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September 21, 2014

Does God Have a Racist Plan?

"The ongoing assault on God's creational design for the perpetuity of the human race is a key component of Jewry's dismantling of a White Christian power bloc that would oppose the Jew's role in forming domestic policy and shaping our nation's culture."

How Ginsburg Pushes Gay Marriage

Homosexuality is a sin in the Christian religion but what in the world does it have to do with the "White Christian power bloc?" The only "White Christian power bloc" which I know of is the modern KKK which was created by Jewish Freemasons to help defend a Jewish grandmaster who had raped a little girl.

Leo Frank Case

ADL and KKK founded to Help Jewish Masonic Pedophile Get Away with Murder

Mankind is much more threatened by Jewish racism than the "homosexual marriage" issue which is only being used by Jewish racists to destroy Christianity because they want to preserve the "Jewish race" from Christian miscegenation.

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

Galatians 3:28

Racism in the natural world where the ability of a species to survive depends upon its adaptation to its environment serves a purpose. The dilution of adaptive genes could theoretically threaten the survival of a species should conditions become particularly severe such as in an Ice Age.

But there is always gradations in the environment in which races have met producing a gradation in racial characteristics through miscegenation. It is this gene flow which has kept mankind from diverging into separate species.

The racist teachings in the Old Testament (which have been reversed by the New) represents a vestige of Neanderthal culture that explains why Europeans are the most racist people on the earth and why Neanderthals are now extinct.

"the Lagar Velho child's anatomy supports a scenario that combines a dispersal of anatomically modern humans out of Africa with mixing between that population and the archaic populations it encountered.

(The African ancestry of early modern Europeans is reflected in their relatively long lower-leg bones, a tropical adaptation. Lagar Velho 1, however, has the short shins of the cold-adapted Neandertals.)"

Neanderthal Hybrid The Modern Human-Neanderthal Hybrid Child from Portugal

The racism of the Neanderthal may have been adaptive for a time but it eventually failed him and he is now extinct because his environment has disappeared. He has been replaced by modern man who has found a way to become adapted to all environments by cooperation with his fellow human beings.

Man no longer has to adapt to his environment in order to survive: he can adapt his environment to himself. He no longer needs dark skin to keep the sun from blinding him in the desert because can put on a pair of sunglasses. He no longer needs white skin to produce vitamin D because he can drink a glass of milk so that he won’t get rickets. He no longer needs narrow eyelids to protect his eyes from the sandstorm because he can put on a pair of goggles and thus survive to reproduce his kind.

The only threat to mankind is the tribalism based on race which stems from the Jewish religion. Should this tribalism get out of hand and destroy civilization then the white racists will have an argument. For then the "white people" can survive by eating roots and evolving into pigs. And the Jewish racists (who have a head start because of their Neanderthal genes and their switching to the Republican Party) can evolve into elephants.

nose evolution The Ungulata and the Paenungulata

Before you know it man will be down on all fours again. You don't need to stand upright to smell the juicy bulbs and tubers in the ground. As a matter of fact, standing upright is positively a hindrance for that ecological niche.

And with the increase in the background radiation man's mutation rate should increase to such an extent that he will be able to diversify and occupy all the ecological niches of the animals which become extinct as the result of the nuclear fall out.

September 17, 2014

The Khazarian War on Holy Russia

"Did you know that Exxon signed a deal with Russia to drill for oil in the Arctic? But in last week's new round of sanctions, Lew and Cohen put the brakes on the deal. Exxon needs the crude and America needs the energy but Lew and Cohen want to destroy Russia at any cost. They serve the Great Sanhedrin that supersedes national concerns. And don't be fooled that "corporatocracy" rules. If it did, Exxon would still be drilling. Why all this hate?"

Jewish War On Holy Russia

Why did "the Jews" hate Richard Nixon and Joe McCarthy? Well, the ancestors of the Christian Russians (the Rus) conquered the ancestors of the Ashkenazi Jews (the Khazars), and as Douglas Reed has pointed out in his "Siege Of Southern Africa" tribal hatreds go way back in time and never seem to end. Once marked as an enemy by the tribe, the attacks continue even after death as we can see with the continued vilification of these two men.

"Almost every highly-placed politico in the world had done his stint in its preparation, deluding the mob by lying talk of "freedom" and "liberation" in Africa. Indeed, the only one in a high place who did not join in the incitement was President Nixon of the United States, who had been marked down for destruction ever since he, by skilful questioning, led the Soviet agent and traitor of Yalta, Alger Hiss, to convict himself. "

The Siege Of Southern Africa

It was not that long ago that a Khazar subjugated communist Russia was participating in the subjugation of Africa with the help of the liberals, lefties, and the Khazar's other commie creation "Red China." Millions of black Africans were slaughtered in the name of liberating them from "apartheid."

The Christian colonial governments had improved the lot of Africans and had raised their living standards only to have their advances reversed by the "liberation" and communist movements created by the Khazars.

The real goal of these movements was not "freedom and democracy" but securing the gold and diamond mines of South Africa for the World Wide Khazar Jewelry and Banking cartel (WWKJ&B Inc.)

oppenheimer a bomb

The Diamond Invention by Edward Jay Epstein

"Tribal feuds, as distinct from racial hatreds, are endemic in South Africa and in all other African countries. These have nothing to do with government or misgovernment: they are always there, beneath the surface as far as South Africa is concerned, and erupt in violence and massacre once the lid is taken off.

This has been shown in one "liberated" country after another in the northern part. Once "Independence" was gained, the ancient vendettas immediately flared up and millions of Blacks were killed by other Blacks in the Congo, Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, Ruanda, Burundi, Zanzibar and elsewhere.

In Mozambique the murder-gangs, prompted by their Asiatic masters, continued, despite all the talk of negotiation and independence, to murder and burn, and were clearly under orders to stop at nothing less than complete and unconditional submission.

The Portuguese, Black and White, have shown that they want none of the "liberators" who have already liberated millions of Africans from life, but that will not save them if the liberal conspiracy has its way.

The end of that would be a return to darkest Africa (this has already happened in the northern "liberated" areas) and a continent depopulated, not this time by the slave trader, but by the carnage which the liberals started in the 1960's and now seek to complete in Southern Africa."

The Siege Of Southern Africa

WWKJ&B Inc. found no difficulty finding liars to twist the facts of what was going on into lies.

"Angola has been a Portuguese possession for five hundred years. One of the great Portuguese navigators, Diege Cam, first landed there in 1482 and left his mark in the traditional Portuguese shape of the Cross...

Among the great "ifs" of history is why the Portuguese Government did not make of Angola a second Brazil. All the conditions were present: enormous space, and boundless mineral wealth. Diego Cam's discovery was neither exploited nor developed, although he planted his cross on the coast of Angola years before Columbus discovered America...

In this enormous territory (it is almost as large as Europe and it has a thousand miles of coastline stretching from north to south along the Atlantic) the Portuguese until the beginning of this century effectively occupied only the coastal strip, and that in small numbers.

The huge Black population of the interior, had they wished, could have just nudged the Portuguese into the sea: hardly any troops were garrisoned there. But they never did this.

This colonial slumber was shattered in the early morning of 15 March 1961, by the shrieks and screams that arose from twelve villages in the coffee belt of north-western Angola. The day that followed was one of rape, torture, arson and obscenities practised on living and dead bodies that have no parallel in the history of any period on record.

Creeping silently through the elephant grass the fiends burst upon the sleeping or unsuspecting farmers, peasants and small shopkeepers, hacking off heads, legs and arms of men and women, girls and children and babes, Black and White and Brown, hanging them on trees. At one place they put living victims through a sawmill.

The massacre of 15 March 1961 in Angola was probably the most atrocious one in any discoverable record of the subject.

Another success (and this one, more than any other, reveals the complete worldwide domination of all means of public information by the liberalist conspiracy) was the Mozambique massacre that never occurred at a place that never existed.

Do the Twist

This was the opposite method from concealment of truth: the worldwide dissemination of untruth.

In the summer of 1973, when I was myself in Mozambique, the Times of London published a sensational story of a massacre of Black villagers in Mozambique by Portuguese troops. The story was attributed to some priest or priests who had it from some other priest or priests.

Thus it was hearsay and to a Times journalist of my generation it was something that should never have been published without complete and authentic corroboration. Answering questions, a spokesman for the Times was reported to have said that he had realized the story was "uncheckable" and had taken it "on trust".

To anyone living in or knowing Africa the absurdity of the story lay on the surface: for that matter its absurdity should have been obvious to anyone at all, inside or outside Africa, who had the power of thought.

An incontestable fact about the Portuguese handling of affairs in both Mozambique and Angola is that the far more numerous Black population in both territories held aloof from the murder gangs from outside.

