GOP Insider Karl Schwarz:
The Republican National Comittee
SOLD OUT Conservative Values Part I

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Greetings to all Email Update Members,

The RNC sold out Conservative Values

AND the DNC has not had any to sell in about 50 years.

As promised, I am going to disclose much about the DNC and RNC and it was learned from firsthand experience while my office was in Washington, DC. I was in and out of RNC headquarters 2 to 4 times a week during half of 1989, all of 1990 and 1991.

During 1993-1996 I was in and out that much a week but only 6 months of each year because I was living in Arkansas and commuting to where my office was in DC. I only dealt with 3 people there and two over at the National Policy Forum you will read about below. Most never heard of the National Policy Forum then and it does not exist now in the same format, but it still exists under another name.

It evolved into a Neocon think tank when the RNC sold conservative values out to the Neocons. In this and the two following emails, I will give you the best definition you will ever find as to what a Neocon really is because I was there when the deal was cut.

It was why I turned my back on the RNC / GOP.

Some of those National Policy Forum people were involved in PNAC and we all know what a mess that got us into. When you read these three email updates, remember all of the DNC types that keep posting lies about me all over the Internet; Eric Hufschmid, Daryl Bradford Smith, Madame Karnak (Gina di Miranda), Stew Webb, etc.

You will better understand why they dislike me and spread lies when you read these three emails. I am part of the reason DNC is having problems and they will get over it when they get the proverbial head out of their proverbial ass.

The purported UK terror non-event did not seem to spook enough Sheeple. They have purportedly now found two “real” bombs in Germany in another train bombing incident headed off in the waning hours.


Seems this one has ties back to Mossad according to news in Europe. By deception they make war (Mossad), and in war the first casualty is always the truth (Sun Tzu). They took 12 people off a Northwest Airlines flight in Amsterdam for questioning.

Suspicious cell phone use, possible charges of terrorism for talking on a cell phone. Hmmmm. As the old song says, paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep.

BOO, baby!

12 Taken Off Northwest Flight Questioned

Aug 24, 6:10 AM (ET)


AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) - Prosecutors on Thursday interrogated 12 men who were handcuffed and taken off a U.S. airliner in Amsterdam because U.S. air marshals and the crew believed they were acting suspiciously, a spokesman said.

Authorities have three days to bring the suspects before a judge to seek further detention. If they are deemed terror suspects, a judge could order them held for another 14 days without hard evidence, according to Dutch law.

Haarlem prosecutor's spokesman Ed Hartjes declined to say Thursday whether the men would face terrorism charges. "The investigation is still going on and at this moment we do not know anything more than yesterday," he said.

The Bombay, India-bound Northwest Airlines flight turned around over German air space Wednesday and returned to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport after a group of passengers aroused suspicion by using their mobile phones following take-off, officials said.

Am I irreverent?

Damned straight, I have no tolerance for chickenhawkshit and little yuppie fascists that cannot even dream up a good excuse to fabricate news.

Our two major political parties are complete frauds and the next three emails might convince many of you how on target I am.

I was on the front lines.

They are failing because they are running out of ideas and ways to lie.

They are failing because people are waking up and they cannot stop that from happening.

All they can do is come up with the next BOO to keep as many quivering brethren as possible shaking in their shoes.

One of the astute email list members sent me an email August 21, 2006 from the UK to let me know that it was actually a QUINTUPLE BOO!


It takes at least 24 hours to make the TATP (long flight!), assuming you are not overcome by fumes, and can work at less that 10 degrees C. In fact it can take up to several days (now that's a really long flight ... locked in the toilet)



Bush is back on the airways lying again about his Iraq lies, since his Lebanon lies have turned into a complete fiasco too.

I did not realize that Ehud Olmert was elected only four months ago on what they call The Convergence Plan.

That is sort of like the Zionist’s Final Solution for the Palestinians and anyone else standing in their way as best as I understand it and I think I understand their real intentions all too well.

Maybe that is a euphemism for a convergence of Israeli and U.S. interests but I am inclined to disagree with that.

I see no interests whatsoever that are Israeli and US and the same.

If you have never seen my presentation at 9-11, Confronting the Evidence it is available on the Internet in considerably edited form:

Would I do it again?

Damned straight I would and now have even more in the way of confirmed evidence.

It is time to prosecute and commence with the subpoenas and the hard questions that America deserves the answer to.

Now that we are in a pivotal election year and 2008 looming not that far away you might as well know what I know as to why we always get the following from RNC and DNC:

1. RNC candidates bordering between Fog Horn Leghorn and Forrest Gump; and

2.DNC candidates bordering between Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck; and

3. Plenty of Sheeple Food to graze on and not pay attention to what is really going on in Washington, DC.

Such as this recent totally bogus scare from the UK about 10 jet airliners and the worst terrorist disaster ever headed off in the last hours (dramatically) before they launched the plot that did not even exist.

4. Then there is this Jon Benet Ramsey killer showing up out of nowhere to dominate the news on all major networks while Israel is halting the withdrawal, Bush still working with Congress to amend the War Crimes Act to exempt all American War Criminals and the Leo Wanta funds have been diverted to block what otherwise could be done to turn this mess around and fast.

Even flew the Jon Benet Ramsey purported killer and purported sexual pedophile to LA in business class and fed him caviar and champagne.

Well, isn’t he special?

He is the distraction du jour of the month so stay focused on the ball folks.

You might as well know what you are voting for when you show up and vote.

This email is long because it is a deep subject and not one that can be easily broken into little bite-sized pieces.

This is Part 1 of a three part series.

I had no sooner sat down at my laptop to draft this expose on our corrupt political parties and how they have perverted our National destiny and quality of life, than one of the email update members sent me an email from Gun Owners of America and an oped piece written by former Conservative Senator H. L. Richardson.

This is an excerpt of an excellent analysis:

It Didn't Happen Overnight by Sen. H. L. Richardson (Ret.) Gun Owners of America 8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151

Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

Because of my many years as a conservative in elected office, I have been asked by others, "how did we get in this mess we are in?"

The great author Robert Louis Stevenson wisely said, "Sooner or later in life, we all sit down to a banquet of consequences."

That's what's happening now, we're at the banquet.

Here is a brief synopsis of how it happened.

