The Attack On The US Embassy In Yemen


The US Embassy Entrance In Yemin






What Happened?

One version is that two trucks, with six Arabs, pulled up to the embassy gate, jumped out, fired RPGs and AK-47s, and then detonated the trucks.

Another, more believable version is that a truckload of Arabs, thinking they were day laborers , pulled up and Israel agents detonated a bomb. The dead were six Yemeni guards, the day workers, and some bystanders.

Israel loves bombs because there are no witnesses left, the so called terrorists get vaporized.






Terrorist cell busted in Yemen had links with Israel
Dubai, Oct 8 (IANS) A terrorist cell busted in Yemen last month after a suicide attack on the US embassy there had links with an Israeli intelligence agency, the state-run Saba news agency reported.The report, quoting an unnamed source, said investigations and data retrieved from a computer seized from the cell, showed there was correspondence between the Islamic Jihad groupís deputy leader Bassam Abdullah Fadhel Al-Haidari and an Israeli intelligence agency.







The President Of Yemen Blamed Israel

Yemenís President Ali Abdullah Saleh Monday said a terrorist group operating in the name of Islam had been maintaining links with Israel.

The six-member cell was led by Emad Ali Saeed Al-Rwoni, also known as Abu Al-Gaith Al-Miqdad Al-Yamani. Saba quoted the source as saying that the correspondence between the two sides included a request from the Israeli side to implement terrorist attacks inside Yemen. 6










So What Really Happened?

Israel wants to convince the world that Muslims are monsters, and cause them to be associated with bomb attacks. The Zionists used the same type of   propaganda conditioning with the general public regarding airline hijackings for 30 years, with their agent Abu Nidal and 'Black September'. Five years earlier the Israelis struck the USS Cole.

As to the embassy attack, why would six Arabs blow themselves up, when all you needed was a driver? A local Mossad agent went to the nearby slum, hired six day laborers, and had them drive to the embassy. The guards at the gate would never let a truck approach unless it appeared harmless, or was on a work list. A Mossad agent watched and as the guards came to the truck, then he use a cell phone detonator to set off the explosion.




The USS Cole attack

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