits and an ad agency tooting its horn?

"Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, today announced that its new internal security gateway solution, InterSpect(TM), was named a security "Hot Pick" by Information Security magazine."

Check Point Software's InterSpect Named "Hot Pick" by Information Security Magazine

Or conspirators trying to shoe people away from conspiracies web sites and theories?

"Check Point was established in Ramat-Gan, Israel in 1993, by Gil Shwed (Chairman and CEO as of 2013, Marius Nacht and Shlomo Kramer Shwed developed the idea while serving in the Unit 8200 of the Israel Defense Forces, where he worked on securing classified networks."

Check Point


Ptech Dots Diagram


Challenge Fund Dots Diagram


"In 2007 a former commander of the highly secret Unit 8200 (i.e. Israel's NSA) told Forbes that the technology of Comverse (i.e. the company that owns Verint) is based on Unit 8200 technology.

One of the founders of Verint, Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, is a former Israeli intelligence officer.

A co-founder and former chairmen of Narus, Ori Cohen, told Fortune in 2001 that his partners have done technology work for Israeli intelligence.

In 2011 another former chief of Unit 8200 acknowledged to the Israeli paper Haartez that high-tech firms around the world employ both Unit 8200 equipment and its veteran personnel.

Kobi Alexander and Edward G. Robinson

Unit 8200: Israel's NSA : Bugging America


"Kobi Alexander, the Israeli criminal behind Verint, is tied to the terror attacks of 9-11. Why did the FBI allow him to send $57 million of stolen money to Israel and flee from justice while he was under investigation in June 2006? How does one wire $57 million to a foreign bank without the federal government knowing?

Alexander, wanted by the FBI for a long list of serious crimes, was the former head of Verint, the Israeli company behind the snooping at Verizon. He was also part owner of Odigo, the Israeli text messaging company that was used to send warning messages to Israelis telling them to avoid the World Trade Center on 9-11. Alexander's father, Zvi, who helped him acquire tens of millions of dollars illegally, is a former business partner of the late Marc Rich, the senior Mossad operative who sent two of his Belgian-Israeli agents to New York City to manage the shipping of steel from the World Trade Center to Asia ? where it was destroyed."

How Israel Spies on Us All through the NSA


"Several "alternative news" entities wrote about Palentir Technologies as being "linked to NSA Prism" but failed to mention the "Unit 8200 Mossad" connection.

Many onlookers would follow the money; but packet sniffers, hacks, cracks, "adjustments to daily news, fiances, wars and daily life" via the Mossad Ministry of Truth are done with digital bits and bytes, digital talent, with "permission" of entities that deny involvement - not with money alone. Follow the hardware, software, middleware and backdoors.

MossadGate: "NSA Prism" Mossad Spying Cousins Out of the Closet

Joe Vialls was a bit of a blowhard but I think that he was right about "Home Run." It is now called the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot (BUAP) system and it is patented by Boeing.

Home Run = Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot (BUAP)

BUAP was installed on 777s and is being ignored-Why?

Which is a "long-term strategic partner" of Israel.

Boeing Int'l president: Israel long-term strategic partner

Which is why Vialls was wrong about being safe on any Boeing airliner.

One unanswered question about 9/11 is did Mossad Unit 8200 give the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot system a test drive on 9/11?

"In Islamic theology, the phallic symbol is very important. Your biggest phallic symbol is New York City and your tallest building will be the phallic symbol they will hit."

Isser Harrel

Founder of the Mossad Isser Harel 20 years before 9/11

Of course, there are many others, like is Boeing a bloody traitorous corporation or just a bloody member of the Israeli military industrial complex?


Boeing's "Uninterruptible Autopilot System", Drones & Remote Hijacking

9/11's Unanswered Question The Silverstein Gang

Larry Silverstein after acquiring the lease to the WTC on which he made billions of dollars on because he took out "terrorism" insurance on it said:

"We will be in control of a prized asset, and we will seek to develop its potential, raising it to new heights."

Did Silverstein say "Raising" or "Razing?" Razing, as in razing it to the ground? Ha, Ha.

Anyway, this is how Silverstein made his billions:

Silverstein Gang

9/11's Unanswered Question

Pull it!

The International Zionist Military Industrial Complex

Bunker Buster Nuke Used on Keive?

Boeing Bunker Buster Nuke Used on Keive?

RBC claims that the attack on Donetsk which caused the mushroom cloud was an artillery shell which hit an amunition dump and that it was not a tactical nuke.

Ukraine: Artillery Fire, Not 'Tactical Nuke' Attack, Sets Off Large Donetsk Explosion

But tactical nukes do come in artillery shells and the projectile which hit Donetsk obviously had a tail of flame behind it suggesting that it was a missile. Furthermore, there is evidence that Israel has used a similar bunker busting nuke on Syria.