For what possible reason, then, would the Portuguese massacre their own tribespeople? In order to drive them into the hated Bakongo or Maconde camp? Again, the majority of the Portuguese troops in both territories are themselves Black Portuguese. For what possible reason would they massacre their own folk?

However, the Portuguese, as they always do, threw open their gates to the fullest possible investigation. Hordes of journalists went wherever they wished in search of the place of the massacre, but it was not to be found.

former Foreign Secretary, Lord George Brown, said in a B.B.C. broadcast that he was suspicious of the motives of those who were publicizing the alleged Portuguese massacres in Mozambique, and added that in Southern Africa the previous year he had met a number of young Roman Catholic priests who were more interested in revolution than anything else.

People living in these parts understood this allusion. "Marxist priests" have certainly been among the Friends of Terrorism...

Do the Twist

Do the Twist

Another victim of the scurrilous campaign waged under Communist propaganda-control is President Banda of Malawi who has consistently refused to fan the flames of anti-White racism in the north or to support the clamour for war from Black states there.

He speaks as statesmen used to speak. Thus this Black leader is on record as uttering almost the only wise words that have come out of Black or White mouths, in Africa or about Africa, "in the last decade":

"I do not agree that we must have nothing to do with South Africa, Rhodesia and Mozambique. I do not agree with either boycotting or isolating these territories. I do not believe in the policy of denunciation at a distance from Addis Ababa, New York, London, Lagos or Singapore. I believe in contact between the African States north of the Zambezi and the people of the White-ruled States south of the Zambezi. "

For stating such beliefs as this President Banda, like Chief Gatsha Buthelezi of Zululand, is vilified by the leftist-liberal-controlled press of the world as a traitor to the Black cause.

He brooks no opposition. He expels, bans and imprisons. Thirty -five thousand Jehovah's witnesses were forced to leave Malawi in 1973. He acts against journalists, Black or White, who in his opinion embarrass his government.

As a professional writer who was put on Hitler's death list, banned in Soviet Russia, and surreptitiously removed from circulation in most countries of the world, I am strongly opposed to suppression of the press, but in one case personally known to me President Banda was abundantly justified. This was when a report of a clash between Malawi and Portuguese troops near the Mozambique border was published.

It was an obvious "liberationist" fabrication, intended to produce the impression of a war situation, like the story printed in The Times in July 1973 of a "massacre", of which the Archbishop of Lorenco Marques said, "Neither the site of the alleged massacre exists nor has any massacre of the type described occurred." Since that story appeared, and despite its certified falsity, the world press has been wide open, without scrutiny, to any "massacre" or "atrocity" story put about by the lie- factories in Dar-es-Salaam, Lusaka, Peking or Moscow. "

Do the Twist animated gif

The Siege Of Southern Africa

The mob of useful gullible idiots it had created in America cared more about Nixon using the word "kike" and his chief of staff saying "Jew York City*" on the eve of the complete destruction of their government by WWKJ&B Jews and their minions than the millions of Africans being killed in Africa by the communism which Nixon had tried to stop.

"The power of the conspiracy was never so plainly shown as in the worldwide attack on this President, the purpose of which was obviously to put another man from the Woodrow Wilson-Roosevelt stable into the White House in 1976.

It has been pitiful, to a veteran of these things, to see the idiot- faced mob, all over the world, muttering "Watergate" with the knowing leer of the halfwit on its face. If its masters desired, it would equally readily go about mumbling "Watercloset".

the Nixon crisis showed the might of the revolution backed by the money power...

The first-ever resignation of an American president was brought about by pressures which he could not resist, and it showed more clearly than ever before that the once-great American republic was in truth utterly delivered to the Communist world-revolution, financed from the start and until now by the money-power in New York. President Nixon was not the first, only the most important man to be politically assassinated for challenging the authority of the grand alliance between money-power and revolution, to which President Woodrow Wilson, 1917 (as America entered the first war) committed his country with the words (2 April 1917):

"Does not every American feel that assurance has been added to our hope for the future peace of the world by the wonderful and heartening things that have been happening within the last few weeks in Russia. "

President Wilson, when he said that, knew what his Congressional hearers did not know: that the Bolshevik revolution has been financed by the New York banking house of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. He was the captive of a group of men committed to the idea of world revolution, and during the fifty- seven years (that is, up to now) which followed his speech the Soviet Empire has always been shored up and vitalized by infusions of American money. "

The Siege Of Southern Africa

The real reason why Nixon and McCarthy were destroyed and are hated to this day is that they were not stooges. They really did stand up to the conspiracy which Hitler's Aryanism and Stalin's communism were only a part.

"President Roosevelt told a penitent Communist defector to "go jump in the lake" when informed with proof that his right hand "adviser" was a Soviet agent: the same who was the dying President's right hand adviser at Yalta when the decision was taken to transfer half of Europe from the Hitlerist to the Stalinist curse, and to drive out the Allies' Chinese allies from China and establish the Communists in their place.

These are all matters of authentic and verifiable record.

This shadow policy of parallelism with Communism in deeds while publicly professing inflexible antagonism to Communism continued through the presidencies of Truman and Eisenhower. Under President Nixon there was a recoil from it. "

The Siege Of Southern Africa

While the media was screaming "McCarthyism" the ADL was silently purging patriotic Americans from government. Both Reed and McCarthy are among the most prominent victims of this real "McCarthyism."

"Although Joseph McCarthy was one of the most demonized American politicians of the last century, new information including half-century-old FBI recordings of Soviet embassy conversations are showing that McCarthy was right in nearly all his accusations."

Do the Twist animated gif

Most-hated senator was right

While the so called "victims of McCarthyism" went on to brilliant careers in the movies and TV. the real victims of ADL slander went on to political oblivion.

"In forty years the A.D.L. perfected a machine for persuading the multitude. It is a method of thought-control of which the subject-mass is unconscious and its ability to destroy any who cry out is great.

One of the first to be politically destroyed was the head of the Congressional Committee charged to watch over sedition (the Un-American Activities Committee).

The Protocols of 1905 foretold that the nation-states would not be allowed to "contend with sedition" by treating it as crime and this "forecast" also was fulfilled.

In Doublespeak "anti-defamation" means "defamation" and this body lived by calumny, using such terms as anti-semite, fascist, rabble-rouser, Jew-baiter, Red-baiter, paranoiac, lunatic, madman, reactionary, diehard, bigot and more.

Mr. Martin Dies relates that he was required by the secret inquisition to restrict the definition of "subversion" to "fascism", and to equate "fascism" with "anti-semitism"

He would not yield, but was driven out of political life by defamation."

Do the Twist animated gif

Chapter 40, The Controvesy of Zion: Invasion of America

The most recognizable voice on TV when I was a kid (during the "cold war") was that of " "Charlie the Tuna" which everyone knew was the voice of Herschel Bernardi, a very popular and "in demand" actor who was supposedly a "victim of McCarthyism."

Charlie the Tuna

Herschel Bernardi

By contrast, until the internet came along, I had never heard of Douglass Reed, a fantastic World War II reported who had written an incredible number of very important books (one of which demolishes the Holocaust myth) but who passed into obscurity because the ADL blackballed him.

Reed was not a racist, even though there are some racist websites which post his works.

"Elijah and Elisha both worked in Israel, and Amos spoke solely to the Josephites. He in particular attacked the blood sacrifices and priestly rites:

"I hate, I despise your feasts and I take no delight in your solemn assemblies. Yea, though ye offer me burnt offerings and your meal offerings, I will not accept them. Neither will I regard the peace offerings of your fat beasts. Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs"

(the Levites' chanted liturgies)

"and let me not hear the melody of thy viols. But let judgment run as water and righteousness as a mighty stream."

And then the immortal rebuke to the 'peculiar people' doctrine:"

"Are ye not as the children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel, saith the Lord".

Douglas Reed: The Controversy of Zion

One trick which may be a part of the "machine for persuading the multitude" is to set up pretend or false oppositions which are so objectionable as to be repulsive to most people because of their racism or apparent lunacy.

This drives rational and decent people away from target of the smear who becomes associated with the false opposition by their similar arguments or claims.

This is easier to do than ever before with the internet and paypal. People can be manipulated and not even be aware that they are being manipulated. The Skinnerian approach of rewarding desirable behavior is all that is required.

One can not say for certain but that is definitely the impression that I get while reading other websites and surfing the net.

*Actually, I do not know whether Bob Haldman ever said "Jew York City." All that I know is that it is in Oliver Stone's movie "Nixon"

The anticipation of finding out the truth of the matter is like waiting for the Heinz Ketchup to flow. It's Just too much for me!

Let The (Hudson) River Run (Aka the New Jersalem)

The similarity between the terrorism of the "Marxist priests" and "Radical Islam" should be apparent. The Jewish bankers and financiers who created the state of Israel created communism to funnel the worlds wealth in to their own coffers. They had no intention of living under such a tyrannical system so it was inevitable that it should fail.