Many Americans believe that the core religious values, which founded and sustained this nation, have not only been sadly neglected but also forgotten.

In so doing, the public is finding out what political ignorance and religious apathy has created. While godly people snoozed and gun owners were busy hunting, small minorities of hedonists have inveigled their way into government and have been able to impose their political will upon the majority.

It didn't happen over night. To understand, we have to go back one hundred years to the comments of a very wise man, President Theodore Roosevelt. He stated,

"There are those who believe that a new modernity demands a new morality. What they fail to consider is the harsh reality that there is no such thing as a new morality. There is only one morality.There is only true Christian ethics over against which stands the whole of paganism. If we are to fulfill our great destiny as a people, then we must return to the old morality, the sole morality."

Roosevelt saw moral slippage occurring at the beginning of the last century.

Trionfo Publishing's Get Real Insert

"Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars... I am fighting to keep our people out of foreign wars... And I will keep on fighting...The first purpose of our... foreign policy is to keep our country out of war..."

Franklin D. Roosevelt

"So much for presidential words. What about presidential actions?

It is hard to see how any President, given the constitutional limitations of the office, could have done more to precipitate the United States into war with Germany and Japan than Roosevelt accomplished during the 15 months between the destroyer-for-bases deal and the attack on Pearl Harbor."

How Franklin Roosevelt Lied America Into War

Pearl Harbor Day: Infamous Treason (December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001)

He saw radical activists proclaiming a "new morality" embodying atheism and materialism. They were becoming increasingly vocal on our college campuses and were becoming more active in American politics, promoting their "new" morality.

Trionfo Publishing's Get Real Insert

"Although this historic address should be of particular interest to Americans, a complete text has apparently never before been made available in English.

"Acting under this order, American naval vessels have systematically attacked German naval forces since early September 1941

(3 months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor)

Thus, American destroyers, as for instance, the Greer, the Kearny and the Reuben James, have opened fire on German submarines according to plan. The American Secretary of the Navy, Mr. Knox, himself confirmed that the American destroyers attacked German submarines.

Furthermore, the naval forces of the United States of America, under order of their government and contrary to international law, have treated and seized German merchant ships on the high seas as enemy ships.

The German government therefore establishes the following facts:

Although Germany on her part has strictly adhered to the rules of international law in her relations with the United States of America during every period of the present war, the government of the United States of America from initial violations of neutrality has finally proceeded to open acts of war against Germany. It has thereby virtually created a state of war.

The government of the Reich consequently breaks off diplomatic relations with the United States of America and declares that under these circumstances brought about by President Roosevelt, Germany too, as from today, considers herself as being in a state of war with the United States of America."

Aldoph Hitler

Germany's Declaration of War Against the United States Hitler's Reichstag Speech of December 11, 1941

"So eager were Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill to ruthlessly crush Germany that in January 1943 they issued their demand for "unconditional surrender" -- a savage directive that unquestionably cost the lives of huge numbers of soldiers on both sides. In September 1944 came the notorious Morgenthau Plan, an occupation program endorsed by Roosevelt and formulated by his Treasury Secretary that would have had a genocidal impact on the German people by depriving the nation of its heavy industry and thus the possibility of obtaining the imports necessary for its very survival. (Since about 1870 the German population had grown beyond the capacity of its arable land to feed itself. During 1945-1948 I myself witnessed the starvation and economic paralysis that was imposed on the vanquished Germans.) "

The Hijacking of History

They were also attempting to elect their candidates on the socialist ticket.

In the beginning, the Socialists and their allies were singularly unsuccessful and remained small in number.

The vast majority of Americans were happy with our liberty, constitutional government, free enterprise and politics implemented through the two party system.

At the beginning of the last century, a socialist by the name of Lenin, put wheels under the world socialist movement.

He led a small minority of communists in overthrowing the czarist government in Russia; in so doing, Lenin developed a financial base and a national platform for the promotion of world socialism.

After the First World War, the hard core left became more politically active in the United States. Lenin was an excellent organizer, and he and other socialist leaders realized that it was an impossible task to sell their bad tasting political medicine to the vast majority of Americans.

He is right, it did not happen overnight and we are looking at a banquet bordering on the macabre.

It is like a Guess Who’s Coming from Hell to Dinner?

It took RNC over 6 years to decide to sell out America and conservative values and there was a lot of infighting.

Many walked out the door on RNC including me.

The night George H W Bush lost in his bid for re-election many realized the impotence of the RNC and the inability to get it right even with a voting dominance of conservatives in America as a given dynamic.

Many of the email update list will remember that George H W Bush was standing at 81% approval rating after Desert Storm and went straight down from there.

Many woke up even back then that Desert Storm was a BushCo production, nothing that Saddam Hussein did that our government did not set the stage to make it happen.

The only thing that I failed to see in Richardson’s oped piece is to what extent Lenin was successful in seizing power and control because he was able to get the Zionist Jews behind him and they hated the Czar with a passion.

The Czar was very harsh on the Zionist Jews (and Jews in general actually) and Lenin saw them as a potential ally to seize power.

He needed bodies for his army to be able to overthrow Czar Nicholas of Russia.

Far too many Americans do not know that Zionist Jews and Communism have been joined at the hip since communism first appeared on the world stage.

I have seen historical accounts that as many as 75% of the top positions in the Lenin hierarchy were Zionist Jews suddenly in positions of power that they had never had in Russia.

I have many Russian friends that confirm that it was at least that percentage and why many Russians no longer welcome the Zionists Jews in their midst.

Many people tend to forget that Karl Marx was German, not Russian.

Following World War I, German communists were busy at work trying to undermine that nation and it led to Fascism as being an ideological counterbalance to communism.

When the Bolsheviks managed to establish communism in Russia they expected Germany, the UK and the United States to fall under communist rule too because communists were already active there trying to achieve that end.

When Lenin died in 1924, it then took Stalin five years until 1929 to remove all political rivals before he firmly took power.

It was during that same period of time that Hitler was gaining popularity and power and by 1933 he cleaned house in the Reichstag and assume full control.

Many he ran out of the German government were Zionist Communists that were collaborating with Russian dissenters that fled Stalin when he cleaned house.

