GOP Insider Karl Schwarz:
The Republican National Comittee
SOLD OUT Conservative Values Part II

Greetings to all Email Update Members,
Yes, I intentionally ended Part 1

like a mini-series to keep you hanging in suspense and anticipation.  When you read this Part 2, you will understand.
Ever since the Danner lies regarding the alleged Global Hawk at the Pentagon have been shown to be a lie (Danner admitted he lied), Eric Hufschmid, Daryl Bradford Smith and Christopher Bollyn have been doing their own version of the Two-Step.  Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith are claiming that American Free Press is controlled by Zionist Criminals and Christopher Bollyn that writes for AFP will not defend AFP or dispute what the two faux 9-11 investigators are saying. 
They are passing the hot potato and one or more them of will get stuck with it before this is all said and done.
To their credit, Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani of WingTV did get the police to talk about the arrest of Christopher Bollyn and it seems the police do not have the same recollection of the events as Christopher Bollyn wrote.
Remember, Bollyn called me from Hufschmid’s house just before this idiot Hufschmid theory was put forth as the Vast Zionist Criminal Network that Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith discovered and it will be easier to understand why Bollyn did not defend AFP.
They are all Liberals that want you to think they have the answers and DNC is the savior of America come this November 2006.  That too is a lie, so do not fall for it.
It was an A3 Skywarrior (information put out by Jon Carlson and I) and this bogus Danner story was used to attack me and others on the accurate facts surrounding 9-11.  What do I do that they dislike so much?  I clearly point out that DNC is part of the problem, not part of the solution.
See the August 24 and 25 Michael Collins Piper show on  John Stadtmiller and I have decided it is time to address this goofy crap and put it down like the sick dog that it is.  I will let the email update list know when that show is to air as Stadtmiller and I are both traveling.
There is an AFP conference in DC through the Labor Day weekend and Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn are not going to attend.  The spotlight on the known lies and possible lies is pretty intense and they choose to not show up.  If any of you remember when I confronted Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani on January 6 regarding what they were printing about me, things changed by dealing with it.  We have not had a spat since and they have been on this email update list for a long time.
Here is where I stand.  Until someone explains why Mrs. Bollyn’s eyewitness account of the arrest (her email) does not jive with what Christopher Bollyn wrote, it is my opinion that Bollyn lied or at least exaggerated grossly in what he wrote regarding his arrest.  His wife was right there and the email she sent out did not say anything about what she supposedly was an eyewitness to and purportedly occurred right in front of her.
I put the challenge on the table that both Bollyn and Daryl Bradford Smith to put their alleged arrest records on the record and as of yet they have not done so.  They just keep telling lies about me and others.
Shifting gears to real news, economists are predicting a very deep, very nasty recession in the United States.  I have been saying that for the past three years.  It is my personal opinion that it hit several years ago and like Hurricane Katrina the Bush Administration is just now waking up to the reality of the matter.  They have been fudging the numbers and falsifying economic performance for years.  The Bush Family excels in bogus wars and pathetic economic performance.  Just remember back to 1988-1992 and the other Bush Administration.
Sales of existing homes are way down and the wind is out of the sails for new housing construction.  Both are signs of a major storm approaching.  When you add in Bush policies and record deficits, record National Debt that has gutted the value of the US dollar, it is something wicked this way comes.
We are about to have that banquet of consequences and it will not be fun. 
News reports in Europe are showing that exports from here to the US are down because Americans have shopped until they dropped and are not buying as much as they were.  Our consumer-based consumption economy affects things way beyond our shores and some times it pays to listen to the news in other nations, not just the Official DC Mouthpieces who cannot seem to utter the truth.
All of these facts contradict and expose the lies Bush puts forth about how rosy and hunky-dory the US economy is performing.  His MBA is worthless, as are all purchased degrees.
Now, bear in mind as you read the following I was there. 
Even with 2 of every 3 Americans being Conservative, the RNC was having problems mounting effective Presidential, Senate and House campaigns.  Remember, the Liberals controlled both houses of Congress for most of the past 40 years until that was broken up in 1994 when Clinton lost the House and the Senate in a single night.  It was during that 40 years that many true communists had quietly wedged their way into power in DC and what we have seen is a blur that gets blurrier with each passing year.