Now terrorism by "Radical Islam" has taken the place of communist terrorism and the very same false flag tactics which created the artificial East-West divide between the "Free and Communist Worlds" are being used to try to drum up a "clash of civilizations" between Islamic and non-Islamic states.

The goal of the former was to steal the wealth of the "Third World." The goal of the latter is to steal the wealth of the middle east and Eurasia.

September 11, 2014

Dancing Israeli Dominik Suter Financed the 9/11 Attacks

My internet education has made me suspect that the 1990s "culture war" was just as phony as the 1980s "war on drugs" and the 21st Century "war on terrorism." Now Karl Schwarz has convinced me of it since some of the very same groups which were pushing the destruction of American morality in th 1990s have also been involved in blackmailing politicians on moral issues.

In his article, Schwarz describes how Israel has been smuggling in children from around the world to service the powerful pedophiles in the US congress for the purpose of blackmailing them into going along with the Israeli agenda.

"Two of the things the US government / Israel do not want anyone to know are these:

One of the five dancing Israelis is named Dominik Suter and Israel has refused multiple requests from the US government for his extradition back to the USA to face questioning and possible indictment related to 9-11-2001 and the financing of terrorism. Why?

In the initial investigation of how 9-11 was financed the US government, specifically the FBI, focused on foreign bank accounts. One of the bank accounts that were apparently involved in the financing of 9-11-2001 was in the name of Dominik Suter.

How do you get your way in peace time and force the opposite direction than the citizens of a nation wish to go and against the will of a people, state, or nation? The most obvious method is spying and blackmail.

In 1995 I was asked by a friend to go to the Adams Morgan area of Washington DC to look at a possible investment in a bar and restaurant. We had to drive around the block many times looking for a parking place.

It was along one of those streets that something very peculiar was going on. It was a school day and at about 1:40pm in the afternoon there were around 30 to 40 boys and girls that looked to be in the age range of 8 to 14 or thereabouts. It was both peculiar that boys and girls of those ages and obviously many different nationalities were not in school and lined up down the street are cars, power status cars, limousines, government executive cars with drivers and government limousines.

It was a meat market for sexual predators and the District of Columbia is full of them. It is pretty disgusting to see the inner workings of DC in light of the pretense of how honorable and law abiding they pretend to be and they are not.

I finally found a parking place over 2 blocks away and was walking towards where the restaurant / bar were to be. Straight ahead where the street ended at a ‘T’ was this scene of people picking up children, picking a boy, girl, or two of each, etc. and driving off with them.

The expressions on the faces of these children were uniform… very scared, terrified expressions.

As we were walking down the street a van sliding door opened and as one man is exiting they were speaking in Hebrew. They had video and still cameras set up in the van with telephoto lens and recording the entire scene where these Washington DC pedophiles were picking up children for their sick entertainment.

I personally reported this to the FBI and they were told to stand down, too. When DC Metro police tried to move on it, threats were made of the bodily harm type.

I recognized some of the faces in these cars and then watched in disgust how huge political issues were being debated and certain members of our Senate, House and even agencies (the pedophiles in those same cars) just rolled over for what Israel wanted."

Why Israel Spies On The USA

Schwarz seems to think that Edward Snowden is some kind of good guy but I have never read Snowden saying anything like this! On the contrary, the Snowden issue has been used to emphasize the kind of "privacy rights" which have the potential effect of preventing the discovery of the identities of politicians which Israel is blackmailing into covering up the Israeli involvement in 9/11.

Need I remind Schwarz that the very same people doing the blackmail and pushing the perversion have framed the abortion issue as a "privacy right?" So people have a "privacy right" to molest children and kill babies? No. Your right to swing your fist ends at someone else's nose.

Probable cause has to be determined by a court, which is where Schwarz should have gone when the FBI refused to investigate the congressional child molestors and their Israeli pimps. A grand jury perhaps?

"We are talking “felony in progress” and you just admitted that the White House knows about it. It would not be proper, as you say, to cover up a known felony. It is knowledge of a crime in progress that has to be reported to the judge."

Global Crossing, Fraud, Fascist Zionist Neocons, Israel Part 1

A New World Order or Fungal Rot?

"Where the lines have become blurred is there are legitimate reasons to spy for national security reasons in a dangerous world. Thanks to the Fascist warmongering bent of George H W Bush, then the sleaze of Clinton, then the Village Idiot George W. Bush and now Obama, they have tried to redefine national defense as spying on everyone whether they are friend or foe, US citizen or foreign.

I have tried to explain for many Republicans and a few Democrats that the blurry picture they are trying to understand is Family Values, criminality and Jewish Mafia are now wearing the same clothes. That it is extremely difficult to distinguish between them anymore is absolutely by design...

the federal government wants to know everything about everybody inside and outside of the USA.

Get the picture of how a global financial network linking the 227 financial centers can be used as a weapon? Economic warfare and inflicting economic harm on anyone that does not obey is part of the overall objective.

This network was envisioned by Zionist Jews, Milken co-defendants and Milken himself. The majority of the financing and even the dark parallel network were financed primarily by other Jews in Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

Global Crossing installed an undersea cable from Italy to Israel that has bandwidth capacities that were near 1,000 times that needed to serve the population of Israel for voice, IP and Internet. That the founders were all pipelining money to Israel says to me where their allegiances are.

I know for a fact that Global Crossing is the backbone for financial terrorism and profiteering at will and with impunity, and as a method for Israel to spy on this world."

Global Crossing, Fraud, Fascist Zionist Neocons, Israel Part 2

Global Crossing, Fraud, Fascist Zionist Neocons, Israel Part 3

The danger in the present world that I can see is coming from Israel and its blackmailed puppets in Washington.

This "new world order" reminds me of a BBC video series that I am watching right now called "Planet Earth." It shows how nutrients are quickly recycled in the rain forest before the rain has a chance of leaching the nutrients out.

Various species of fungus grow so rapidly that they make a plentiful source of food for insects. When the insects eat the wrong (parasitic) species the fungus infects the insects brain making it bumble about until it dies. It then becomes a source of food for the fungus which sprouts from the insect's body.

You can think of the neocon as kind of parasitic fungus which conservatives ingest, are killed by, and then become food for the sprouting fascists.

September 10, 2014

Bryant Gumbal and Hollwood Central Casting for 9/11

Thirteen years 9/11/01 to 9/11/14 have past since the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City. This video presents evidence that the destruction of the World Trade Center Twin Towers was initiated by drones fitted with a targeting/navigation pod and possibly a missile.

The video " Thirteenth Anniversary of the 9/11 Psyops" begins with a skeptical Bryant Gumbel interviewing Tony Amos, the Florida bar manager who was called to handle the disruptive behavior of the alleged 9/11 hijackers drawing attention to themselves just prior to a visit by the FBI. In the interview Gumbel clearly insinuates that the 9/11 hijackers were actors.

Evidence is provided that Gumbel was right and that the world trade center was struck by remotely controlled drones using the same technology which is being used in the phony "War on Terror" which will cost the American people trillions of dollars if the criminals controlling the US government and media are allowed to get away with it.

In the video which I recorded with my VCR circa 9/11/01 I show that a steak of light was seen on the side of the airliner which stuck the 2nd of the Twin Towers to be struck. The light is similar to the exhaust flame emanating from a laser guided hellfire missile carried the predator drones now being used to kill innocent people in the phony "War on Terror." As the airliner passes a building right before it strikes what appears to be a light or a flame is seen coming out some kind of "pod" located in between the airliner's 2 jet engines.

Hence, the 9/11 hijackings were essentially a psychological operation or psyops perpetrated on the American people by traitors in the US government and actors in collusion with the criminal state of Israel.

Thirteenth Anniversary of the 9/11 Psyops

"Barack Obama is serving the Jewish criminal organization that brought him to power, especially those who have fostered and cultivated him since he came to Chicago.

One of the families that is at the top of the "Chicago Outfit" is the family of Henry Crown, who rose from selling sand and gravel to becoming the owner of the Empire State Building and the weapons manufacturer General Dynamics."

Chicago Thuggery: The Jewish Mob & Obama

"General Atomics, the privately-held company that makes the Predator drone, was formerly a division of General Dynamics.

There appears to be a very deep and profitable relationship between General Dynamics and the Israeli military, a relationship that has greatly profited the Israelis and the Crown family as a result of the huge increases in U.S. defense spending that followed 9-11."

Predator drone firing Hellfire missile

The Fraudulent War On Terror

The crime of 9/11 extends far beyond that date in history. The crime continues to create victims not only in the middle east but also in New York City where the asbestos from the towers remains in the lungs of many New Yorkers breaking their chromsomes threatening them with malignant mesothelioma, the asbestos-caused disease which killed Steven McQueen.