The Bolsheviks were convinced that a world revolution was about to begin, first in Germany and then England and ultimately the United States. Such a vision -- "Incipit vita nova" -- led the Bolsheviks to speed up the construction of a socialist state in Russia. It also led them to take a more casual attitude toward international affairs -- after all, they expected the reign of capitalism to end shortly. [It's worth noting here an important concept in 19th century European history. Marx had said that capitalism would dig its own grave because the conflict inherent in industrial capitalism was about to be reconciled. However, we don't really need Marx to explain to us the concept that capitalism could be replaced. In the 19th century there were very few people who saw industrialization as something more than a passing phase, as something which would quickly pass from the historical stage. In fact, this whole attitude is tied together with 19th century social criticism and would have been apparent whether Marx had lived or not. The key here is an awareness of "change," not just change, but "speedy change." Therefore, it was entirely plausible that industrial capitalism could disappear as quickly as it had appeared.]

With their Jewish misery and suffering being over at the hands of the Russian Czar, they decided to dish out a lot of misery and suffering as pay back to tens of millions of Russian people that makes their purported Holocaust during World War II pale in comparison.

Russia did not become communist across the board in 1917.

There were many who did not agree with it and had to be silenced or bludgeoned into submission.

I do not completely buy off on the Holocaust story because I know people with agendas will tell any lie to get their agendas passed, especially when they are unpopular to begin with in the first place.

Communism was not the people’s choice in Russia; they wanted freedom and opportunity just like every person does.

It was compelled on them, much like this post 9-11 crap has been compelled upon America and certain oil rich parts of the world.

If you are ever puzzled at the attitude of Tel Aviv that just does not seem democratic and freedom oriented, bear in mind that many Zionist Communists are in Israel and affect that government too.

Many of them that had to flee from nation to nation wound up in Israel in 1948.

To say they went overboard with zealotry and fanaticism is an understatement and they are still going overboard in those same two departments; the most recent example being Lebanon.

They are just hiding behind a different face now so American Sheeple will not wake up and run them out of our government too.

Their nation was not all freedom lovers and people who wanted Israel.

Many of them were proponents of global communism and Tel Aviv does not want anyone to discuss that matter.

They joined with American anti-communism fighters and kept pushing to the Right so far that we now have Fascists again fighting communism but now they call it a Global War on Terror, since communism now only fights with economic warfare against the U.S.

The Far Right, anti-communist groups did not want the Far Left anti-communist groups into the circle, since the latter helped to form communism and push its ideologies.

That was, they did not want them until RNC figured out why they were losing elections and failing to take control of the House and Senate.

Those fascists now call themselves Neocons but the root of those folks was far more Zionist Communist that DC will admit.

Who is especially sensitive to anyone knowing the true origin of the Neocons is who is really working hard to make sure you never correctly identify who the Neocons are and where they came from.

They call themselves the RNC.

That economic warfare is what Daddy Bush did to Russia regarding those funds Leo Wanta is in charge of, the $27.5 trillion that the Bush Family wants to keep off the radar, and now the PRC, Russia and others are kicking our butts with economic warfare.

Paybacks are Hell, you know.

When Lenin passed away and Stalin came into power he crushed the Zionist Jews, purged them from his government and sent them fleeing for their lives.

Trotsky was one of them and why they call the American Neocons Trotskyites is because many of them started off as DNC Ultra-Left Communists.

Trotsky was not some ideological communist philosopher; he was one of the main Red Army commanders that crushed Russia into submission while at the same time defending against internal and external forces trying to stop communism.

Trotsky and Stalin had a falling out when the latter crushed the Zionist Communists and pushed them out of the Russian government.

Many fled to Germany and were actively engaged in the early formation of fascism as the ideological counter to Stalin-style communism.

You read that right – they turned on the Czar, they embraced Lenin-style communism and perpetual revolution, and then they fled to Germany and embraced fascism as a means of waging ideological war with Stalin.

That is another untidy historical fact the Zionist Jews does not want anyone to know.

The ones that came to the United States had the same agenda in part aimed at stopping Russia and communism a la Stalin-style and another group wanted to spread the revolution and convert the US into a socialist state.

If that sounds schizophrenic it is not as much as it seems.

There were White Russians against communism and there were Red Russians for communism.

The ones that came to the United States have been waging ideological war with true American values since the day they set foot on our shores.

If anyone hates our freedoms, it is the Zionist Communists.

You see, they think communism failed due to the lack of capital and it would work here since the United States is a rich nation.

Their thinking is that myopic and that blinded to reality.

That is why they like to try to make their own reality, regardless of what others think or regardless of how perverted their version of reality is.

In 1917 when communism finally took hold somewhere, the great majority of Russians did not want it.

It was compelled upon them at the expense of the death of many.

A civil war raged in Russia from 1918 to 1920 that some call the Black Russian – White Russian War where the Red Army had to contend with insurgents (The White Russian, political adversaries), and Black Russian – outside interventionists that wanted to help overthrow the Lenin government.

Germany was on the attack and outside allies like the US and UK, France and others did all they could to upend the newly created movement in Russia.

State Entry Exit Combat forces Population Losses
Rebels 1917 1921 1,200,000 30,000,000 1,500,000
Russia 1917 1921 3,600,000 135,000,000


Russian Civil War... (1918-20), conflict in which the Red Army successfully defended the newly formed Bolshevik government against various Russian and interventionist anti-Bolshevik armies.

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, whereby Russia yielded large portions of its territory to Germany, caused a breach between the Bolsheviks (Communists) and the Left Socialist Revolutionaries, who thereupon left the coalition. In the next months there was a marked drawing together of two main groups of Russian opponents of Vladimir I. Lenin: (1) the non-Bolshevik left, who had been finally alienated from Lenin by his dissolution of the Constituent Assembly and (2) the rightist whites, whose main asset was the Volunteer Army in the Kuban steppes. This army, which had survived great hardships in the winter of 1917-18 and which came under the command of General Anton I. Denikin (April 1918), was now a fine fighting force, though small in numbers.

At the same time, the Western Allies, desperately pressed by the new German offensive in northern France in the spring of 1918, were eager to create another front in the east by reviving at least a part of the Russian army. In March 1918 a small British force was landed at Murmansk with the consent of the local soviet. On April 5 Japanese forces landed at Vladivostok, without any approval.