However, that single night in 1994 was the culmination of years of planning and learning to use DNC strategy back against them by none other than the DNC Communist Zionists that left, put on a new mask and called their ilk RNC Neoconservatives.
They defected in part because DNC would not be the War Party for pro-Israel objectives like Bush has done.
That makeover by the Zionist communists was the equivalent of the head of KGB defecting to the US and suddenly RNC knew every dirty trick that the DNC had been up to that kept them in power for 40 years in the House and Senate.
It is comical to watch the Progressives and Liberals bitch and whine about stolen elections when it was the DNC that perfected that form of electoral art.  Pay backs are Hell, always have been.
The question is – does America want to be a sane, conservative nation or a communist state?  That was the battle line until DNC suffered a major blow and a major defection.
Those 2 out of every 3 conservatives have spoken over and over again and still DNC tries to come up with ways to lie and get their power back.  They even have entire teams in the 9-11 Truth movement trying to pin it all on Bush and not any of the complicity on the Democrats.  That too is a lie because if indictments were to be handed down as a result of a real 9-11 Commission investigation it would name as many Democrats as Republicans.  The house cleaning would be nothing short of a Chinese Purge that even the Chinese would be proud to call theirs.
I have said this many times publicly and privately:  nothing that Bush and Congress have done, with many Democrats playing right along, cannot be undone except the many lives that have been ended or ruined because of their deceit.  That blood is on their hands and it will not wash off. 
There was no way in 1994 to predict that there would be such a concerted push for theocracy and fascism on parallel tracks.  Even Newt Gingrich in his wildest Neocon fantasy could not have predicted that shift in 1994.
The only problem right now is the pendulum has swung too far to the right and it was the Zionists Communists that defected from DNC that helped to make that happen.  They could not just walk in the door and keep pushing their communism agenda.
Why?  There is big money to be made in chaos and many of the former Zionists Communists have decided that being in power and being rich was far more fun than trying to push America into the communism pit.  America was not cooperating at all and they finally figured that out.  Fascism works just fine for them now, just as it did in Germany until they got run out of town.
RNC knew that if they were going to stop the DNC from turning America into a socialist state, they had to figure out a way to get the Jewish-lock vote away from DNC and they had to figure out how to get the Middle and Upper Class Blacks and many Conservative Southern Democrats to cross over.  I am but one of millions of Southern Conservative Democrats that went Republican once I figured out that DNC does not stand for true American values.
The DNC message no longer sells in America for it was foreign and alien in origin to begin with many years ago.
When Ronald Reagan was elected in that 1980 landslide victory, there were 22 entrenched Southern Liberal Senators.  By the time Clinton showed his true colors there were two.  The Conservative Democratic South had swung to the Right and went Republican.  That is when the Red State – Blue State phenomenon really set in and it pretty much set in as concrete shoes for the DNC.
It seems to me that most Americans do not know that the largest newspaper in Arkansas at the time did not endorse Clinton for President of the United States.  Editorial writer Paul Greenberg said it best as to why Clinton should not be elected:
"He has mastered the art of equivocation.  There is something almost inhuman in his smoother responses that sends a shiver up the spine.  It is not the compromises he has made that trouble so much as the unavoidable suspicion that he has no principles to compromise." -- Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Oct. 28, 1992
That editorial appeared just before the election in 1992.  I often think what might have happened if every American had heard that warning before they voted in 1992.
Another Arkansas author wrote a piece about Clinton-style politics and how dangerous political lies are to the future of this nation:
"It is not a pleasant thought, or one that's often discussed, but lies are at base coercive.  Deceit is a form of control.  More than a few philosophers have compared the coercive force of lies to the power of violence.  So even if they are common, they are not as benign as people pretend.  Lies undermine the value of information, each one leaving us less able to trust the truthfulness of what we hear -- or read, as the case may be.  Lies are more subtle than guns, but as threats to personal freedom, they should be regarded as no less dangerous." Mara Leveritt in the Arkansas Times
The day after Clinton announced at the Old Statehouse in Little Rock, AR, editorial writer Meredith Oakley wrote what might be the most on-target piece ever written about Slick Willie:
Meredith Oakley - Oct. 4 1991 - His word is dirt: Basking in Clinton's false and empty light
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette | October 4, 1991 | Meredith Oakley
She was just telling it like it is in Clinton-Land.  Many do not realize that the Clintons were not welcome back in Arkansas after his 8 years of mucking up America and even Arkansas.
