The 1986 Assassination Of Sweden's Prime Minister




Shot In The Head By A Mossad Assassin As He Left This Theater







The Murder Was Never Solved







Israel Denies All Involvement








The Swedish Prime Minister

Olaf Palme sought to live as ordinary a life as possible. He would often go out without any bodyguard protection, and the night of his murder was one such occasion. Walking home from the Grand Cinema with his wife Lisbet Palme on the central Stockholm street Sveavägen, close to midnight on February 28, 1986, the couple were both shot by a lone gunman.






The Assassination

After the screening, Olof and Lisbet Palme headed south on the west side of Sveavägen street, towards the Rådmansgatan subway station. When they reached the Adolf Fredrik's Church, they crossed Sveavägen and continued on the street's east side. They stopped a moment to look at something in a shop window, continued past the Dekorima shop and headed for the subway station entrance.







The Mossad Assassin

At 11:21:30 pm, a man appeared from behind, shot Palme at point-blank range in the head, and fired a second shot at Mrs Palme. The ski-masked assailant ran, and witnesses claimed he entered a car with two other men.







Police And Ambulance Arrive

Palme was taken to the hospital, but was dead  on arrival.







Olaf Palme Supported The Palestinian Cause

The Prime Minister supported the PLO both political and financially, often attending fund raisers. As an ardent opponent of Zionism, he applauded the Palestine Liberation Organization.








The Israeli Massacre At Sabra And Shatilla

When the Israelis executed 4400 Arab women and children at refugee camps of Sabra and Shantilla, Olaf became extremely vocal.








Swedish Police

These incompetents said a petty criminal, Christer Pettersson, was the murderer. He was a drug addict and was high at the time. The conviction was thrown out two years later.








The Alleged Assassin Conveniently Dies

Christer Pettersson died on September 29, 2004, of cerebral hemorrhage after injuring his head. Palme's murder has never been officially solved.







The Mossad

An Israeli role has been long suspected, but never publicly voiced.  Olaf Palme was a great humanitarian but he was also a major threat to Israel's political standing in Europe. It has often been speculated, but never proven, that his assailant had links to Mossad. The acrimony toward him by the Israeli government had reached a very high pitch at the time of his death and since his death. His relations with the Zionist state were heating up with considerable intensity following the Sabra and Shatilla massacres in 1982; he had become an extremely vocal critic which was a real danger to Israel since he was the pre-eminent Social Democrat in a Europe dominated by Social Democrats; he was a man rather like Willy Brandt in that respect.

The real assassin was a Zionist from South Africa, and was a known Mossad kidon (assassination) operative.








Why Is Everyone Silent?

So, who is going to say anything? A Swedish politician, or Sweden's police, or the Zionist-controlled newspapers. Well, the Zionists assassinated two Kennedy family members, a million Arabs, 50 million Russians, 3.7 million Armenians, etc. etc., and no one says a word.
Zionists have so infested the universities that professors realize any comments about Communism, the Bolsheviks, Iran, Iraq, will be the end of their careers. The ADL has infested every major police department, the ATF, and the FBI. Now, we get to watch the world economies implode, and Zionist government officials spend trillions to bail out their buddies.


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