I love NY Greatful Dead T Shirt

Steven McQueen's Legacy of Laetrile

NSA Whistleblower Calls For Real 9/11 Investigation

NSA Whistleblower Joins AE911-Truth in Calling for Real 9/11 Investigation

Unfortunately, any new investigation of 9/11 is likely to lead no where because the folks doing the investigation and appointing the investigators will be the product of touch screen voter fraud.

Even without electronic computer fraud it seems impossible for the US government and the American people to come to grips with treasonous crimes when Israel is involved.

The Congress investigated the JFK assassination and declared it to be a conspiracy but no conspirators were ever indicted. There were many investigations into the CIA drug smuggling in Mena Arkansas but they were all sabotauged because of the involvement of Israel.

The connection of Israel to the JFK assassination may also have sabotauged that investigation as well. Walter Cronkite, Previously a staunch defender of the Warren Commission, had this to say about the Israeli connection to the JFK assassination:

"I can't think of any group–with the exception of Israeli intelligence– that would have been able to keep the JFK assassination conspiracy under wraps for so long."

Piper Responds

A conspiracy without a motive is no case at all. Making rich people richer is not a motive for mass murder. The richer people are the more they have to loose and the easier it is for astute politicians to bully and blackmail them.

The crime of mass murder is an extreme crime requiring an extreme motive. The prime motive in the JFK assassination was changing the US president so that Israel's nuclear weapons program (which the Israeli government considered essential for its survival and plans for expansion) could proceed without hindrance. JFK was removed because he stood in the way.

By closing off the JFK investigation into the possible of the involvement of Israel and the possible connection between the JFK assassination and RFK's "Operation Mongoose" (which was an attempt to remove a Jewish dictator by the name of Castro from power in Cuba) the US Congress closed off any possibility of solving the crime.

The US government could not even deal with the false flag attack on the USS Liberty by the Israeli government and actually covered it up. Such ineptitude undoubtedly has contributed to a contempt for the US government by the Israeli government which led to the World Trade Center false flag.

If the dam is going to break then people have to start getting angry. Very angry. Angry enough to recall on the spot any politician who stands in the way of 9/11 truth. Angry enough to start putting the electronic fraud machine operators in prison. Angry enough to demand the imprisonment of judges, media moguls, and anyone else standing in the way.

This is not an investigation into collective guilt of anyone. It is an investigation of into the crime of mass murder and the snookering of America into trillions of dollars of fraudulent debt.

September 5, 2014

Does the Death of Robin Williams Compute?

"The Marin County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday that actor Robin Williams died as a result of asphyxia due to hanging. The death has been preliminarily classified as a suicide, according to Lt. Keith Boyd, assistant chief deputy coroner, during a news conference.

Boyd told reporters that the actor's personal assistant found Williams "unconscious and unresponsive" with a belt secured around his neck. He was "suspended in a seated position" from the belt, which was "wedged between a door and a doorframe."

Marin County Sheriff's Office said Williams died of asphyxia due to hanging.

Interesting. "Asphyxia" was the first cause of death reported and this cause of death was reported before there was any coronor's report.

Think about it. You would think that a guy who could not do himself in by cutting his wrists would certainly sit up if he was in a seated position gasping for air. And a belt around the neck would not cause asphyxia. It could cause a loss of consciousness due to the cutting off the blood supply to the brain via the carotid artery. This is called anoxia not asphyxia. If death occured it would be due to a lack of oxygen to the brain but not due to an obstruction of the airways or suffication which is what asphyxia is. You would think that a coroner who is an MD would know this. Shades of Famy Malak?

May be not. I just looked it up and asphyxia is a used as a general term to describe the compression of the neck with or without blockage of the airway passages. I have always heard it used in connection with the obstruction of breathing as in asthma, being asphyxiated by somebody's cigarette smoke, someone being smothered with a pillow and the like. Nevertheless, the death is still suspicious since the method is exactly the same as the method that David Carradine allegedly used to kill himself.

Did Robin Williams Die Of Autoerotic Asphyxiation'?

But the photo of Carradine dead shows him hanging by his penis not his neck. I blacked out the color photo below because it is rather disgusting, especially if you are a Kung Foo fan or you remember John Carradine (David's father) from many of his fine roles in the movies.

"Video has been blocked but I managed to transcript the scene...

"But we're all in danger of being sheep. Blindly following the herd, never questioning authority. It was the great American poet, Wendell Berry, who said it best when he was describing the perils of bowing at the altar of conformity. Your mind will be punched in a card and put away in a little drawer. And when they want you to buy something they will call you. When they want you to die for profit, they will let you know. So friends, each day do something that won't compute."

Robin Williams

episode of Law and Order SVU

Blocked on copyright by NBC, guy was murdered , done and done"


Robin Williams "When they want you to die for profit, they will let you know"

A profit motive for murder is definitely one possibility. Williams could have been worth more dead than alive. He was no longer the loveable young man in "Mork and Mindy" but an aging old man that audiences were getting tired of looking at.

But an even greater motive is a political one. The roles that actors take definitely do affect their thinking and their personalities. Was Williams starting to question the official lies of the media he was working for?

There is nothing more politically dangerous than a popular figure taking a stand on a political issue especially when that political issue can send rich and powerful people to prison (e.g. 9/11).

The media has yet to come to clean on all of the political murders claimed to have been suicides and accidents which occured during the Clinton administration even after one of their own (George Stephanopoulos) quoted Bill Clinton saying "I believe in killing people who try to hurt you" in his book "All Too Human."

Now they are wringing their hands saying: "Why did he do it?", "Oh, why did he do it?" "He had everything to live for", "Oh, why did he do it?": when they know perfectly well that he may not have done "it" at all; that "it" may have been done to him.

September 4, 2014

Israel Shakes its Booty

Israel Plans to Sell Natural Gas to Jordan

Let's get this straight. The Europeans are talking about boycotting Israel because of its genocidal activities against the Palestinians and Jordan is making gas deals with the murderous state?

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Brok (alias Barak) has already been charged with genocide by an Austrian court for his role in "Operation Cast Lead." Can an indictment against Netahyahu for genocide be far behind?

"The Israeli armed forces bombed the Gaza Strip using forbidden weapons and using forbidden methods of warfare. Over 1400 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were killed ... Palestinians have been subjected by Israel to a blockade which threatens exterminate the population of the Gaza Strip with hunger, lack of medical attention, and inadeqjuate maternal care.

the accused Ehud Barah on 12 June 2007 as a chairman of the Israeli labour party and as secretary of Defense for planning and execution of the attack on the population of the Gaza Strip between 27 December 2008 and 18 January 2009 is held to be responsible for these crimes."

Ehud Barak with Sniper rifle

Austrian Court Points the Genocide Finger at Sniper Ehud Barak

And where is this gas really coming from? You guessed it!

"Egyptian geologist Khaled Odeh says Israel has taken over two natural gas wells located in Egypt's territorial waters...

Odeh said in Cairo on Monday that the wells are located in the Mediterranean Sea between Egypt and Cyprus, IRNA reported...

According to a $2.5 billion export deal with Tel Aviv, signed in 2005, Israel receives around 40 percent of its gas supply from Egypt at an extremely low price.

Israel Takes Over 2 Gas Wells in Egypt

"On Thursday, June 26 2012 an Egyptian Criminal Court sentenced in Cairo to 15 years imprisonment each, former Minister of Petroleum Sameh Fahmi and fugitive businessman Hussein Salem. According to judicial sources, the sentences were handed down in the case of the exports of Egyptian natural gas to Israel at prices far below market. "

"The Iraqi oil pipeline from Mosul to Kirkuk was refurbished and extended all the way to Israel, many years ago, in order that Israel would have unlimited amounts of oil stolen from Iraq, as war booty, totally free of any financial charge, or Israeli military effort. "

15 Years Jail For Exporting Gas to Israel At Low Prices

The Israeli government's co-conspirators are back in power, obviously.

September 3, 2014

Armageddon, and the Medieval Military Industrial Complex

Brother Nathanael lists 4 curses which befell the Jews who crucified Jesus:

The Curses of Disinheritance, the Fig Tree, Desolation, and Deicide.

When Jesus approached the fig tree, a symbol of Israel, He saw no fruit on it. He cursed it and the tree withered.

When Jesus saw Jerusalem rejecting Him as the Messiah, He declared,

"Your house is left unto you desolate."

When Pilate wished to set Jesus free, the Jews cried out,

"Crucify Him! Let His blood be upon us and on our children!"

Richard Harris as Cain

The Four Curses On Judaism

Very insightful of Brother Nathanael; his post made me realize that the tree in the Garden of Eden must have been a fig tree rather than an apple tree as the popular temperate zone myth would have us believe. After all, would Eve have handed Adam an apple and said "to die for?" No. It must have been a fig tree. The middle east is full of fig trees with not an apple tree in sight.