Some of these same people were watching me and wondering if I was going to take Clinton on.  They also wondered why I focused on National GOP issues and not the Arkansas Republican Party.  To me, saving Arkansas would not save a nation.
The Silver Bullet that RNC came up with was the Contract with America, which I thought was a good idea at the time until I learned what its true objectives were.  Had I known in 1993-1994 what I knew for fact in 1996, I would have never helped RNC take control of the House and Senate in 1994.
Most Americans think, due to limited knowledge of what is really going on, that the PNAC, Perle’s Clean Break and all of this talk about Rebuilding America’s Defenses came solely from the True Conservative Right in America.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Those documents are the product of Far Right war hawks and Zionist Communists that remade themselves into RNC Neocons in the real CLEAN BREAK from the DNC.  They had teamed up with the Far Right anti-communist who had always been the warmongering part of the Far Right, albeit a small minority, but this new dimension was not anticipated.  Suddenly we had a gaggle of Zionist Communist who decided to don a new outfit and pretend they were hard liner anti-communist too by assuming the costume of fascists.
The night Frank White lost the governor’s office back to Clinton in 1982 I was approached by members of the Arkansas Republican Party and RNC Finance and asked to run against Clinton in 1984.  That was back in Arkansas’ Stone Age when the governor candidates spent a year running, 3 months arguing or cajoling the State Legislature and then 6 to 9 months raising money and another year running for re-election. 
I thought about it and declined for four reasons, simply put:
1.     My now ex-wife was not well and heading in that direction was not advisable or even fair to her; and
2.     As a Christian I was not willing to tell any lie to beat Slick Willie; and
3.     I could not see any easy way to nail him with the truth and make it stick on Teflon Bill; and
4.     I came to the conclusion in 1983 that I did not have political ambitions to be Governor of Arkansas as a Republican in a Democrat dominated state.  It looked like a negative addition to my resume and I was making far more money then than the Arkansas governor at $35,000 a year.
However, I did learn a lot about how to attack and defeat Clinton using only the truth as the Silver Bullet.  He is not as slick nor is he as Teflon as most think.  It is all in how one hems him in with the Truth.  It is easy to make Slick Willie equivocate.  The secret is in knowing when and how to throw the punch to knock his lights out.
I was asked to run again in 1986 and declined without even thinking about it.  I had my hands full of something else that I did not ask for and it had to be resolved.
I was heavily involved in the Savings and Loan workouts in Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana from 1985 to 1989.  I did not want to be but my design-build-development company was suddenly sucked into that debacle when S&Ls collapsed, the FSLIC regulators took over the institutions, and shut down all loans, including those that were performing and doing just fine.  During the early to mid-1980s, my company teamed up Wall Street firms and pension fund managers to do cash-on-cash investment for single tenant facilities mostly leased to major companies like Allstate, St. Paul, and other companies that were still growing and needing regional service centers.  None of those construction loans were in default and the take out was cash, but the loans became entangled in the quagmire of federal bureaucracy.
That S&L experience led to me being invited to move to Reston, VA and doing commercial real estate workouts in that part of the nation when the tsunami hit there in 1989-1992.  The first major S&L to collapse was FirstSouth in Little Rock, AR in 1984 and it took five grueling years for the bad news to hit Washington, DC only due to two reasons.  The bloat of the growth of the government that artificially supports Fantasy Land in that part of the US and the George H W Bush Administration, which proved in 4 years to be just as bad as the almost 6 years we have had to tolerate his Kolhoznik son.
It did not take long before my work in bank and thrift workouts was drawing the attention of the RNC and several Wall Street firms that saw opportunity in disaster.  Remember, the Bush Family and the S&L crisis were joined at the hip as well as these bogus wars and pathetic domestic economic policies.
One of those folks over at RNC was the same person that wanted me to run against Clinton, not once but twice.  As old as he was in 1982, I figured he had long since retired or gone to Conservative Heaven.  In 1989 he turned 89 and stayed with RNC as Treasurer until after his 96th birthday.  His name was William J. McManus and was one of the true legends in American Conservative politics. 
