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Muslims persecuting Christians again? Where does all of this hate come from?

"I was visiting my grandmother in the hospital. As I walked in, the rabbi was walking out. So I asked him

"Why can't we learn about Jesus if He's the Messiah or not?"

Suddenly, he spit on the floor, and said, "

"Don't you ever use that word again unless you use it as a curse word."

Jews Without Jesus by Brother Nathanael Kapner

Nathanael Kapner is Jewish convert to Orthodox Christianity. Israel Shamir is another Jewish convert to Orthodox hristianity. According to Shamir, Islam is a denomination of Christianity which venerates both Jesus and his mother as prophets. So where are these stories of Christian hating Muslims coming from? Shamir give us a hint.

Israel Shamir: Jewish Censorship Creates a Distorted View of Reality

"In plain prose, the Jews ransomed the Christians from the hands of the Persian soldiers for good money to slaughter them at Mamilla Pool, "and it ran with blood". Jews massacred between 60,000 and 90,000 Palestinian Christians in Jerusalem alone...

A few days later, the Persian military understood the magnitude of the massacre and stopped the Jews. To his credit, the Israeli archaeologist Ronny Reich does not try to shift the blame for the massacres onto the Persians, as it is usually done nowadays.

He admits that "the Persian Empire was not based on religious principles and was indeed inclined to religious tolerance". This good man is clearly unsuitable to write for the Washington Post.

That paper's correspondent in Israel would have had no trouble describing the massacre as "retaliatory strike by the Jews who suffered under Christian rule."

The holocaust of the Christian Palestinians in year 614 is well documented and you will find it described in older books. It has been censored out of modern guides and history books.

Elliott Horowitz described, in his brilliant expose of the Jewish apologia how almost all Jewish historians suppressed the facts and re-wrote history.

The cover-up continues even now. Recent Israeli publications attach the blame to the Persians, as they push the responsibility for Sabra and Shatila massacre onto the Lebanese Maronites. As a rule, Jewish historical and ideological writing is notoriously unreliable and apologetic, Horowitz shows.

The feeling of self-righteousness and perpetual victim-hood reinforced by a tendentious, distorted historical narrative is a source of mental disease, an obsession common to many modern Jews. This obsession intoxicates Jews and gives them unusual strength in promoting their own distorted narrative. In a way, this massive distortion of reality turns Jews into victorious berserks of ideological struggle.

Still, while being a successful strategy, it is a mental disease, a danger to the souls of Jews and to the lives of others.

The tragic events of 614 should be returned into historical narrative, for it will help the Jews to heal their paranoid delusion. Without this knowledge one cannot understand the provisions of the treaty between the Jerusalemites and Caliph Omar ibn Khattab, concluded in year 638.

In the Sulh al Quds, as this treaty of capitulation is called, Patriarch Sofronius demanded, and the powerful Arab ruler concurred to protect the people of Jerusalem from the ferocity of the Jews.

Though the biblical story of the Canaan conquest by Joshua is just a story, it influenced Jewish souls. The Sixth Century was a century of strong Jewish influence, and it had more than its fair share of genocide. Just a few years before 614, in 610, the Jews of Antioch massacred Christians...

The Patriarch Anastasius, an object of special hate, was shamefully abused by them, and his body dragged through the streets before he was put to death. For Graetz, as for IDF spokesmen, Jews always kill "in retaliation". This dogma was not invented by CNN and Sharon: it is deeply rooted in the Jewish psyche as the ultimate defence.

This historian (like other Jewish historians) did not care to mention that The Jews of Antioch disembowelled the great Patriarch Anastasius, forced him to eat his own intestines; they hurled his genitals into his face...

Censored history creates a distorted picture of reality. Recognition of the past is a necessary step on the way to sanity...

We Jews have so far failed to exorcise the haughty spirit of the Chosen-ness, and find ourselves in a dire predicament...

The Rabbis proclaimed the theological identification of Ishmael (the Arabs) with the Amalek. "Amalek" is mentioned in the Bible as the name of a tribe that caused trouble for the Children of Israel. In this story the God of Israel commands His people to exterminate the Amalek tribe completely, including its livestock.

King Saul botched the job: he exterminated them all right, but failed to kill nubile, unwed maidens. This "failure" cost him his crown. The obligation to exterminate the people of Amalek is still counted among the tenets of the Jewish faith.

Abba Kovner, hatched a plot in 1945 to poison the water-supply system of German cities and to kill "six million Germans". He obtained poison from a brother of the future President of Israel, Efraim Katzir.

Katzir supposedly thought Kovner intended to poison "only" a few thousands German POWs. The plan mercifully flopped when Kovner was stopped by British officials in a European port...

In plain English, the Rabbis" fatwa means: our religious duty is to kill all Arabs, including women and babies and their livestock to the last cat. The liberal Haaretz, whose editor and owner are sufficiently versed to understand the fatwa, did not hesitate to place the ad. In the last stage of the war in the Gulf, immense numbers of retreating and disarmed Iraqis were slaughtered in cold blood by the US Air Force, their bodies buried by bulldozers in the desert sand in huge and nameless mass graves.

The number of victims of this hecatomb is estimated from one hundred thousand to half a million. God alone knows their names. Krauthammer wants to repeat this feat in Palestine. "It" is already cut off, divided by the Israeli army into seventy pieces. Now it is ready for the great kill. "Kill it!" he calls with great passion. He must be worried that the Persians will again stop the bloodbath before the Mamilla Pool fills up. His worries are our hopes. "

The Mammilla Pool