The Mossad Has Been Behind These Pipeline Bombings


Why Would Arabs Blow Their Own Pipelines?



The Pipelines Go To Turkey, Lebanon, and the Persian Gulf




This Is the New Pipeline Israel Wants




The Mossad Has Blown Every Pipeline, Except One

The Mossad has been busy blowing every pipeline, except the one that goes west, from Mosul to Israel. This has caused gas to go from $1.75 to $3.00 at the pumps, and Bush sees an Israeli pipeline as the answer.

Pipeline Must Go Through Syria

Today, there are six 24” lines going to the pumping stations at Haditha (major hydro-electric dam for power). They cross over the Euphrates, into Syria, and onto the refineries at Tripoli. The smart route, is to junction off this major line, and go through Syria, and onto Haifa, Israel. This is what ‘Operation Matador’ is all about.

Marines Have Secured Bases

The US has established three major bases at H1, H2, and H3. We will continue to have our troops die for Israel, we will pay for, and build the pipeline, and Israel will sell us the oil. Whoever controls Iraq and the fields (Zionists), will sell the oil to Yukos, and their Haifa refineries. When it’s all said and done, Israel will control 40% of the world’s oil, and we will probably be paying $5.00 a gallon for gas at the pumps.

All the phony ambushes, supposedly coming from Syria, have been Israeli false-flag provocations, to drive us into a Syrian occupation.







H-3 Has A Combat Regiment And An Air Wing

Camp Korean Village is located in a remote stretch of Iraq's western desert, close to the Syrian-Iraq border, and near the highway that connects Jordan with Baghdad. Ar-Rutbah is the closest town to Camp Korean Village, also dubbed "Camp KV". Camp Korean Village is believed to be located at one of the H-3 facilities. 1st Marine Division's Regimental Combat Team 7, which help the Iraqis run checkpoints along the Syrian and Jordanian borders and patrol western Iraq.

H-2 Is An Airbase

H-2 Airbase is located in Southern Iraq, approximately 350 kilometers west of Baghdad. The airfield is served by two runways 12,600 and 8,800 feet long. H-2 occupies a 41 square kilometer site, and is protected by a 26-kilometer security perimeter.

H-1 Is An Airbase

H-1 Airbase is located in Southern Iraq. The 2nd Air Defense Sector, also known as the Western Air Defense Sector, has a Strategic Operations Command (SOC) at H-3 Airfield, with Individual Operation Commands (IOC) at H-1 Airfield, H-3 Airfield, and Ar-Rutbah.

The US Army's 75th Ranger Regiment captured H1 airfield in a night-time parachute assault on March 25th, 2003.

H-1 US Army Base

H-2 US Army Base

H-3 US Army Base


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