First I was asked to come up with a way to rejuvenate the failing GHWB administration and what appeared to be a total domestic policy calamity.  It was and it still is, stay the course and most Americans be damned.  “I am the Decider” is just a euphemism for stay the course.  I was on the telephone almost every day with a White House person that was the senior aide to Rob Porter, the Domestic Policy Advisor to GHWB.  I can tell you this – GHWB was clueless because so was his Domestic Policy Advisor.  Just like his son, they appoint just about the biggest dumb-asses they can find that will be compliant to the Bush version of America and indifferent to reality.  I earned a unique viewpoint and understanding as to why the Bush family has not a clue what an average American is or what real economic growth looks like.
That proved to be a complete waste of my time and Daddy Bush got sent home by America in favor of a Socialist Communist all wrapped up as an honorable Moderate DLC Democrat.  That was all packaging and slick marketing folks, from start to finish.  Many Americans remember how hard things were in the post-Desert Storm era and America was suffering in very real terms.  That was while Daddy Bush could only come up with one idiot platitude after another.  While the Clinton folks came up with “It’s the economy, stupid” I was saying “it’s the recession reality, stupid.”  Either way, it was dead in the water and the earlier Bush White House was dead from the neck up and headed into certain defeat.
Clinton had not any sooner won the 1992 election, than I received a telephone call from a senior aide at RNC.
I was asked to come to the F Street Club in Washington, DC to have lunch with Mr. Mac and discuss a matter of great importance to the GOP and America. 
How could I turn down an offer from such a fine man and a true conservative on top of that?
He asked many questions about the Strategic Plan I came up with to take Clinton on and beat him.  It would have worked even in the Banana Republic my home state has been since Reconstruction.
He told me about this new idea Haley Barbour and Newt Gingrich had come up with and they were doing the leg work, research and related matters inside the new National Policy Forum.  They had to shut that down because Haley Barbour financed it illegally, which should have been my first clue that something did not smell right.  There was something big going on behind the scenes and they did not want the DNC to get wind of it.
The embryo plan that became the Contract with America started off in life being hatched in an illegally funded RNC operation.  Go figure!  I have since figured out they were just practicing for the sleaze that was yet to come and has now arrived like a bad nightmare.  The one political party in America where rule of law meant something sold us all out.
The National Policy Forum was never about policy, it was about strategy as to how to break the DNC and neutralize its effectiveness in misleading America.  So, one group of liars figured out how to one-up the other group and they are still doing it quite effectively. 
What they were trying to come up with was a simple, concise, easy to comprehend plan that any American could grasp.  In doing so, they hoped to wrest the Jewish vote away from DNC and the Middle and Upper Class Black vote too.  If lucky, they might even come up with a groundswell of DNC crossovers from the still Conservative Southern Democrats.  It was just a plan, at least what was presented to me.
Would I take a serious look at my Arkansas Strategic Plan and see if it could be implemented as a National Strategic Plan to Take Back America from Clinton and the DNC communists?
Yes, I said.  I will see what ideas I can come up with and prepared both a plan and a national strategic map as to where to implement it to knock the knees out from under Clinton.  I also provided the information as to how to implement it.  At this point in history, the Neocons of the DNC had not jumped ship and come to the RNC but that was going on behind the scenes while I focused on a plan to put Clinton in his place.
I have a gift and it is not anything you can go to college and learn.  It is called strategic planning and requires the ability to take 10,000 pages of data to a two-page action plan that is workable.  One is either born with it or not and I can tell you that it is both a blessing and a curse.  Some times seeing into the future accurately is not as fun as one might think.
Little did I know that behind the scenes two major things were going on and even Mr. Mac had not been informed of the details.  Haley Barbour and Newt Gingrich, along with other well known Republican Senate and House members, were discussing a major deal so the DNC communists could defect and come to the RNC as part of the Neocon movement that Newt was trying to start.  The second part of their strategy was to present the Contract with America as a lie and mislead Americans on the true nature of the tax cuts they were using as the carrot.  They knew that the 2 of every 3 voter dynamic favored the GOP style better than DNC but every election GOP just could not get it right and get the job done.
They wanted to change that for losing so many elections with the voter dynamics in their favor was becoming rather embarrassing.
Just wrap it all up as more money in the pockets of Americans, family values and national security and most Americans would fall for it.  Daddy Bush showed them the way in Desert Storm to create a non-existing problem and seize on the opportunity.  They did not bother to tell anyone outside of RNC that all of those fiscal conservatives were going to be pushing a lie and the National Debt was about to soar as part of a larger strategy to weaken the dollar to facilitate exports by US multinational corporations.  Free Trade they call it but it has a tremendous negative downside for all Americans are now worth less to facilitate the greed of a few.