The Mark of Cain on the forehead of Richard Harris in John Huston's "The Bible in the Beginning" is obviously a withered fig tree. Was Huston thinking of the fig tree parable as well?

Quite appropriate, but the spiritual descendants of the Pharisees of Jesus' time are far more evil and despicable than Cain ever was. No one in history, to my knowledge, has ever deliberately targeted children for murder other than the Jews in Israel and their spiritual ancestors in the bible: the idiot liars like John Hagee who talk about the Nazis throwing Jewish babies into the ovens not withstanding.

Bloody Gaza Chidren

Kids say the Darndest Things

The cremation of dead Nazi concentration camp inmates (90% of them were probably not even Jews) was intended to save lives by preventing the spread of disease due to a war instigated by Jewish organizations.

The Romans cremated their dead to prevent the spread of disease - which is one of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse: war, famine, disease and death.

The Black Plaque which wiped out 1/3rd of the population of Europe was probably caused by rats feeding on the bodies of dead soldiers who fought in the Crusades.

As bad as they were, the Nazis, never had any intention of genociding anyone. And some who were later demonized like Mengele were actually quite chivalrous.

"Mengele was "given to occasional flourishes of gallantry: after transferring a pregnant Jewish doctor to Cracow to do research for him, Mengele sent her flowers upon the birth of her son."

Lessons of the Mengele Affair

Compare this with the "moderate" views of Ariel Sharon.

"I don't know something called International Principles. I vow that I'll burn every Palestinian child (that) will be born in this area. The Palestinian woman and child is more dangerous than the man, because the Palestinian childs existence infers that generations will go on, but the man causes limited danger. I vow that if I was just an Israeli civilian and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him. With one hit I've killed 750 Palestinians (in Rafah in 1956). I wanted to encourage my soldiers by raping Arabic girls as the Palestinian women is a slave for Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and nobody tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they shall do."

Ariel Sharon: interview with General Ouze Merham, 1956

This kind of quote used to be denied but with the recent slaughter of Palesitian childen in Gaza which being so well documented by the internet it has become useless for Israel's propagandists to deny such things.

It is easily provable that the genocide that Ariel Sharon talked about is an integral part of the Jewish Talmudic religion.

"And the children of Israel took all the women of Midian captives, and their little ones, and took the spoil of all their cattle, and all their flocks, and all their goods... 'And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive?'... Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves. "


How could such a diabolical religion ever given birth do Christianity? The answer may be in the conquering of the middle east by the Persian Empire.

While the Persian Empire did not have the manpower to enforce its own Zoroastrianism on the nations it conquered, Zoroastrianism with its separation of good and evil into separate deities had a profound influence on the ancient religion of the Hebrews.

The Essenes adopted the Zoroastrian idea of a cosmic struggle between good and evil ( 1, 2, 3, 4 ) but their influence pales in comparison of the influence of the few Parathian magi (Zoroastrian king makers) who decided to visit Joseph and Mary one night in the year 4 BC in order to make their son the King of the Jews.

"In Jerusalem, the sudden appearance of the Magi, probably traveling in force with all imaginable oriental pomp and accompanied by an adequate cavalry escort to insure their safe penetration of Roman territory, certainly alarmed Herod and the populace of Jerusalem."


Who Were the Magi?

It was Jesus who divided the good from the evil in the ancient Hebrew religion. The good became known as Christianity and the evil became known as Judaism. The conflict between these two religious forces is the Zoroastrian path to Armageddon.

The Jewish (Essene) interpretation of the final battle is that the Jews fight the gentiles (the Romans) until the gentiles are exterminated by the Jewish Messiah (who is the antichrist in Christianity and Islam).

The Christian interpretation is that God is at war with the wicked who refuse to repent and who persecute his saints to their death. The Romans pesecuted the Christians because of the slander of Jews who wanted to nip the Christian heresy in the bud. They are the "Jews who are not Jews" and the "Synagog of Satan" to which the Book of the Revelation refers.

The Christian Apocalypse is not a war that Christians fight. It is a supernatural war of God vs. the wicked of this world not a war of mankind vs. mankind. Revelation is not a book "in which Christians can ventilate hate" but a book in which Christians can acquire hope - hope of salvation from the wicked forces of this world which are arrayed against them by the Jews who are trying to exterminate them - the exact situation in which the Palestinians find themselves right now.

By the way, it was not Jesus who cursed the Jews in the New Testament but the Jews who cursed themselves. They did so not by crucifying Jesus (Jesus forgave those to did that) but rejecting Jesus and his religion of love in favor of a religion of pride and arrogance as foreshadowed by the pride Adam who was seduced into wanting to be a god.

The Jews who cursed themselves are now extinct even though their religion lives on in the "Jews who are not Jews" (i.e. the enemies of the gospel as St. John described them).

Rome leveled Jerusalem in the year 70 AD as Jesus had foretold. The usual practice of Rome in those days was to enslave the men and send the women folk off into the Roman brothels. This is how the Cohens came to have Italian Y chromosomes (the "Cohen haplotype") and Jewish inheritance came to be passed down via the maternal line.

The fact that you can not inherit Abraham's Y chromosome from your mother and that the fact that his other chromosomes would have been diluted to nothing by the time of Jesus was not known by the rabbis in those days.

Switching to a maternal inheritance of Jewishness did not purify Jews of Roman genes as these rabbis hoped but rather guaranteed the extinction of Abraham's Y chromosome since the Jewish gene pool became flooded with Y chromosomes from the Kazars, Berbers, and Arabs during the brief period proselytization in which Judaism became a competitor to Christianity in going after the pagans for new converts.

It was, perhaps, inevitable that racist teaching of Judaism would call a halt to this expansion which, ironically, saved Judaism from total extinction. This is when Judaism created Islam in order to fight Christianity because it threatened to engulf the newly converted Jews in a one world religion.

But since Islam refused to reject Christ, Judaism would eventually turn on its own creation setting the stage for the medieval "clash of civilizations" between the Islam and Christendom. This led to the founding of America (Columbus wanted to make Spain strong enough to retake Jerusalem for the Catholic Kings).

The re-institution of the slave trade was a byproduct of the crusades which were partially financed by the newly converted Jews. As usury was forbidden to Christians by the Catholic Church, Jews were given a monopoly on banking and finance. The sack of Constantinople was therefore most certainly funded by Venician Jews.

It is probably no coincidence that the North African slave trade became dominated by the Sephardic Jews as they were probably descendants of pagan Roman slave traders and their Jewish concubines (remember the Cohen haplotype?). Judaism offered them a more profitable alternative to Christianity which opposed the slave trade.

The story of Cain and Able may actually be a reversal of what really happened in a metaphorical sense. In the bible story Cain was a farmer and his brother Able whom he slew was a herdsman.

But archaeology tells us that the ancient Egyptians were farmers and it was the Hykos (ancestors of the Hebrews known to archaeologists as the "Shepherd Kings") who came down from Canan and slaughtered their Egyptian brothers with their long battle axes and their newly invented chariots were herdsmen.

More recent political PR spin doctoring can be seen with the "Iron Dome" being touted as a defense against Gazan bottle rockets but how do we know that it is not really a gimmick to keep Mary Poppins out of Gaza?

A Man Has Dreams

After all, after they murdered her they did talk about Rachael Corrie as if she were some kind of witch.

Rachael Corrie: An Interview

Trionfo Publishing News Blog

August 27, 2014

The Myth-Taken Days of Summer

Myth-taken About Einstein

What Einstein Actually Said About Israel And Palestine

It is not unusual to find contradictory statements made by Einstein. According to some Einstein was an atheist; according to others he was constantly telling God what to do.

One "alternative" veiw is that:

"Einstein Opposed Creation of Jewish State...warned against mistreatment of Arabs."

What Einstein ACTUALLY Said About Israel and Palestine

That is not exactly what Einstein said in a letter to his fellow Jew Paul Ehrenfest.

"I get most joy from the emergence of the Jewish state in Palestine. It does seem to me that our kinfolk really are more sympathetic (at least less brutal) than these horrid Europeans. Perhaps things can only improve if only the Chinese are left, who refer to all Europeans with the collective noun 'bandits.'"

Letter from A. Einstein to P. Ehrenfest of 22 March 1919, English translation by A. Hentschel, The Collected Papers of A lbert Einstein, Volume 9, D ocument 10 , Princeton Univsersity Press, (2004), pp. 9-10.

Exactly what Einstein believed appears to depend upon who is talking about him and which audience he was addressing.

In the "Mechanical Universe" Einstein was described as being lovable - appearing to be like "everybody's favorite uncle." This is true, but it would be more accurate to call Einstein "everybody's tricky favorite uncle."

"I should much rather see reasonable agreement with the Arabs on the basis of living together in peace than the creation of a Jewish state. Apart from the practical considerations, my awareness of the essential nature of Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power"

Albert Einstein

Anyone who "knows his bible" knows that Judaism is based on "the idea of a Jewish state" - a theological state, that is.