A further factor was the Czechoslovak Legion, composed of Czech and Slovak deserters from the Austro-Hungarian army, whom previous Russian governments had allowed to form their own units. In March 1918 the Bolshevik government agreed to let these units leave Russia by the Far East, but in May violent incidents took place during the evacuation, and on May 29 Leon Trotsky, commissar for war, ordered them to surrender their arms. They refused, defeated attempts of the local soviets to disarm them, and took control of the Trans-Siberian Railroad. In the vacuum created by this action, two anti-Bolshevik authorities appeared: the West Siberian Commissariat, of predominantly liberal complexion, based at Omsk; and the Committee of Members of the Constituent Assembly, composed of Socialist Revolutionaries, based at Samara.

These events caused the Moscow government to crack down heavily on non-Bolshevik socialists. The Menshevik and Socialist Revolutionary deputies were expelled from the central and local soviets and prevented from engaging in any organized political activity. Eventually, in September, the government proclaimed a campaign of "Red terror," including shooting hostages and giving increased powers to the Cheka (political police) of summary arrest, trial, and execution of suspects.

Among the early victims of the civil war, which may be considered to have begun in earnest in June 1918, were the former imperial family. Nicholas II, his wife, and his children had been moved in August 1917 to Tobolsk and in the spring of 1918 to Yekaterinburg. With the development of anti-Bolshevik forces in Siberia, the local soviet feared that Nicholas might be liberated. In the night of July 16-17, 1918, all the members of the family were taken to the cellar of their prison house and shot.

About 800,000 soldiers were killed during the three year Civil War. It has estimated that another 8 million died as from starvation and disease as result of the war.

Problem is, to find one of those now [Zionist Communist] in the herd you have to look for Far Right Communist Fascists hiding behind their new identity as RNC Neocons.

They seem to most to have no humanity, and they don’t.

What most miss is they are damned near like a bipolar person because they spend so much time and energy trying to appear to be what they are not.

They are not Christians, and most importantly they are not true conservatives.

That is just window dressing so the American Sheeple will not figure it out.

As I worked on this Part 1 the second time, Barry Chamish of Israel sent this email update out and you might want to pay real close attention to some facts he knows over there in Israel:

by Barry Chamish

"No outsider was /supposed /to discover what I did about Israel.

And I'm sorry I did. I could be raising my kids in suburban Modiin and working on raising my bowling average.

My most outrageous political statement might be, "Now why would any teenager want to French-kiss Chaim Ramon?"

But I did discover that Israel's founders and its establishment created a nation based on a form of Freemasonry called Sabbatainism.

The first cities they founded were not given Jewish names but Masonic ones:

Tel Aviv - The first Jewish city was named for a Babylonian internment camp for Jewish slaves.

It was from Tel Abib that Ezekiel was lifted by a peculiar biblical-age UFO to watch a city being constructed.

And it was from Babylon that the Jews changed their months and learned a skill that God hated, astrology.

Petach Tikve - Meaning Gate Of Hope, the Sabbatain phrase for female genitilia.

Rosh Pina - Situated precisely on the 33rd latitude, this town means keystone, for it was intended to be the keystone to illumination.

What is not understood is that the last three steps in the Masonic rites, parallel ancient Israel's latitudes, from the 30th to 33rd. The British called Rosh Pina's airport, the 33rd runway."

You have to understand how the Jews and Zionists define how to determine who is Jewish and who is not to appreciate the one above about female genitalia.

The movie The Recruit, based on the CIA recruitment and training process, says it best:

“Nothing is as it seems.”

{Al Pacino is one of the key characters and delivered that line.}

You see, politics in any nation is perception and especially in the United States where the major mass media fails so miserably in doing their job to accurately keep Americans informed.The communists do not want you to know that they are not only inside the gate; they are controlling many aspects of our government and policies pretending to be RNC Conservatives.

To conceal the fact that DNC was harboring Trotskyite Communists bent on American Revolution, the DNC honed the fine art of lying in your face and smiling while they do it. They are still busy as little beavers over at DNC trying to create more “ists” and “isms” thinking that will draw in disenfranchised voters (it will not), and trying to recruit more to a Communist Revolution that walked out on them years ago and went with the RNC. That is why DNC has become a hollow shell and their reverberation is merely the sound of their own noise echoing back to them. They are pissed off at me because I helped engineer this and now wish that I had not done so. To conceal the fact that RNC is now harboring those exact same Trotskyite Communists all dressed up as RNC Neocon Far Right Christian Conservatives, the RNC honed the fine art of lying in your face and smiling while they do it.

This is the best example I can give you to demonstrate how Dead-from-the-neck-up the RNC is. They still send me emails trying to solicit money from me to help fund their lunacy. They not only don’t get it, they don’t even have a clue that they don’t get it. The same applies to DNC. When they heard about my book and its title: One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas, a Conservative Republican Speaks Out - the DNC was wooing me to help them. That was, until they read my book and saw that I was exposing them and their False Prophet Messiah Bill Clinton as well as Bush and RNC and then they could not get away from me fast enough.

I was talking all the way up to the Vice Chairman of DNC. It was very shortly after that when the DNC attacks dogs starting trying to destroy my credibility. They failed as they do in most things. What the Zionists did not anticipate was Hitler coming to power and his brand of Nazi Fascism that was just as intent on getting rid of them as Stalin was.

Trionfo Publishing's Get Real Insert

Military Alliance proposed by Zionists to Nazi Germany who were greatful to Adoph Rothschild Hilter for helping them move Jews to Palestine. All of Hitler's pre-war economic trade was in the hands of Zionists who used to the proceeds to move Jews to Palestine.

Irguns Offer Of Military Alliance With Nazi Germany

Zionism and the Third Reich

The Hitler-Rothschild Connection

Stalin Was Simply A Moscow Coffee House Jew

Note: does not endorse the photoshopping of noses.


The Secret Driving Force of Communism

I have said it many times – when I look at World War II objectively and unemotionally and the dynamics of what was really going on in Germany leading up to World War II, I see evil consuming evil. I do not see one evil side and one side that were only victims that needed Eretz Israel to be happy. I see a bunch of evil people that made a collective decision to get rid of another group of evil people and the entire exercise went way passed acceptable. Some like to dispute that with me, but three-fourths of my family stayed in Germany and I know a lot more than the average American what was really going on in the land my family came from to the United States. Some where between 49 to 55 million people died due to World War II so whatever number the Zionist Jews claim as their losses paled in comparison to the total carnage of that war. I am an astute observer of history and that is why WW II is not a “Jewish thing” to me. Has nothing to do with race or religion, has to do with blowback due to conduct of certain parties that think blowback against their conduct is unreasonable.