The shocking and astounding results of the 1994 election avalanche made it very easy to convince the DNC Zionist Communists that they were on the wrong side of the aisle and they would not ever be getting their desired War Party going over there.  The message was simple – Communism is not sell-able in America, Neoconservative is.
They pulled in as RNC Finance Chairman a wealthy man from NYC named John Moran of Dyson Kissner Moran.
As best I could tell, he was pulled in because he could reach into the Zionist Jewish Communist community to recruit them and did recruit one out of NYC that was suddenly donating up to $10 million annually to the RNC.  This was the crack in the DNC dam that was exploited into a total failure of the dam.
The RNC Finance people then started wooing some of the extremely wealthy Orthodox Jews and Zionist Jews while at the same time wooing big corporations and the Far Right Christians, which are a considerable voting influence in America.  I thought there was just one carrot, the tax cut proposals of the Contract with America but there were two carrots.  They were also offering that the RNC would gladly give a home to the DNC Zionists Communists and let them be part of Newt’s Neocon Revolution.  RNC would let them have the War Party they had coveted ever since they joined DNC.  They could be communists pretending to be anti-communists, pretending to be fascist and pursue all sorts of idiotic war plans because that would be good for the US economy.
Clinton would not do it; Gore would not do it, so consider 2000 again as to why the majority wanted Bush in place to put the idiot ideas into play with an idiot at the helm.  You might even get a better understanding from reading Part 1 and Part 2 as to why the 9-11 Commission was hand picked to cover up this sleaze.
That was the key buzzword, REVOLUTION for those Zionist Communists still have perpetual revolution on the brain.
I knew something was up, and so did Mr. Mac, when the Strategic Plan I devised and even met with John Moran on several occasions came out with Scott Reed’s name on it.  He was Executive Assistant to Haley Barbour and both Mr. Mac and I knew that they would only do such a thing if something was amiss and going on that they did not want us to know about.  For those of you that do not know, Scott Reed was Dole’s campaign manager in 1996 during that fiasco.  I am not sure that he has ever done anything all on his own to warrant having his name on it.
I was more concerned about results than credit but having someone put their name on it that did not contribute to it was questionable to me and others.
I was invited to and attended many RNC events and was watching something that did not make sense to me.  I would see the real Big Wigs show up in their limousines, donate massive amounts of money to the RNC and then get into their limousines and head right over to DNC to cut a deal over there with them.  To say the ideological lines were blurred is an understatement.
Newt launched his Contract with America in time for the 1994 elections and the plan I came up with was implemented in many areas where sheer weakness of the GHWB economy was still lingering and smarting.  Clinton had made so many promises to get elected that he was not getting it done in much of America and his “It’s the Economy, Stupid! motto came back to bite him in the ass just as it should.  There were many places the recession was still being felt in big ways and Americans remember financial hardship better than anything else it seems. 
On election night 1994, my wife and I were sitting at Mr. Mac’s table in the RNC Finance room watching the results come in.  It was growing more apparent by the hour that Clinton was doomed and he was going to lose both the House and Senate that night.  He did and I felt a sense of satisfaction, until I found out what was really going on behind the scenes.
John Moran was making the rounds and pressing the wealthy flesh.  He did not know I was there with my wife and to this day I wish I had a camcorder that night to record the shock on his face when he introduced himself to my wife.  She was by far the most beautiful woman in the room that night.  He then started looking around for me with a panicked look on his face.  I could tell by the look in his eyes that he knew that I knew he was part of the sell out of RNC to the Zionist Communist of the DNC. 
There were other rooms at that hotel and nearby.  I learned several days later that the Zionist Communists, those defectors from DNC, were in those rooms and RNC did not want the powerful elite of RNC Finance commingling with the newly bagged defectors from DNC.  They probably still sounded more DNC Communists than RNC Conservatives being so new to the RNC power structure.  It was sort of like a Super Bowl party where certain groups were assembled to watch the future being changed right in front of their eyes.
I was watching two things that night, my plan in action and also watching precincts come in against Clinton in such a fashion that there could only be one answer.  The RNC had cut a deal with the Devil so they could win more elections.