That is the promise that the Jewish god gave Abraham which was realized when the "children of Israel" entered Canaan (ancient Palestine) in order to slaughter its inhabitants and steal the property of the people killed as commanded by the Jewish god.

The assertion that "Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state" can only be slyly supported by the passages in the bible which show that the Israelites demanded that they have a king which the Jewish god (i.e. the levite priesthood) opposed.

But the priestly butcher prophet Samuel relented and Saul was anointed king. Then just to show you the priests were right all along, Saul gets into trouble because he did not follow the Jewish god's command to the letter. Saul was supposed to:

"attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys."

Saul kept the good stuff an spared the life of the king of the Amalekites - Agag. Big no no in Sam's book.

So the priestly butcher prophet Sammy chopped Agag into pieces, took away the crown of Saul and gave it to David (who Saul was jealous of because the Israelites were saying David killed more gentiles than Saul).

This charming bible story is the theological basis for the Armenian genocide and the only theological basis for the statement that "Judaism resists the idea of a Jewish state with borders, an army, and a measure of temporal power."

When the Jews conquer the world and the gentiles are exterminated Judaism will have no need for any army or temporal anything, but until then it is necessary to "Amalekite the gentiles" standing in way of the creation of the state of Israel and the Jewish god's plan for Jewish salvation as was done to the Armenians.

The Armenians stood in the way of the creation of the state of Israel (as the Amalekites did in the bible) because they were the economic backbone of the Ottoman state. They were also the chief business competitors of the Ottoman Jews and according to the Turkish lore of the day - their superiors in business acumen.

"The Armenians are the Yankees of the Orient. They are the brightest, brainiest and smartest of all the people of Asia Minor. They are superior to the Jews or Greeks in business. The Turks say,

"twist a Yankee and you make a Jew, twist a Jew and you make an Armenian."

The Greeks say that "one Greek is equal to two Jews, but that one Armenian is equal to two Greeks." Another proverb current in Turkey is, " From the Greeks of Athens, from the Jews of Salonica, and from the Armenians everywhere, good Lord deliver us !"

I met the Armenians everywhere during my travels in Asia Minor, and I found them acting at the heads of all kinds of business...

They manage most of the banking business of the Turkish capital, and the large mercantile establishments there belong to them. When the riots occurred in Stamboul a few weeks ago nearly all the stores were closed, their Armenian owners fearing they would be looted by the mob.

When I visited the Government departments of the Sultan I found that though the chief officers were Turks, the clerks were, in most cases, Armenians, and the brightest man whom I met in Turkey was one of the Sultan's secretaries, who was of Armenian birth.

He spoke a half dozen different languages and was a man of great influence. There are Armenian engineers, architects and doctors in Constantinople, and when I got money on my letter of credit it was an Armenian clerk who figured up the exchange, and an Armenian cashier who handed out the money."

Armenian Massacres (Or the Sword of Mohammed)

The Sultan of the empire had refused to sell Palestine to the Jews, thus, In order to create the state of Israel, it was necessary to destroy the Ottoman Empire and remove the Armenians.

The Armenians were labelled "the Amalekites" - whom the Jews were supposed to destroy - massacred, their property stolen, and their positions in the Ottoman Empire taken by Jews under the orders of the crypto-Jew known to history as "Ataturk."

"Mustafa Kemal destroyed the fledgling Armenian Republic in 1920, and helped the Jewish Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union to enslave the People of Armenia. The Bolshevik Jews of the Soviet Union and the crypto- Jewish Donmeh of the "Young Turks" divided the Armenian homelands between themselves and destroyed the ancient Armenian culture. Kemal became the dictator known as Ataturk. "

The Young Turks

The Jewish Genocide of the Armenian Christians

Einstein did not originate many of the ideas in his "Theory of Relativity" with its "time dialation" and "curved space" nonsense.

Albert Eintein The Incorrigible Plagiarist.

The Einstein Myth and the Crisis in Modern Physics

Belated Decision in the Hilbert-Einstein Priority Dispute

The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein

He is given credit for these ideas, nevertheless, as well as credit for Newton's theory that light was made of particles - a theory which was revived when Newton's particles were given wave-like characteristics.

Einstein's "Theory of Relativity" claims nothing can travel faster than the speed of light because the mass of an object increases to infinity as its speed approaches the speed of light.

But, according to Einstein, mass and energy are "equivalent" i.e. E=MC^2 (an equation which Einstein is falsely given credit for). If light is energy and energy is matter then why does light not have infinite mass as dictated by Einstein's Theory of Relativity?

If light has mass then its path would be influenced by gravity just as Newton's theory of gravity and light would predict. There is no need to postulate "curved space." Space is the void through which matter and light travel. It is essentially nothingness. How can nothing be curved?

But if the great genius Einstein said it it must be true, right?

How Einstein Ruined Physics

In order to get you to believe that mass increases with velocity to infinity Einstein's special theory claims that inertial mass is different from gravitational mass. Then to get you to believe that space is curved Einstein's general theory tells you that inertia is the same thing as gravity. A "thought experiment" in which a guy is being lifted up in a rocket powered elevator is supposed to prove this.

All it proves is that Einstein's Theory of Relativity is double speaking nonsense. If gravity and inertia are the same then gravitational mass and inertial mass are the same. Therefore, Einstein's General Theory of Relativity contradicts Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity and vice versa.

Another myth is that Einstein was somehow some kind of great pacifist. It was this "great pacifist" who wrote the letter to FDR that convinced FDR that the US should build the atomic bomb.

It was intended to be used against the Germany which had humiliated him due to the flaws in his theory and his plagiarism. He had a soft spot for orientals and did not like the idea that the bomb would be used against the Japanese - especially after all the pictures of Japanese burned with radiation were released.

Atomic Cafe

Perhaps that is why he wrote to Ehrenfest:

"Perhaps things can only improve if only the Chinese are left."

Einstein, Oppenheimer, Teller, and Baruch

The Secret History of the Atomic Bomb: Why Hiroshima was Destroyed

Myth-Taken About Gaddafi

"(Thomas Dishaw) As United States imperialism continues to concur the globe and foreign leaders continue to get murdered by Government hit squads, it should surprise no one that the destruction of Libya was another globalists operation meant to destroy any piece of economic independence left in Northern Africa."

Don’t get me wrong, Muammar Gaddafi was a terrible, tyrannical leader in most respects, but when it came to economic independence and fiscal leadership, Libya was one of the few countries on the African continent that had any economic prosperity. They also had a leadership that wasn’t deliberately infused by the globalists to destabilize the region."

The Real Reason They Killed Gaddafi

No problem. You are a Neocon Jewish imperialist disinfo agent trying to fool us with commie propaganda. Right?

Qaddafi and Double

Dead Man Shown On Libyan TV Is Gaddafi’s Double. Real Gaddafi Is In Switzerland

Neocon Michael Ledeen on Turning the Middle East into a Boiling Cauldron

"One can only hope that we turn the region into a caldron, and faster, please, That's our mission in the war against terror. "

Michael Ladeen

Disinformationgate: Iran-Contra and the Israeli Lobby

Once you realize that this is what the Israeli Neocon Plan has been for Decades all this crap about "Arab Springs", ISIS, IS, and "Al Qaeda" (a word indicating using an upright "toilet" in Arabic phraseology) is easily seen as the baloney propandanda (used to mask US-Israeli psyops) that it is.

Qaddafi and Double

April Fools' Day 2012

August 22-23, 2014

Police Harassment: A Major source of City Revenue in Ferguson?

"fines and court fees comprise the second largest source of revenue for the city, a total of $2,635,400. In 2013, the Ferguson Municipal Court disposed of 24,532 warrants and 12,018 cases, or about 3 warrants and 1.5 cases per household."

Penny-Ante Police Harassment and the Poor

So government is a protection racket. So what's new? Less hassel with the Mob. They would just push over your vegetable cart until you pay your protection fee (for protection from all of the mugs out there who want to push it over.)

In Mexico (and cities like New York) you just pay the cop directly without the all the overhead. A lot cheaper.

Apart from the dubious and possibly misleading statistic of "3 warrants per household" (if every household in Ferguson got 3 warrants in a year the city government officials would rapidly lose their jobs come election day) there is something fundamentally wrong with using law breaking to collect revenue for the state:

It breeds disrespect for the law by encouraging law makers to make laws against things which should not be against the law and by encouraging police officers to trick citizens into breaking the law (e.g. "speed traps").

It encourages law makers to make laws which violate fundamental human rights such as the right to property. This exactly what Zoning ordinances and property taxes do.

The tax payer is defined as a "customer" and a "patron" but since when do businessmen sell their wares at the point of a gun? Since when do patrons support the arts under threat of fine and/or imprisonment?

