Nine Alabama Churches Destroyed








Fire Marshals Called In The ATF





ATF Agents Collect Evidence

Thermite incendiary, similar to those confiscated from Doctor Robert Goldstein In Tampa.






Jewish College Students Arrested

Their defense is - "It was all a prank."






Southern Black Ministers

They don't write this off as a harmless prank.









Forty Miles From SPLC Headquarters














How Come No Hate Crime Charges?

These Psychos burnt down nine churches, and had every black churchgoer in Alabama scared to death. They appeared to have used specially-designed thermite, or incendiary magnesium, as an accelerant.

To claim that these church burnings (map) were just a prank, is ludicrous. You just don't burn nine Baptist churches without an agenda. The damage is over two million dollars. Three firemen were injured.









ATF Agents Called In

Special Agent Jim Cavanaugh says it was well coordinated. They by-passed five other churches to get at the Baptist ones, which were located in remote areas.








Attorney For Students

Tom Spina says this wasn't a religious, or a hate, crime. They come from wealthy families.









Sentence Could Be 45 Years Or More

Nine counts of arson, the use of an accelerant (thermite), and possible bombs, leaves these kids with itchy feet. Authorities are concerned about granting bail, and them fleeing to Israel.

DeBusk, Cloyd, and Moseley, are counting on the fact they are Jewish to avoid severe consequences.

Birmingham's Jewish community stands behind the trio. DeBusk's roommate Burgess, acknowledges Debusk is not a Christian. Cloyd claims to be a Baptist.



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Well-To-Do Families

Fellow students say their friends were amateur actors who were known as pranksters and dreamed of becoming stars. They performed in numerous campus plays.

Moseley told agents that the three set fire to five Baptist churches in the early morning hours of Feb. 3.  Cloyd said they did it "as a joke and it got out of hand." Moseley also told agents the four fires in western Alabama were set four days later "as a diversion to throw investigators off".

They admitted to shooting thirty deer, and killing three cows. One wonders, would they consider beating, or shooting, an old black man, if the opportunity presented itself? At least one of them owned a Glock pistol.

   Dr Cloyd








Governor Says "Not A Hate Crime"

Gov. Bob Riley said the fires did not appear to be "any type of conspiracy against organized religion" or the Baptist denomination.

Fellow students stress the three boys were pranksters. Hal Turner MP3 on the arrests. Dr Tillawi at the 5 min mark, and National Vanguard on arsonist's Jewishness.








Pranksters Or Terrorists?

These crimes were a little too sophisticated, and the use of accelerants leaves a question mark. Passing this off as college freshmen pulling a prank just doesn't wash.


The physical relationship of the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the MO, also bring in more questions. There were other unsolved fires, still in question. The SPLC says: - 'Those were not hate crimes'.








Pastors Take Odd Stance

Jim Parker, pastor of Ashby Baptist Church, one of the churches burned, said he heard that the suspects were promising students from good families.

"We really are concerned about them as people," he said. "I would just like to know what they were thinking." Pastors say, they should get a chance to get some help."









Baptists Being Punished?

The ADL denied any link between the ongoing argument between Jews and Baptists. Oddly the ADL, and SPLC, have nothing to says on the fires.










Religious Leaders Are Mum?

Both Pat Robertson's website, and Reverend Falwell website, have no comment?









News Blackout Of Arrests

Within one day of the trios arrests, there is a complete news blackout of the biggest story in months, and excuses are flowing. The cover up has already started.

Jay Balinger, was the last person arrested for church burnings, and he was sentenced to 42 yrs, and a $ 3.5 million fine. Sean Gillespie, a 21 yr old clerk at Burger King, got 39 yrs, for throwing a cup full of gas on a synagogue door.

No one has touched on other fires these groups may have been involved with.









Judge Releases Terrorists

Terrorist/Pranksters were told that they must stay at home, no drinking, no internet and could only leave for synagogue/church services.

Prosecutors fought the bail.








State Officials Say - 'No Bail'

The state attorney general had the sheriff draw up arrest warrants, in case the defendants were released. Attorney General King said, that these defendants could receive 45 yrs, and they are a flight risk.

"They come from wealthy families, families that perhaps could afford for them to go someplace else," he said.

There appears to be an e-mail message that has been redacted.

Sheriff Hannah

Attorney General King








College Crusader Helps Rebuild

In an odd move, the college president of Birmingham Southern, has taken it upon himself to right the wrongs of the three arsonists. He also warns students about blogs, and discussing the people involved.

Scholarships may be offered to church members, if charges are dropped. Pollick has raised $368,000 to date. Pollick gives scholarship.

G. David Pollick








Grand Jury Indicts The Three Felons

A federal grand jury indicted the three on nine counts.








String Of New Fires

After the indictment of the three arsonists, there was another rash of church burnings, and Alabamians suspect it is a Zionist ultimatum demanding release of the three.

It now appears there will be "No trial".








January 1, 2007

DeBusk, Moseley, and Cloyd  appeared before U.S. District Judge R. David Proctor has set sentencing for March 28. The trio will face at least seven years in federal prison, because two firefighters were injured battling a Bibb County blaze.







Where Does It Go From Here?

If the state presses for 45 years, then these kids will flee to Israel. If it comes to trial, they will be treated as pranksters with reduced charges, and their sentences will be probation and community service. Another option would be to delay it, set in motion a program of arsons, and force local authorities to back off.

If these were White Supremacists, skinheads, KKK, they would be charged with hate crimes, get an immediate trial, and be sentenced to thirty years. There is a reason a spectacular story like this has vanished from the headlines.

Thermite video







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