What they did not foresee was to what extent true conservatives were being pushed aside, pushed out and run over by these new RNC Neocons that are pure communists hiding behind another mask.  This Pro-Israel, Pro-Zionist, Pro-Corporatization of our government all have roots in communism, not conservative political ideology. 
There were only 156 people allowed into that RNC Finance room and who was there was notable.  Two former admirals and their wives were seated at the table I was at as was a very pleasant multi-billionaire woman that my wife and I agreed to never identify to anyone.  One would never know in meeting her the vast wealth she had inherited and she was a personal friend of Mr. Mac.  No one at that table knew about the deal that Haley Barbour and Newt Gingrich had cut with the DNC Communists that wanted to be known as RNC Neocons too.  We also did not know that Dick Armey, Newt Gingrich and others were going to plow through tax cuts that were merely smoke and mirrors and the National Debt was about to escalate.  That is what initially opened my eyes as to the fraud that the Contract with America was, but it was far worse than that.
From everything I was able to glean, John Moran was named RNC Finance chairman to broker that deal.  Evidently Newt did not want to dirty his hands by negotiating with Zionist Communists that wanted to go drag as Neocon fascists.  You will see something in Part 3 that might open your eyes.
The Contract with America was actually a Contract on America and the steps to push this nation towards corporatization of our government, fascism, and even allowing the DNC Zionist Communists into the RNC to help accomplish that.  That they intended to dress up the DNC defectors as RNC Neocons was part of the plan.  They intended to wrap it all up in patriotism, the flag, family values, tax cuts while not admitting to anyone that they had cut a deal with the Zionist Communist on letting them into power and giving them their War Party because that would be good for the military-industrial complex job creation.  Besides, it would give RNC the political edge in virtually every election.
Two diametrically opposed factions joined hands for the purpose of power and control.  This Global War on Terror would have never happened but for this behind the scenes deal.  This lunatic war policy of Bush would have never happened but for this idiotic deal to win more elections. 
Since National Debt is linked to strength or weakness of the dollar, it was my position that tax cuts in the wake of events and policies that made every American worth less was a cruel hoax and not indicative of true conservative values.  I was also aware of how OMB [Office of Management and Budget] and GAO [General Accounting Office] were being directed to fudge the numbers, move the baselines, and lie to America.  I could see a future where globalization and Free Trade to the detriment of America was coming.
The true RNC goal was to bury the DNC even if that meant getting into bed with the Devil.  They did, and they did.
I do not know how old most of the people are on this list, so if you are old enough to remember clearly some of the things I have or am going to share it will help you to piece this all together into a coherent understanding to what has happened to our great nation.  The vast majority of Americans have been suckered into a nightmare.
Most Americans are confused about why our political parties are as screwed up as they are so in this three part series I am going to share with you what I know and some of it is personally know because I was there.  Many seem to miss the point that my office was in Washington, DC from Aug 1989 to June 1996.  I lived in Reston, VA for over two and a half years and even when my former wife and I moved back to Arkansas the office was still in DC and I was spending up to 6 and 7 months a year there.  My means of commuting to work was not a limousine or car, it was a commercial jet and I logged more miles than I care to remember. 
During the GHWB administration he sold out all of America with his proposed bankruptcy reform bill that removed shareholders in companies as a party in interest.  He could not get that passed with the Democratic controlled House and Senate, but Clinton got it passed in 1994 just before the shift in power came.
The DNC figured out real quick that they had to play along to ever get the confidence of Americans back again, as in “con game” and fooling Americans again.
They (RNC and DNC) were able to find good reasons in letting the Wealthy Elite steal through the capital markets, put you and me in the poor house, and pay homage to the sell-outs in DC with lavish campaign donations.  If you know what to look for, you can track the biggest sell-outs by watching their campaign donations from both sides. 
That is exactly what GHWB intended to do for his Wealthy Elite buddies and exactly why George W. Bush has not pursued prosecution on some of the most egregious corporate frauds ever devised.  The prosecutions would name their friends and Clinton’s too.  Who were behind those corporate frauds and the plans to lure money from investors and then shove them aside were both Clinton/DNC backers and Bush/RNC backers.  There is big money to be made in governmentally aided and abetted theft from you and right out of your pocket and your family nest egg.
Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey and a long list of other Republican Neocons and the newly minted RNC Neocons that came over as DNC communists to dress up as fascists were behind that bankruptcy bill.  There was Big Money to be made from plundering the American Sheeple by legalizing grand theft through the capital markets.  They even helped ramrod through the changes Clinton wanted in two other areas of the Rule of Law.
What was the importance in that change in bankruptcy law?  It then led to one corporate and fraud after another and about $1 trillion was literally stolen from American and foreign investors in schemes designed to do the false valuations, the ladder up schemes, the IPO based on bogus valuation, fluff it up, get more money and then yank the rug, put the company into bankruptcy and walk away scot-free with the company assets and the shareholders get $0.
Additionally, Clinton snuck through a change in SEC reporting procedures whereby a corporate body could make any claim, regardless of how ludicrous, false or intentionally misleading, and if they put the Disclaimer Statement at the end of the fluff piece there was no harm, no foul and the Board of Directors and management would be held harmless.  The only recourse was to sue the insurance company that issued the Directors and Officers insurance policy and many years later the investors might get back 2 to 5 cents on every dollar that was stolen from them.  I know hundreds of thousands of Americans who have had that very thing happen to them.  Plowed under, lost homes, businesses, families and college plans completely shattered, health etc due to suddenly getting knocked flat on their back and it was the RNC and DNC collaborators that did it – for their Wealthy Masters.
When you track how much the D&O insurers were making on the stocks and debt bonds of the companies they were underwriting as part of this colossal scam – that 2 to 5 cents on the dollar was a petty forfeiture on their part that was written off as a cost of doing business after having made tens of billions in profits from securities trading and about that much in premiums for the D&O insurance policies.
They also, jointly I might add as Democrats and Republicans, changed the RICO act so that it specifically could not be used to prosecute such willful stock fraud and theft from people like you and me.  That way, the shareholders could not punish theft to the tune of hundreds of billions with treble damages and disgorgement of what had been stolen from them as the equity holders of the company stock.  Many Americans only know they got hurt financially, they fail to grasp that they were robbed by intent and aided and abetted by the very government that pretends to protect us.  Both the RNC and DNC have been running interference for the thieves and getting ever larger campaign donations to keep quiet about it.
To make matters even worse, behind the scenes the former DNC Communists, now dressed up as RNC War Hawk Neocons, were crafting many things they wanted to help solidify power over at their new RNC home.  PNAC was formed (the P-knuckleheads as I call them) and the Zionist Communist named Richard Perle started lobbying for the Clean Break and collaborating with other RNC Neocons for the Rebuilding of America’s Defenses.  They tried hard to get Clinton to attack Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc.  Sound familiar?
They all had a War Plan to launch and had come up with the perfect, bogus, nebulous boogeyman, Global Terror.  Vast and incredible fortunes were just waiting to be made in defense, homeland security, securities and banking, oil and anything energy related.  They had all of those landlocked oil and gas fortunes over in the Caspian Basin that they could not get at due to the lack of a pipeline across Afghanistan.  All they needed was a Pearl Harbor so the Sheeple would be angry enough to let George W. Bush defend America and they could go back to grazing or shopping.
Behind the scenes, many of the Zionist Communists were collaborating with Clinton on other sneaky little changes in US law, like the Patriot Act.  That darling little knife into the heart of the US Constitution was crafted by Zionist Communists all dressed up as RNC War Hawk Neocons for the most part or the stay-behinds that were still in the Clinton Administration but would jump ship when they got their War Party into full party mode.  Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen and Jamie Gorelick were some of the stay-behinds to help with the deception of America.  Presidential Decision Directive #39, or PDD 39, is the embryo of the Patriot Act.  No, Bush and Ashcroft did not come up with that in 11 days following 9-11.  It was ready to go and had been on the back burner for years, at least since 1997.
It is a Zionist Communist plan to undermine the US Constitution and our freedoms.  At some point the Far Right Fascists thought it was a pretty good idea too.
Always one to try to figure out which way the parade was going so he could cut across country and pretend to lead it to glory, Clinton started the destabilization of the Caspian Basin so Bridas Corporation would not walk off with that pot of gold they found in oil and natural gas.  With so much oil and gas at stake, over $14 trillion at current prices, both sides of the aisle were busy making reservations for that Predator’s Ball.  Remember, the Bridas Corporation lawsuit started in 1996 in Texas during the Clinton Administration, not during the current Bush Administration.  They have all collectively covered up what they were after, and what it took to launch this idiotic global energy takeover.  That something was 9-11.