If that sounds familiar to you like Lebanon, it should. Israel has been stomping on Christian Jews living in Israel, Palestinian Christians and Lebanese Christians and the Christians over in the United States remain blind and deaf to that fact, and it is a fact.

When Hitler and Stalin entered into the short-lived Non-Aggression Pact, the Trotskyite Zionists went apoplectic and ballistic and pushed the UK, US and others hard to get into the fight and declare war on Hitler and Nazi fascism even after they helped to create it in the first place. What hacked them off was Hitler sent his people in there like Stalin did to clean house. They really got bent out of shape when the US and Russia wound up allies to hasten the defeat of Nazi Germany. That was before Hitler even began what they claim was the Holocaust and we had Americans like Prescott Bush helping to finance the Nazi regime. That was the Zionist Jew retribution for Hitler seizing power and running them out of Germany. They went to Germany to wage war against Stalin and wound up pushing the German people way past the point of tolerance. Hitler took away their burning desire for vengeance against Stalin when he rejected them and either killed them, imprisoned them or made them flee Russia.

It was Russian Communist Jews cast from Russia that started fascism and then were cast from Germany when they started plundering the German people too. The German side of my family was directly victimized by their conduct. They tried to keep the Perpetual Revolution alive in Germany, the UK and the United States. Germany woke up, cannot say for the UK since things there are always Brit-fuzzy, and America has yet to wake up. It seems to me that the majority of Americans think the Neocon Far Right Christians are just that, but they are not. They are not far right conservatives and many of them are not Christian in the slightest sense.

If you dig deep, there was initially no organized plan to exterminate the Jews in Germany.

Even the Simon Weisenthal Tolerance Museum website displayed the Expulsion Orders without explaining why Germany was expelling Jews from Germany.

They do not like to discuss that slight technicality.

They do not like to discuss their role in communism and especially their role in helping to create fascism as the rebuttal to Stalin communism for what he did to them.

Suddenly their good buddies in Germany had their fill and sent them fleeing too. The Zionist Jews did not anticipate that because they had been successfully creating mayhem for generations and getting away with it while at the same time pursuing their goal of Eretz Israel. By geographical definition, what they think they are entitled to regardless of what others think, endorse, approve of or will tolerate is everything from the Nile to the Euphrates. They even think they are entitled to about one-third of Saudi Arabia and all of the land north to Turkey. In their way of thinking, they are not near done with the demolishing of Arab settlements to clear the way for Eretz Israel because they have always been after a very large landmass that they falsely claim as theirs. The Convergence Plan is just a first of many steps for them to take what they think they deserve under the umbrella of US protection.

By any definition, that is policy that was conceived in Hell and is destined to be Hell if America does not wake up. That is why they have had this political hard on for Egypt, Syria and Iraq for all of these decades. They consider them squatters on what they think God promised them, but they cannot show anyone that part of the Biblical scriptures that lays out the legal description of Eretz Israel. That is only in their Talmud that was not written by God or inspiration of God, it was written by Jewish scribes that even Jesus warned us about.

That is when the Zionist Communists started pretending to be anti-communist. They had to change their strategy because it was not selling in America. At first they tried to team up with misfits and outcasts in the United States under the umbrella of the American Communist Party but it did not take them long to figure out that they could not sell that idea (crap) in America. They then put on the mask of Liberals and Progressives and joined to the DNC and helped to create one Liberal and Progressive movement after another as part of a bigger strategy of making the US a socialist nation without them even realizing what had hit them.

The land of the free and the home of the brave have no interest in communism or socialism but these persistent Zionists don’t give up easy. They are very much like what Albert Einstein said about insanity – Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Example – America has absolutely no desire to be a socialist nation and they have tried for over 100 years to convert the United States into a Soviet style system. I cannot say for you, but over 100 years of pushing a stupid idea is way past insane to me.

Years of infighting over at DNC between the pro-War, Russia hating Communist Zionists and the antiwar factions did not even wind up a draw. DNC lost more and more of its conservative Democratic identity and voters and the fringe elements were denying the Communists Zionists their desired War Party within the Liberal and Progressive Left. That is mainly because there are a lot more Americans than there are Zionist Communist Jews in America and they are not endorsed by the Orthodox Jewish community as much as most Americans think. Most Orthodox Jews that I know do not buy off on this Zionist lunacy at all.

If you look back in history, most wars this nation has involved itself in were during Democratic administrations, not Republican Administrations.

It is this Bush Family that has pushed things in another direction since Russia is no longer the Great Communist Threat.

To keep this War Machine and defense industry fed, they had to come up with a new boogeyman, hence the laughably named Global War on Terror and all of the “Shields” and “Freedom” operations to go along with it.

It all came to a head when a socialist named Clinton was elected and many of the Southern Conservative Democrats decided they had had their fill of the Zionist Communists that were directing the DNC. In 1994 the people spoke, but they have yet to figure out what they spoke about for the most part.

I see the same pattern going on in America today as slow, devious and surreptitious actions are undermining the values of this Nation for the sake of controlling policies. Those policies are not about good government and democracy and freedom and rule of law. Those policies are about how to fleece Americans into the poor house, both legally and illegally and get by with it every time. It is both naked tyranny and naked Imperialism all focused on power, greed and money.

Many of the Trotskyite Communist Zionist Jews fled to the United States and that is where our downfall started to really set in. It has been like a slow case of cancer that has affected every vital organ of our nation and as such our lives in direct and indirect ways.

I started off in life voting as a Southern Conservative Democrat because everyone in my family was the same. I vividly remember being scolded for becoming a Republican in 1980 and damned near disowned by the Conservative Democrats in my family. Those included Wilbur D. Mills, US Congressman, Second District of Arkansas, 1939-1977 and one of the most powerful men in Congress during the 1960s and 1970s. He was chairman of House Ways and Means. Like me and everyone else in my family, he was a Conservative Southern Democrat that was watching as this battle raged on between the “ists” and “ism” fringes and the Communists Zionists trying to seize control of the DNC.