Only when politicians convince them (often by extortion for donations) that they can use government to do so. "Government services" are provided whether the customer or patron want them or not.

The government provides jobs and gives benefits to some only by forcing others to pay. There is not much difference between that and invading a country in order to plunder its resources and divide up the spoils between one's friends and supporters - which is exactly what the US government is doing right now in the Ukraine and the Middle East.

In its essential form, the propaganda and lies used to justify the overseas slaughter is no different from the political propaganda and lies used to keep the gravy train rolling for the political hacks at home.

Ferguson: A "New World Order" PsyOp?

Ferguson PsyOp Exposed

All true, and very interesting, but I would hardly call what the criminals who are running the world today a "New World Order." It seems that they are doing their best to create as much disorder as possible. They have nothing to offer the world but chaos.

As seen below, they are apparently able to hire a mob to create a fake news event. When lies such as these are continually passed off as news what else can result but chaos?

These people are a threat to civilization and as such they should be dealt with. The biggest problem that society has is its ineptness in dealing with them. The internet, and videos like this one, may be the cure to this problem.

But people have to care enough about civilization to do something about it. I don't know about you, but personally, I believe that toilet paper and computers are better than leaves and drawing marks in the sand with radioactive stone tools.

Beheading Of J.W. Foley A Ridiculous Hoax?

Beheading Of J.W. Foley A Ridiculous Hoax?

Oh my goodness! How can anyone suggest such a thing with all the stories and videos about beheadings on the internet and TV?

Yet Another Beheading Video

I mean, that's like suggesting that they had Saddam's double on trial instead of the real Saddam and they did not even execute the double!

Saddam's Post Mortum

What is this world coming to?

The Muslim Brotherhood's Brutal Retakes

Trionfo Publishing News Blog

August 19-20, 2014

Ferguson's Mega-Corp Mega-Psyops

Six More Journalists Arrested in Ferguson Protests

Six more? One from each of the 6 megacorporations which control 90% of the US media? I did not know that there were real 6 journalists left in the USA. I thought that all the news in the USA was now manufactured in Washington DC.

"My brother very eloquently describes today's method of reporting as the three R's - rip, read, and write. The government takes advantage of this three R's method by employing their own news writers to feed the lazy media. There are a reported 10,000-plus federal employees who are responsible for inundating the media with press releases.

All a reporter has to do is rip a news release off his fax, and he's got his article for the day. And the real beauty of it is, he doesn't even have to verify the information or its source. It doesn't matter if the information is inaccurate or even a bald-faced lie - it's an "official statement from the government"

The Media's Role in Federal Government Cover-ups

Stelter must mean "political hacks" or "choreographers."

Citizen Kane Declares War on Cuba

When the US media comes clean on 9/11 then I will believe that they have 6 real journalists.

In the meantime, I will wonder how a 60s flashback leftist radical group - the Black Pathers - whose founder - Bobby Seale - went on trial with a bunch of agent provocateurs (the Chicago 7) - according to the late Sherman H. Skolnick in order to destroy the anti-Vietnam war movement.

The Anti-War Movement by Sherman H. Skolnick

Black Pather Leader Leads "Kill Wilson" Cheerleaders

It has been suggested that the "Chicago 7" should have called the group the "Chicago 8", but Bobby Seale was supposedly an outsider who did not work closely with the other 7.

Interesting that Skolnick, who was Jewish, never came to grips with "CIA-Rich" Marc Rich being Jewish.

His site also seems to have missed another black left wing 60s radical group which is famous for the kidnapping of Patty Hearst - Symbionese Liberation Army (an alleged CIA psyop) - although Skolnick does mention the Hearst newspapers in connection with the mob and airplane sabotage.

Big City Newspapers and the Mob

The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage

Patty is the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst - the real "Citizen Kane" (the real man upon which the fictional character was based).

William Randolph Hearst

According to Eustace Mullins, the Hearst family was Jewish and to disguise this fact they changed their name from "Hirsch" to "Hearst." Mullins suggests that William Randolph Hearst's interest in another famous kidnapping case - the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby - was motivated by a desire to cover up a Jewish ritual murder.

"Few people knew that the Hearsts themselves were Jewish, the original name having been "Hirsch". This fact gave further dimension to Hearst's interest in the case. He had forbidden any reporter to ever mention the words "Jewish ritual murder" in any story. "

The Lindbergh Murders: Bruno Richard Hauptman was Innocent The Prosecution And Defense Combined To Frame Him

Whatever the facts in the Lindbergh case, Mullins' treatment of the subject is so repulsive that it seems designed to tar-baby the subject in order to make it untouchable. But the proposition that William Randolph Hearst was actually a crypto-Jew does explain his desire to get the US to fight a war with Spain.

Spain expelled the Jews in the 1492 - the year that Columbus set off to find a short route to India. Some crypto families have held a grudge against Spain ever since.

The Jewish ancestors of the Bush family were involved in the "gunpowder plot" to assassinate James I of England who wanted to make peace with Spain.

"Father George and Barbara Bush are from the Pierce Bloodline that changed its name from Percy after fleeing England in the wake of the Gunpowder Plot led by Guy Fawkes to blow up the British Parliament and kill King James I in 1605. This event is still celebrated in the UK every November 5th. Bush ancestor Thomas Percy was one of the main plotters."

The Bush Family and the Gunpowder Plot to Assassinate James I

Bush Jewish Ancestor

Does President Bush Descend from Spanish Jewish Royalty?

Our Secret Heritage Crypto-Jews of South Texas

John Lennon's assassination has an errie similarity to the attempted assassination of Ronald Regan. VP GHW Bush would have become president had it succeeded. Besides Lennon being an atheist and exposing treasonous Bush family skeletons in his song "Remember", the senior Bush had another reason to dislike John Lennon.

"John Lennon was known for making off-the-cuff anti-Semitic remarks, often in Brian's presence such as the time when Brian asked the boys what he should call his forthcoming autobiography, John shot back, "

"How about Queer Jew "

The Beatles Were Once Banned from Playing in Israel

John Lennon on "Wasp Jews"

"Eastman is a Wasp Jew, man, and that's the worst kind of person on earth."

Rolling Stone Interview of John Lennon

There is no question that there was a conspiracy to disrupt the 1968 Democratic National Convention. That was the whole basis of the government's indictment against the Chicago 7. It is only when the government agent provacteur's go on trial in the court of public opion that the MSM shills start talking about "conspiracy theories" in order to denegrate those who question the official goverment line.

Bum Rushing Officer Wilson

"Bum Rushing" is a term which is used to describe anal sex, but in the case of Michael Brown's attack on the manager of the store which he robbed of expensive cigars it is being used to describe Brown's attack on the store manager from behind. Wilson's explanation to his friend is that Brown attacked him in the same way as he attacked the store manager.

The Michael Brown Bum Rush

August 16, 2014

Rushing to Judgement Day

"How many more innocents must die?" is the headline of the Jew-run Southern Poverty Center's piece on Brown, as if through a crystal ball, the Jews at the SPLC are certain that Michael Brown is "innocent."

Apparently, Richard Cohen, who penned the piece, decided, without any evidence, that the "guilty" cop was a perpetrator of racial profiling that led to him killing Michael Brown.

It's the same old story put out by the Jews who own and run the media in Jewmerica: The black man is the victim of "white racism."

It's Jewry's vicious campaign to malign, discredit, and destroy a White Christian power bloc in this jew-ruined country."

Brother Nathanael: Rush To Judgment On Michael Brown

I really do not like to talk about this "black" vs. "white" stuff. Being freckled myself I am always taken aback when filling out government forms asking if I am "white" or "black." Why does the US government insist that people be race conscious and classify themselves as to which group they belong to? Because it is run by polticians, of course.

But I would like to point out that there is a "Black Christian power" which is far more powerful than any "White Christian power" in this country. I taught science (allegedly) in a predominately black middle school.

I remember that while there was a big fuss going on about how the ACLU was kicking the bible out of America's schools and cowaring white Principals into submission, the black schools were singing Gospel songs and no Jewish liberal Democrat dared do anything about it.

Suggesting that only "whites" can be Christian and only "whites" can "love their country" not only drives a wedge between black and white Christians and between black and white conservatives, but it also drives away decent people of every complexion, religious faith, and political ideology.

That is not the way to bring Christian morality back to America. Blacks, are not only over-represeted in jails and prisons in the USA but, ironically, they are also more likely to be Christian than whites. And they are far more likely to be "bible-believing Christians" than whites.

"Compared to the other three ethnic groups, blacks were most likely in a typical week to attend church services, participate in a small group, attend a Sunday School class, pray or read the Bible, Barna said.

African Americans also were most likely to have an 'active faith,' which means attending church services, praying to God and reading the Bible during the week, according to the survey."