"While artillery shells rain down on Syrian army positions, mobile Israeli artillery in direct support and even accompanying rebel forces inside Syria, a huge explosion occurs.

After analysis, it had become clear, Syria had come under attack by Israel using, not just nuclear weapons, but an American nuclear bunker buster bomb...

the footage was compared with tests of the 37,000-pound MOB (Massive Ordnance Penetrator), designed by Boeing" Boeing to be used against Iran's underground facilities."

Leadbelly: Ain't Gonna Study War No More

Iranian Press Claims Israel Nuked Syria

Boeing not only makes bunker busting nukes it also seems to have a cozy realtionship with Israel.

"TEL AVIV, Israel, Jan. 23, 2012 -- The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] today announced that it has renewed its work agreement with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) on the Arrow Weapon System, and enhanced the IAI-Boeing Strategic Teaming Agreement to explore and develop new opportunities in the missile defense arena. Leaders of both companies gathered at IAI headquarters in Tel Aviv on Jan. 19 for a signing ceremony that also marked the 10th anniversary of the Boeing and IAI partnership."

Boeing and Israel Aerospace Industries Mark 10 Years of Cooperation

Israel and Boeing apparently prefer fissionable material to Leadbelly.

Leadbelly: Ain't Gonna Study War No More

Leadbelly: Ain't Gonna Study War No More

Israel and Boeing go way back together.

"The Boeing relationship with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) dates back to 1948 when the Israel Air Force (IAF) began flying the B-17 Flying Fortress.

The P-51 Mustang fighter aircraft was one of the first to serve in the IAF and took part in the 1956 Sinai Campaign. Stearman PT-17 aircraft and Harvard AT-6 trainers served in the IAF Flying School until the late 1960s.

The IAF has operated the legendary Boeing 707 for almost 40 years in various roles, including intelligence gathering, passenger transport, freight transport and aerial refueling.

Other airplanes from Boeing and its predecessor companies that have served in the IAF include the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, the McDonnell F-4 Phantom, the F-15 Eagle and F-15 dual-role Strike Eagle, the C-47 and the Hughes AH-64 Apache attack helicopter.

The relationship between Boeing and Israel goes back more than 60 years — to the founding of the state of Israel.

Israel also had pretty good relations with all of the Airports where all those Boeing aircraft were hijacked on 9/11.

"The company that ran airport security at all three airports where the alleged hijackings originated was Huntsleigh USA a wholly owned subsidiary of ICTS International and owned by Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon - both Israeli Jews.

The company was run by "experts" in the security and intelligence field - Israeli intelligence that is. Most employees were ex- Shin Bet agents. It is not credible that this company, which ran security at both Boston Logan and Newark airports, was so slipshod as to allow 19 Arabs to board 4 different planes with box-cutters, mace, and even a gun."

9-11: Israel did it

Thirteen suspicious calls were supposedly made from Boeing Flight 93 on September 11, 2001 including the "Let's Roll" phone call used to rally the "power of pride" bumper sticker gang into action.

"First, the true nature of the reported conversation between GTE employee Lisa Jefferson and the man identifying himself as Todd Beamer is in serious question.

Second, there are eight problems with the official account of this call. The first three problems show that the call was implausible. The fourth one shows that there is no way to confirm the authenticity of the call. The next three raise very serious questions about the connection of the call. Finally, attributing "Let's roll" to Todd Beamer contradicts what Lisa Jefferson told the FBI on 9/11, the day she received the call.

Given the pivotal importance of this call in starting the "war on terror," these problems, like the problems in the Barbara Olson story, show the evidentiary basis for this "war"¯ to have been as weak as the evidence for the "weapons of mass destruction"¯ in starting the Iraq war."

The Alleged Calls of Todd Beamer, Flight UA 93

But on that date cell phones did not work inside airliners for passengers in fights that were more than a few thousand feet above the ground, unless they happened to be passengers on Flight 93 on 9/11/01.

"To the extent that the cellphones used in this experiment represent types in general use, it may be concluded that from this particular type of aircraft, cellphones become useless very quickly with increasing altitude. In particular, two of the cellphone types, the Mike and the Nokia, became useless above 2000 feet. Of the remaining two, the Audiovox worked intermittently up to 6000 feet but failed thereafter, while the BM analog cellphone worked once just over 7000 feet but failed consistently thereafter. We therefore conclude that ordinary cellphones, digital or analog, will fail to get through at or above 8000 feet abga.

It should be noted that several of the calls rated here as "successes" were difficult for the Recorder to hear, witness description such as "breaking up" or "buzzy."

Project Achilles Report

In flight transmission of cellphone calls from Airliners requires the use of satellites and were a thing of the future on 9/11/01.

"The race is on to enable airline passengers to make and receive cell phone calls in flight...

