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Ilich Ramírez Sánchez






Carlos In 1998









Carlos In 2004, With His Wife Esther Coutant-Peyre








"Viva The Revolution"

It seems this 'Hollywood Villain' has an odd past. Carlos the Jackal is the son of a Marxist/Jewish Argentine lawyer, who decided to join the Arabs and terrorize the world.











Young Ilich Enters The World

Ilich Ramírez Sánchez was born at the Razetti birth clinic in Caracas, Venezuela.  His mother's pleads to give her first-born child a Christian first name, but the father names the baby after Vladimir Ilich Lenin, the first dictator of the Soviet Union.






Carlos' Poppa Was A Marxist

His father named him Ilich, after Lenin's patronym. His brother were named "Lenin" and "Vladimir").  He was educated at a local school in Caracas and joined the youth movement of the national communist party in 1959.  January 1966 he attended Camp Mantanzas, a Zionist Cuban revolution base  located near Havana.







Carlos' Momma

Just a wealthy Argentine socialite.






Carlos Went To The Sorbonne

In 1968, his father enrolled him, and his brother Lenin, at Paris, France's prestigious Sorbonne University.






His Marxist Blood

He soon transferred to the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow. He was expelled from the university in 1970.






Carlos Becomes A 'Self Hating Jew'

He joins the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in Amman, Jordan. It was there that he gained the pseudonym Carlos. 






Carlos' First Assassination

In 1973, Carlos performed his first act for the PFLP, a failed assassination attempt on Jewish businessman and vice-president of the British Zionist Federation, Joseph Sieff.






Bombed The Goldenberg Deli In Paris

Carlos led a failed bomb attack on the Bank Hapoalim in London, as well as car bomb attacks on three French newspapers which were accused of pro-Israeli leanings. He claimed to be the grenade-thrower at a Parisian restaurant in an attack that killed two and injured thirty.






Carlos Attacks Israeli Airline

He later participated in two failed rocket-propelled grenade attacks on El Al airliners at Orly Airport near Paris on January 13th and January 17th, 1975.








Carlos Joins German Radicals

Carlos, a Marxist Jew, decides to align with the German Marxist terror gang, the Baader-Meinhoff. They plan to kidnap Arab oil ministers.







The OPEC Attack

Carlos' most infamous act was leading a raid in Vienna in 1975, when his group took 40 ministers of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) hostage to Algiers, Algeria.






Carlos Is Pals With Colonel Gaddhafi

On December 22nd, 1975, the rebels and forty-two hostages were given an airliner and flown to Algiers. The terrorists were finally dispatched in Baghdad. Thirty hostages were freed; the DC-9 was then flown on to Tripoli.







Carlos Marries

Carlos marries a German girl named Madge Kopp.







Bombs Are Their Forte

In 1982, after taking a seven year break, they start up again.  When the French arrested Magdalena Kopp, Carlos's wife, his attacks intensified. In 1983, he bombed the "Maison de France" in Berlin in August, and placed two bombs on TGV services in December.   

His money-sources were 'said to be' Col Gaddafi, Dr. George Habash, and some Germans.






Israelis Respect Carlos

In an odd move, the Mossad, out of professional courtesy, decided to let him have a family.






Carlos Is Arrested in 1994

In August 1994, Carlos was arrested in Khartoum, Sudan.








It's 2007, And Carlos Is In A French Prison

Carlos, the chubby Bar Mitzvah boy, is now a writer.








More Zio-Nonsense

His story has more holes in it than that of a holocaust survivor. He goes from a chubby Marxist, to an Arab terrorist, to a Nazi. For being such a legendary assassin, he only wounded one Jewish businessman. His bombs only killed Europeans, and Americans.

Oddly, all this Hollywood legend did was make Arabs look bad. If Carlos were real, the Israelis would have killed him, his wife, his parents, and his brothers.





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