All Clinton did was slick it up (or down depending on your viewpoint) and call the Communists Zionists the Democratic Leadership Council. America still has not figured out that the Zionist Communists left him when he refused to give them their War Party in return for getting him elected.

There is another part of the Richardson oped that sums up exactly why I left the DNC. They left me long before I left them because I was not sure what I was looking at in the period from 1968 through 1980 when I was 17 to 29 years old. I just knew I did not like the foul smell of mendacity that was coming through to me very clear and very strong. It did not sound American to me and over time I learned that it was not the American values I believe in. It was just Semantics and trying to seduce people into believing black is white.

“They got their wish and, and the dissidents are now running the "Democratic" party. The tail is now wagging the old "Democrat" donkey. The anti-war, pro-abort, environmental extremists, soft on crime, big spending liberals, feminists and deviants of both sexes are calling the political tune and are marching hand in hand in gay parades. The large body of old rank and file Democrats are scratching their heads and wondering, "What's going on?"

Big changes are now occurring. The South, traditionally Democrat but fundamentally religious, has turned Republican. Not because of any great love for the Republican structure, but because of their disgust over the present leftward drift of their own party.”

What I was smelling was that the American Communists had dressed themselves up as Liberals and Progressives and were promoting a complete fracturing of America. They would appeal to gay rights activists on one hand and elderly antiwar people on the other without ever letting the two of them into the same room at the same time. I even coined the phrase Pigeon Hole Politics to describe what they are doing by breaking everyone into discreet and disconnected “ists” and “isms”. All they wanted was the vote, not a mandate that would represent the true will of the American people.

Many wonder why the DNC is so lost and acting as if their puppy died. Here is the answer – the Zionist Communists walked out on them and became RNC Neocons. They have tried to re-ignite the Communist Revolution amongst their “ists” and “isms” and cannot seem to get it done. They continue to slide backwards because they lost the entire machinery because Bill Clinton would not be the War Party president. It seems to me that these Zionist Communist have a hard-on for many and they keep changing their masks until they get their way and bodies are laying around everywhere.

I began to clearly see that they are not the party of inclusion they pretend to be and they do not care an iota about the average American. They refined their marketing and polling skills to hide that the DNC was turning into Communism Central in the United States. They could only accomplish that if they kept everyone in their little “ist” or “ism” camps and not let them commingle and figure out the ruse that was going on. What the DNC had made clear to me by 1980 was that they are the impetus, behind a veil of communism, to every idiot idea we have seen born and nurtured into a grand federal program and entitlement and issue over the past 40 years.

It was all part of a strategy to morph communism into Liberalism and Progressivism so Americans would not recognize the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Now the RNC is trying desperately to keep Americans from figuring out that they cut a deal to make those same communist into RNC Neocons just to win elections.

It took me a while to figure it out, but there are huge differences in true Liberals and Communist Liberals just as there are huge differences in true Conservatives and George Bush.

But there was dissension in the House DNC built and there is even more dissension in the house RNC built. The polls say more than American citizen dissatisfaction, they also hint at two political parties that are lost and do not know what to do about it. I do, but they do not listen to me any more.

The true Communist Liberals wanted the DNC to be the War Party once they figured out that they could not sell straight communism and socialism in America. They still had that axe to grind with the Stalin-style communists that had so abruptly ended their dreams of perpetual revolution when Stalin came to power. So, they decided to try and convert the DNC into an anti-communist war party. They never could get the traction they wanted because the DNC had sold out to the antiwar movement to get its vote. You have to consider the lunacy that was in play when the American communists were demanding that the DNC be the anti-communism War Party. Some of you may recall that the current day Neocons all rallied around Democratic Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson as part of their efforts to move towards an anti-communist War Party that was controlled by American Communists now dressed up like RNC Fascists so you will not figure it out.

Slowly, the Red State – Blue State phenomenon developed as Americans grew more intransigent to supporting DNC liberalism that was finally being seen for what it is at the root and core – socialist communism.

It amazes me when I receive emails accusing me of being a Michael Moore Liberal because I clearly rip into George Bush. I rip into George W. Bush because he is a complete imposter as a Christian, as a man and a fraud as a Conservative Republican. There is nothing Christian in the man’s deeds and there is nothing conservative about his politics. It is all a show, just like the DC Show in general but this particular president is a bigger imposter than Bill Clinton.

I clearly see the fascism in the Bush Administration but it did not start in the RNC. It started in the DNC and defected to the RNC. It was not fascism to begin with, it was communism but that does not sell well in America so they changed masks.

I am a Ecumenical Christian and former Conservative Republican just telling it like it is and from the vantage point of having a lot of inside knowledge about RNC. In fact, through Wilbur D. Mills, a staunch Southern Conservative Democrat, I also learned a lot about what was really going on inside of DNC that was troubling him.

Bill Clinton was merely a socialist communist wrapped up as moderate, while George Bush is not anything that he pretends to be. Clinton just wanted everyone to turn 90 degrees and pretend and wink and cross their fingers while they were doing it so all of those promises would not be a double-cross since they never meant it any way. Bush wants everyone to turn 180 degrees and not see the fakery going on in his administration. That is why everything has to be such a big damned secret with Bush because it is all a lie.

Hillary Clinton is actually a Marxist and is just now showing her true colors in coming out as Pro-Iraq War Candidate that is Pro-Zionist Israel and pro-communist. If she were elected, she would pick up where Bush left off and keep the lies in place and keep moving the Communist agenda forward hiding behind American fascism with a splash of Marxist twist. Hillary has figured out what the Neocons found out – Marxism, socialism and communism does not sell in America, period.

Follow the dots folks for your life may well depend on it literally and your quality of life does literally depend on it.

What amazes me is my critics seem to not see that I rip into DNC and their lunacy on an equal time basis. That is because I know for a fact that both parties are corrupt, they are fundamentally controlled by the same Wealthy Masters. This Grand Election Show is merely that, a show where they have hand picked the Kolhoznik for us in both parties and whatever the outcome they get what they want and we get the shaft. As a friend of mine in Sweden says, “we get the dumb end of the stick.”