Ultimately, Garton says, the success of in-flight cell phones will depend on whether airlines and their telecommunications partners each can come up with a way to make money from the venture.

Cell phone company Qualcomm (QCOM) has teamed with American Airlines (AMR) to develop satellite-based air-to- ground cellular service. Several smaller companies are working on rival systems. In-flight cell service could be introduced within two years and become commonplace within four, developers believe."

In-flight cell phones 'worked great' in test

So we have virtually no evidence other than that given to us from Israeli security and the wanna-remake-the-world-to-the-liking-of- the-homocidal-Israel-government-neocon infested White House that 19 hijackers flew into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and into a hole at Shanksville.

Simple Experiment that Anyone Can Do to Disprove Man-Made CO2 Global Warming

If you are wondering what the reason is for the high beef prices are you might the check out these videos of the lectures given by professor Emeritus Dr. Don M. Huber of Purdue University.

GMO induced infertility

Dr. Huber on GMO & Roundup Ready: Infertility & Health Part 1

Dr. Huber on GMO & Roundup Ready: Infertility & Health Part 2

I recently bought some English muffins on sale. I bought cinnamon raisin and corn. The cinnamon raisin tasted great but the corn tasted funny and had a funny smell. After a while I remembered what GMO corn had in it and I recognized the smell. It was formaldehyde. You know. The stuff they embalm dead animals with that made your fingers feel numb if they came in contact with it for very long in your high school biology class.

I put the GMO corn into a bag and took it back to the story to get my money back. As I was driving I noticed that the bag positively wreaked with smell of formaldehyde.

"In a study that Dr. Huber reported, on Elizabeth Dougherty's Talk Radio, .97 ppm of formeldehyde showed to be toxic in ingestion to animals. This corn has 200X that! That is why the animals , given a choice will not eat it at all, they can smell the formeldehyde!"

Stunning Corn Comparison GMO versus non-GMO

If GMOs are so bad for crops, farm animals, and people then why is Monsanto pushing them? The best that I can figure is that the reason must have something to do with Bill Gates owning 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock. I am sure that Gates does not need the dividends for his retirement so he may be interested in Monsanto for something else, like population control, for instance.

"At the heart of Gates' address lies the central Global Warming dogma, which dictates that CO2 emitted by human beings are the primary culprit for the unwanted heating of the globe...

As Gates casually addresses the issue, he goes on to state that one way to accomplish this goal is to reduce the global human population.

In the first clip you will hear him state in plain language that he considers VACCINES to be desirable to bring down the population number P and so reduce CO2.

You will also casually hear him promoting HEALTH CARE and REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH SERVICES, to accomplish that same C02 reducing goal.

Here are Bill Gates' verbatim words:

"The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

Hence Gates shows to consider vaccines desirable for the purpose of curbing population numbers.

Bill Gates - Depopulation under the guise of Carbon Reduction
(Youtube video)

Before the people of the world decide to commit species-suicide with new bacteria-plant life forms, the poisonous pesticides which go with them, and anti-people vaccines they might try this experiment.

Take 2 - 8 oz plastic Maxwell House coffee jars. Place 1 - 4.5 oz plastic Baida garlic jar filled with Club soda (purified water + CO2) in one of the coffee jars and another 4.5 oz plastic Baida garlic jar filled with purified water In the other coffee jars. Insert a cheap thermometer in each coffee jar and close the lids tightly. Put no lids on the Garlic jars. Place the coffee jar on an outdoor table in your back yard. Prop the jars up with clear glass meat loaf pans to keep the wind and the damn birds from knocking them over. Record the readings.

Compare your results with mine:

CO2 jar

H2O jar

Deg. F


Deg. F



3:30 PM





4:05 PM





One Jar gets knocked over. Thermometers get misaligned but still usable. 2 degree difference between them. Restart.

CO2 jar

H2O jar

Deg. F


Deg. F



7:10 PM





8:00 PM





2:00 AM





5:40 AM





8:30 AM





10:35 AM





As you can see from the data no difference in temperature change between the coffee jar with its atmosphere saturated with CO2 and the H2O control coffee jar can be detected.


The theory CO2 is a "green house gas" on the earth is BS (Bad Science) - or I should say BPP (Bad Political Pseudoscience). It is nothing more than Lysenkoism for corrupt corporate-shake-down politicians.

"The V.I. Lenin Academy of Agricultural Sciences announced on August 7, 1948 that thenceforth Lysenkoism would be taught as the only correct theory. All Soviet scientists were required to denounce any work that contradicted Lysenkoism.

Scientists who promoted Lysenkoism with faked data and destroyed counterevidence were favored with government funding and official recognition and award.

This same practice of Lysenkoism has long been under way in western science in regard to the politically correct theory of man caused, catastrophic, global warming."

The Disgraceful Episode Of Lysenkoism Brings Us Global Warming Theory

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