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Michael Chertoff was the first Director of the Department of Homeland Security. Not only did he cover up the involment of Israel in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, he was likely responsible for the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993.

Cone of Silence Video

Cone of Silence Audio

Cone of Silence video frames below. Here is the trascript of what Youtube does not want you to know:

Broward County's Cone of Silence on DHS Exercise Drills


This Exercise Plan (ExPlan) was produced with input, advice, and assistance from the [Exercise Name] exercise planning team, which followed the guidance set forth in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).

The ExPlan gives officials, observers, media personnel, and players from participating organizations the information necessary to observe or participate in a terrorism response exercise...

Logistics Section: The Logistics Section provides the supplies, materials, facilities, and services that enable the exercise to function smoothly without outside interference or disruption. This group consists of two subsections: service and support. The service section provides transportation, barricading, signage, food and drinks, real-life medical capability, and exercise site perimeter security. The support section provides communications, purchasing, general supplies, very important personnel (VIP)/observer processing, and recruitment/management of victim actors. For more information on logistics, see Chapter 2: Exercise Design and Development of this volume.


(a) The County’s Cone of Silence Ordinance prohibits certain communications among vendors, county staff, selection committee members, Commissioners and their staff. Any violations of this ordinance by any members of the responding firm or its joint venture(s) may be reported to the County’s Office of Professional Standards. For Quotation Requests the Cone of Silence shall be in effect for staff involved in the award decision process at the time of the solicitation advertisement. The Cone of Silence shall be in effect for the Board of County Commissioners upon quote opening for the solicitation.

"If I violate the terms and conditions of this Agreement, such violation may result in the cancellation of my conditional access to SSI for Broward County, Florida. I further understand the willful disclosure of information to which I have agreed therein not to divulge may result in criminal and civil penalties as well as appropriate corrective action."


Moulage is the makeup applied to actors to add realism to an exercise. It includes fake blood, plastic bones, and any other makeup that enables actors to emulate the signs and symptoms on his/her symptomology card. Although not required, moulage is encouraged at all operationsbased exercises. (Note: School drama clubs, military units, community theaters, the American Red Cross, and morticians are common resources for moulage staff

Symptomology Card

Symptomology cards are provided to each actor used in a response-focused exercise. Each card is unique, containing the signs and symptoms the actor will portray, as well as information for medical providers. The actors are instructed to keep these cards with them at all times during the exercise, and to not step out of character except in the event of a real emergency. At a minimum, symptomology cards should include: vital signs; symptoms; trauma injuries; acting instructions (e.g., disorientation, emotional distress); and special needs (e.g., language barriers, physical limitations).

Actor brief
Actor waiver forms
sheets
Triage/symptom tags
Player brief
Media/observer brief