What is a true conservative and what does a true conservative believe? For that matter, what do I believe? The following should give you a very clear picture as to where I am coming from and why RNC and DNC both need to be burnt to the ground and rebuilt with none of the current employees [bad actors] in place.

First off, a true conservative is for smaller government, low taxes but not just for the rich. A true conservative knows that trickle down was too easily manipulated into trickle up. A true conservative is for only those regulations needed to protect and preserve quality of life and health such as clean air, water, sanitation, food supply, etc. Government is a parasite to a true conservative that saps the life out of the economy and denies hope and equal opportunity to have prosperity in life. Government is not human nor is it humane, so the less it has in the way of control over human life the better as far as I am concerned. Government is a means for people to implement their collective will and was never intended in this Nation to be a means for the Wealthy Elite to manipulate and create a caste system where they have opportunity and deny that same right to others.

That paragraph should tell you all you need to now about how far George Bush is from being a conservative. American political parties should be about America and democratic principles, not masks for communism and fascism.

A true conservative is not for entitlements, not because he or she is a bigot or a racist, but because they are a negative reinforcement that heads in the wrong direction and are not an entitlement under the Constitution. A true conservative clearly sees the difference in a Constitutional entitlement or God given entitlement and does not seek to create non-entitlements out of “ists” and “isms”. Crap ideology does not become right or sensible just because Congress votes it into law.

I frankly have times I want to spit on those who wrap themselves up in the American flag for show and appearances only, but I am afraid they might drown. We have a lot of itsy-bitsy people trying to be Mr. Big or Ms. Big. Washington, DC is the only city I know of on this planet where there are many women who should be most appropriately called pricks and many of the men I have met there are beyond reprehensible.

I am not saying this to offend any of the ladies in the audience, I am merely quoting what an insider told me about DC and I saw up close and personal that his observation was right on target. I asked him over dinner one night what drives Washington, DC. He did not hesitate at all and stated – “the Three P’s; power, pelf and pussy and depending which is your priority determines two things. First, your status in this town and secondly, how hard you are going to have to fight and with whom you have to fight.”

I now have over 25 years experience in and around our National Capital, He could see the town very clearly and the thugs that come there. It is a town that is dead in the heart and sick between the ears and has no values. That is why I find it offensive when they preach to America and the world about values. They have only two values – power and how much money that can make them.

A true conservative believes in state rights and that the federal government was intended, and always should be, small and not the giant over-bloated behemoth is has turned into and which thinks it has the right to micromanage every detail of your life from birth to death. Americans are citizens of the United States of America but they are residents of the state they live in. That system has worked for most of this Nation’s history until certain factions decided to create a myriad of “ists” and “isms” and fracture this nation so they could consolidate power into their hands and great wealth. This was so Americans would be arguing about all of the distraction “ists” and “isms” while the bank was being robbed and power consolidated into fewer and fewer hands. It was difficult to impossible to manipulate 50 states but it has proven very easy to buy the District of Columbia and take this Nation in a direction that the vast majority disapproves of strongly.

Who did that? Read on.

A true conservative is for a strong national defense to preserve our way of life. I emphasize defense as opposed to offensive capabilities for pre-emptive illegal wars or plundering the world energy supplies behind a bogus Global War on Terror. No one in DC will stand up to Big Oil and that is why we have no energy policy but consumption.

A true conservative is solid on the Constitution and believes it is the foundation from which all things must come; otherwise America is but a hollow pretense. I for one am 100% pro-Second Amendment for two reasons. First, I love to hunt and second, I do not trust this government as far as I could pick it up and toss it. Thomas Jefferson warned that the day might come that Americans have to rise up and cast out a government as bad, or worse, than what the Colonies got rid of in 1776. We are there folks. However, how we really got there and how most Americans think we got there is back to the nothing is as it seems.

Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny. Thomas Jefferson

This consolidation of power into the hands of the federal government and corporatization of the Federal Government for special interests adverse to the people’s interest is just such a tyranny and one that a true conservative totally rejects if they are awake. It has become the literal definition of fascism, a goal that Hitler never managed to achieve.

It is how this consolidation into an all powerful, tyrannical, overbearing fascist style government came into being that is the real story of how the Communists got inside and then switched masks so fast most Americans could not keep up.

A true conservative does not believe that the United States government has all of the answers or even the right to presume a position that only it has the answers therefore only it is authorized to act. A true conservative does not think the Federal Government is perfect therefore it should not be immune from all laws and accountability since it is self-perceived by only itself to be perfect. The government should be accountable and liable for its conduct.

A true conservative believes that Rule of Law has to be a reality or this nation will continue to slide into the gutter of history. A true conservative president would still be meting out punishment for the corporate and government frauds that buried many American citizens financially and with aforethought and intent of malice to do just that.

A true conservative is for the strict separation of church and state and believes that the United States Constitution is the founding document that should be adhered to in guiding this Nation’s path. Should the Ten Commandments be in public buildings? I say yes, to remind government that it is not God nor are the people that walk into those government halls to pervert government for their gain and to Hell with everyone else.

I do not believe in a theocracy, but I also do not believe in a federalized monarchy either. What I have been watching for over 20 years is the rise of American Royalty that thinks they are immune from the rule of law. That to me is just as much a tyranny and people being depots as any tyrant that has ever lived on this Earth.

A true conservative is for Republic, not democracy and mob rule of the majority.

A true conservative is a fiscal conservative that believes debts are not assets and this nation should pursue policies across the board that does not mortgage the future of our children and grandchildren. I personally think that collectively we are not being very good stewards of this Planet and an eviction notice would be warranted. There are infrastructure needs, there are human needs but what we have in Washington, DC is a hog trough that wastes money every second of every day and vast sums of it. Human needs do not really factor into anything Washington, DC does.

A true conservative cherishes individual liberties granted in our Constitution and things like free speech, free press, freedom from government eavesdropping and spying, freedom from government snooping and database building are all things that either add to or diminish our quality of life. If there is a terror threat, it is because we are hated for our policies, not our freedoms. Every man, woman and child on this planet wants freedom and that is a right granted by God, denied by governments and greedy people.

What is terrorism? It is a political strategy when all other avenues of redress to correct wrongs have been ignored or intentionally blocked.