Under Clinton – Gore the CIA renditions started, that is now a known fact.  Those anti-war folks over at DNC are still perplexed as to how that happened but not me.  It took years to set the stage for 9-11 and it took years to undermine governments on both ends of the pipeline (Turkmenistan in the north, Pakistan to the south) and 9-11 was going to provide the reason to go take it over. 
Many in the DNC and Democratic voters in general have still not figured out that with the Clintons it is all about their resume, not all of the pet “ists” and “isms” of the DNC.
After President Reagan got embroiled in the Iran Contra mess, and it being run through Arkansas and money laundered through ADFA, an Arkansas bond authority having some unique nationwide authority, Clinton had the goods on the Bush Family and their role in Iran Contra, drug smuggling, arm’s dealing etc.  He was Teflon Man to them because he could do far more damage to them than they could to him.
It was during this same period of time that Hillary Clinton, as the Chairperson of the Legal Services Corporation or LSC, misappropriated over $350 million in taxpayer funds for political activism knowing that Reagan could not do a damned thing about it lest the Clintons spill the beans on Iran Contra and Arkansas.  There was actually an investigation on that matter and no action taken.  Do the math, folks.  That same political activism involved “ists” and “isms” and Janet Reno, Donna Shalala, Robert Reich, etc.  Can you connect dots?
Do you remember the contempt Clinton showed for GHWB in the debates in 1992?  He was baiting Bush into trying to defend himself and Clinton was prepared to nuke him on Iran Contra and the drugs, arms and money laundering flowing through Arkansas.
Much of that was being routed through the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) and Mena, AR.  That is old news and will not belabor it here except to point out that this was how Clinton got his hands on information so he could literally extort his way into the White House in the 1992 elections.  I had my name withdrawn as a possible nominee as President of ADFA when I found out what was going on inside.  That was in 1983.
The end effect of what Clinton did, what GHWB laid the groundwork for but could not get passed, and what Newt Gingrich and his new RNC Neocon Communist buddies from over at DNC did was to sell out the Federal Government to big special interests, Wealthy Elite and major corporations.
There is an unspoken quid pro quo that is operative in DC and it goes something like this.  One can steal all they want under the new legalization of grand theft laws, just as long as a reasonable share is given back to DNC and RNC as massive political donations.  Happy thieving, ya’ll come again now, ya hear?
If you are wondering why it is FUBAR in DC, I am telling you what I know.  It is also why the RNC avoids me like the plague and DNC attacks me at every turn.
To say that the RNC went overboard and is now FUBAR is putting it mildly.  When Mr. Mac was there, no gays were running around with the reigns of RNC but they are now.  No communists were welcome but they are now if they dress up and play big as RNC War Hawk Neocons.
No Jewish Zionists were welcome until the RNC power brokers saw a way to get the DNC Communists to defect and re-dress as RNC Neocons.  That was what broke the back of DNC and their lock on Congress.  They cannot even make an offer to let the Neocons come back and give them their war party, because they would have to take off the Conservative Neocon mask and put the communist mask back on and America would say no way.
The RNC was never in favor of a Pro-Israel foreign policy but they are now that they sold out.
The GOP was not a rubber stamp for Israeli policy until the Newt Gingrich Republican Revolution attracted the Revolutionary Zionist Communists out of the DNC and they were welcomed with open arms by those inside RNC that sold out conservative values merely for votes and consolidation of power.
They were not welcomed with open arms by many such as myself, Pat Buchanan, Mr. McManus and others, but within the RNC power structure where votes count and winning elections is their business, they sold out the very fabric of conservative values and remade the RNC into something that embraces both the Zionist Communists and pure fascism to conceal that fact.
The RNC morphed into being Pro-Israel, Pro-War, Pro-Zionist Christian, Pro-Zionist Communist repackaged as Neocons, Pro-Tax Cuts even when the economy was faltering and Pro-Big Government.
What happens to someone that dares to stand up to these people?
That is Part 3.
Many of you have seen your standard of living drop considerably over the past 5, 10 or 15 years.  I bet none of you dropped as far as my wife and I had to endure.  I am still not backing up even one inch and God help you if you do.
Best regards,