A true conservative puts stock in words like honor, dignity, integrity and realizes that government control and intervention is not the best answer for most things. Governments are not personal individuals so words like honor, dignity and integrity are only meaningful if the persons in government have those qualities. Our government does not breed such and in fact, discourages such qualities. The Wealthy Elite want compromised scumbags in power because they are so easy to buy, rent or extort.

Many people have asked me what I mean when I say government has no institutional memory and that is why they keep making the same mistakes over and over again. It is because from administration to administration they are serving the same masters and still after the same goals, still pushing the same agendas, ones that are adverse to your interests and mine.

A true conservative believes in strong family values because it is in the strength of good families and good upbringing that good citizens are born and bred. They are not bred by governments and government programs that tend to screw up or corrupt everything they touch. It does not take a Village to Raise a Child, it takes two loving parents. Said another way, I support no “ists” or “isms” for they were created to ruin this Nation and undermine every facet of it. One does not have to be a fringe environmentalist to want clean air, clean water, and healthy food. No one is born great and no one is born sleazy. In either direction, people rise to greatness or they sell out and join those down in the gutter. It is that matter of Free Will granted by God and where many fail the test of life.

It started off as communism but now it is communism hiding behind the mask of fascism. Most Americans do not know what that looks like or smells like. Far too many think it has something to do with the Holocaust and lots of Jews being slaughtered but that is only part of the story and not even the most important part of the story. Remember from the early part of this email, evil consuming evil. Nothing is as it seems. What we have now is evil creating evil so it can consume the innocent and totally dominate in all things. A true conservative does not believe it is the role of government to legislate morality. It is abundantly clear that two out of every three Americans consider themselves conservative regardless of what party they vote in and morality comes from good upbringing, good families, good moral foundations and teachings that make civilization more workable and beneficial for all. Most Americans are moral people, being led by amoral people. That is why DNC is losing the ideological battle once their pet communists decided it was more powerful and profitable to be RNC Neocon fascists. The lever was as simple as coming to understand the true demographics of America and DNC lost. 100 years of a clear and consistent message – America is Conservative. They still do not get it.

A true conservative does not think it is the government’s right to legislate abortion, gay rights, and other “ists” and “isms” because government is not good at legislating or administering anything. It is sort of difficult for amoral bitches and bastards to legislate morality for the rest of us when they have little to no morality in their heart or soul.

The former Czech leader Vaclav Havel wrote:

“In this state of things, it is the duty of politicians to bring back to life this potential, timid and lethargic, to show it a way, to clear a passage for it, to render it assurance, a chance to come forth -- in brief, hope. It is said that a people gets the politicians it deserves. This is true up to a point: politicians are in effect the mirror of society, and a sort of incarnation of its potential. Paradoxically, the opposite is also true: society mirrors its politicians, because it is largely up to the politicians to determine which forces are liberated, which are held in check, to choose what they depend on, whether on the best or the worst in each citizen.” How exactly are those that flunk the Free Will test supposed to govern those that wish to intentionally disrupt the meaning of Free Will? How are those same amoral people supposed to lead the moral? There is hopelessness everywhere, not hope born of good governance. Just look at the polls for they tell of failure in leadership.

Far too many Americans not only take freedom for granted, they go way out of their way to try and invent freedoms that do not even exist. The Bible is the best moral code ever written and no government has ever come close to legislating what that one book has accomplished. I personally do not support gay rights or abortion, but I also clearly recognize that my rights end where another person’s rights begin. The question remains – is it a valid entitlement or right or merely an “ist” or “ism” for political empowerment? In short, I mind my own business and governments should learn to excel in that rather that what they do that is intrusive into every facet of a person’s life.

Government should strive to rise to the challenge, but that is in a perfect world when our government excels in an imperfect world. In our current predicament government has no reason to rise and meet its own challenge for that would require looking too hard into the mirror. That would be like staring into the abyss and realizing that one is not looking in, one is in the abyss. The government is intrusive and nosy because it is that information database that allows them to consolidate power even more while the Sheeple shop, and graze, and party, and do anything and everything but pay attention. Vaclav Havel was right when he pointed out that a people get the politicians it deserves. I would add, a people get the politicians they demand but most Americans are too distracted to look into that mirror too and clearly see the problem. The only way for the amoral to become the leaders of the moral is when the latter stood by and let evil triumph.

It is all about commerce and insiders have taken over the reigns of our government and perverted the American Dream into something that is no longer worth having unless one is part of that elite inner circle. In a way, it is the mirror image that Soviet style communism was; power and wealth for the elite few; hardship and hopelessness for all others but do it as a sell-able fascism all wrapped up as American Patriotism. The Republicans did not dream up that goofy shit, the communists did and then learned the hard way that they cannot sell that garbage in America. To sell their crap, they had to come up with a way to make it appear to be conservative, family values, lower taxes, opportunity for all and be the party of inclusion that DNC tried to be and failed. Who created all of the “ists” and “isms” that have been used to fracture this great Nation? To a great extent, Zionist Jewish Communists. More Zionist than Orthodox Jews had embraced communism and embedded themselves squarely into the Democratic National Committee as part of an agenda to fracture, break up and take control of America. Most Orthodox Jews are 100% American and are not part of the problem. For many years they tried to push a Pro-Israel, Pro-Eretz Israel policy inside of the DNC and the anti-war factions blocked them most of the time. If you look at what the Zionists demand, Eretz Israel, one can clearly see why the communists and Zionists wanted the DNC to be the War Party because Zionists aims are assured of starting a massive war.

You are watching Act I of that right now in the Middle East, but it can be stopped dead in its tracks easier than most suspect. Ever since the oil crisis of 1973, certain of these factions have pushed hard to get the DNC to do what George W. Bush did regarding Iraq and now Lebanon. The DNC just could not seem to come up with a Pro-War Kolhoznik and be the war party.

After many years of watching the DNC block their ambitions, the Communist Zionist and their non-Jewish American disenfranchised and embittered outcasts decided that maybe they would have better luck getting their War Party and consolidation of power done over at RNC if they could figure out how to accomplish that.

I will end Part 1 here and stay tuned for Part II . It all started in 1988 with the election of George H W Bush in that squeaker election and accelerated downward since that time. Stay tuned - the next email update as Part 2 might make you either ill or finally mad enough to do something about it.

Best regards,