Barna: Blacks more likely to be Christian

Jesus never said "I was a monk so I got drunk." He said:

"I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me."

Luke 19:11-27

August 15, 2014

Robin Williams' "Money Troubles Not True"

People have jumped to the conclusion that Williams killed himself when murder made to look like suicide was epidemic during the Clinton administration. It was so common that they even gave it a name - Arkancide. Williams was a supporter of the Clintons at one time.

That very fact should raise a question about Williams' death as Clintons friends seemed to have been dropping like flies. Remember Ron Brown with the bullet in his head, Vince Foster, and Jerry Parks? No? then you had better check out the videos "Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection" and the "Rise and Fall of Bill Clinton."

Bill Clinton’s Rise to Power

Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection

So far we have only hearsay evidence with regard to Williams being depressed and the story that Williams was in financial trouble is not true.

Robin Williams "Money Troubles" Reports NOT True

So if Williams was not in financial difficulty then why was he "depressed?" Was is because he was on anti-depressants?

"the questions we should be asking are : was he prescribed SSRI’s (like Paxil)? What dose? For how long? and was he under psychiatric supervision when he died?"

What Killed Robin Williams? Was He On Anti-Depressants (SSRI’s)?

Interesting questions. Psychiatry has the highest suicide rate of any profession. A depressed shrink might have advised Williams on the best way to do it.

But seriously, a shrink would have written him a prescription for lithium which has been shown to reduce the suicide rate among manic depressives.

Not "Depression": Manic-Depression and Robin Williams

Williams was probably on lithium and if he was not he could have readily obtained it from any MD.

According to some of Williams "friends" he was "deeply depressed" and talked of suicide. But Robin's support of the Clintons at a time when the friends of Bill were dropping dead like flies suggests that he had questionable taste in friends.

Being a manic depressive, Williams being depressed would have been nothing new to his true friends - people who knew him well and liked him.

If Williams was not taking lithium and got depressed a friend might have asked him about lithium which he could have readily obtained it from any MD. There was no reason for him to have been embrassed about it. He made a fortune out of his reputation for being a screwball.

But a business associate is not necessarily a friend. Willams put his Napa Winery up for sale but then took it off the market - probably because he could not get the price he was asking because of the slump in real estate prices. Yet his real estate brokers say that it is still up for sale.

Robin Williams' Luxurious Napa Winery Still For Sale

Have real estate prices gone up that much? And how did Williams' brokers come to the conclusion that he would still like to sell the property? Did they contact the actor by holding a Séance?

August 14, 2014

Was the Last Film That Robin Williams Made a Snuff Film in Which He was the Star and Victim?

"Williams would not be the first celebrity to die in an autoerotic asphyxiation accident. Just a few years ago, David Carradine was found in a Bangkok hotel room after an apparent sex accident. Carradine was found with ropes around his neck in a similar position as Williams. According to ABC News, Carradine also used the closet to sexually asphyxiate himself with the ropes."

David Carradine

Did Robin Williams Die Of Autoerotic Asphyxiation'?

Not exactly an accurate description of what happened to David Carradine as you can see from the photo. Looks like someone was sending the celebrities in Hollywood a message: Don't get too big for your foreskins.

The message was a little more clear in the case of the the "Black Dahlia."

"Anyone that has dealt with the mob, knows this is the way they send a message. Elizabeth had been sodomized, raped, tortured, mutilated, and thrown in a public area. The mutilation of the mouth was the trademark of someone who was about to talk."

Elisabeth Short

The Murder Of The Black Dahlia

I was wondering how long it would take them to come out with that "autoerotic asphyxiation" crock. I first heard about the asphyxiation for sex thing on Good Morning America - a show which I remember Robin Williams was on. He made some sexual advances/jokes about Joan London.

I think it was London who told the story about how children - young teenage boys were doing this - not adults. It seemed to me to be rather strange at the time. Does the foreskin extend up to the neck? Rather weird in fact. Made no sense.

But now that I know about what pedophiles do to children - murder them at times - the story makes sense in terms of what might have happened to Robin Williams. Asphyxiation with a strap or belt was just the technique which was used to snuff Debra Harry in the movie Videodrome.



Exactly what the circumstances were in the case of David Carradine can only be guessed but the idea that he would strangling himself to get his rocks off is completely ridiculous. He was obviously murdered by criminal weirdos. You know. The kind of people who run the US government and media today.

ABC Celebrates Gay Marriage - ABC News

Police: Carradine's Death Likely Sex Accident - ABC News

Carradine met his death in a country which was known for its corruption and child prostitution.

Southeast Asia a Haven for Pedophiles - ABC News

In the case of Robin Williams, the lead is obvious. Williams was associated with Disney - which acquired ABC - at a time it was being run by a pusher of homosexuality and was implicated in pedophilia - which is almost always connected to homosexuals and homosexuality.

"ABC News has nixed a 20/20 newsmagazine story critical of parent corporation Disney, specifically its hiring and safety problems at the Disney World theme park in Orlando, Florida. The piece is based on the upcoming book Disney: The Mouse Betrayed.

The Disney-critical work--which contains such chapters as "The Lyin' King" and "Mickey Mouse Justice"--also includes copies of sheriff's reports at the park regarding alleged pedophiles. It also describes a rampant Peeping Tom problem. "

Big Brother: How many fingers

ABC Kills Anti-Disney Story

The pedophile haven has since moved to the Pacific Islands, by the way.

Pedophiles Targeting Pacific Islands children - October 14, 1999

Brother Nathanial on the Mendacity of Zion

The light of truth is breaking though but there is a long, long way to go.

It has been suggested that the alleged suicide of Robin Williams story is a distraction. There is some truth to that but there are far more people interested in this story than in Gaza or the Urkraine which even CNN has difficulty in finding on a map.

And if Robin William's alleged suicide was really a murder it may have much greater implications than many of the stories circulating in the "alternative media" right now - especially if the murder was a politically motiviated.

The fact Williams was used as a symbol of the "culture war" which I believe to be every bit as phoney as the "war on terror" suggests that there may be connection.

Though just how the suicide of a psychotic would help bolster the criminal US government's case that 9/11 was perpetrated by "sucide hijackers" may not immediately apparent, there have been many, many poltical murders of innocent people by the real criminal conspirators who were involved in 9/11. Was Williams one of their victims?

Many people (those who believe in heaven and hell) are very interested in whether Robin Williams has gone to heaven or hell. Jim Solouki and Martin Baker use this as an occasion to reinforce MSM/US government brainwashing on 9/11 and the phoney US government "war on terror." Why do they see a connection between Williams and 9/11?

"Mrs. Doubtfire. In this movie, Robin Williams plays a crossdressing homosexual father who tries to get back into contact with his children. While this movie is, on its surface, a story about a father’s love for his children, However, at its core, it was actually an early propoganda film for gay marriage. “Look Timmy, here’s a crossdresser raising children! It’s NORMAL!” This film is an ungodly abomination and should be kept away from your children and your families. Not only that, but he tries to emulate Freddy Mercury in the film! And Freddy Mercury is an ungodly heathen scum who is in Hell today.

Aladdin. Robin Williams was also a known Muslim sympathizer. The film Aladdin was an attempt by Disney to make America more Muslim friendly and tolerant. Did you know that America’s increased tolerance for Muslims led directly to the September 11th attacks? If Americans had been aware of the dangers of Islam, then 9/11 would never have occurred! They would never have been allowed on the planes! But look at what this film taught. Harems, and Muslims, and genies! Oh my! That’s an ungodly sequence of themes if I’ve ever heard of one!

Aladdin was a terrorist!

Did you know that Robin Williams was Muslim?

Muhammed is a disciple of the Devil. Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to heaven Armando. Do not let yourself be deluded by the Muslims who want only to crash our planes into buildings and to blow themselves up to kill Christians.

Did you know that Robin Williams sacrificed goats to Satan at the Bohemian Grove with Alistair Crowley? I saw that in an article on the internet.

Did you know that Robin Williams was a member of the evil Illuminati?

Let us pray that the suicide of Robin Williams will not inspire other people to kill themselves and cast themselves into the depths of Hell.

Suicide is the evil, easy way out of this life, and a sure ticket into Hell. God hates Robin Williams, and Robin Williams is being tortured in Hell with Michael Jackson, Judas, Charles Darwin, Richard Feynman, and Carl Sagan as we speak. Dear readers, do not follow in his footsteps."

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

Robin Williams in Hell!

These guys have no trouble with people insulting them. They come right back with their testimony and try to convert the person attacking them.

But challenge them on some of their basic assumptions which are based on MSM/US government propaganda and they clam up.

They have yet to respond to my post which does so. It uses no profanity or insulting language as the other posters have done yet it is still "awaiting moderation." Since they may never respond to my remarks (I have experience trying to reason with closed minded religious zealots who reject anything which does not agree with their theology) I will post them here.

"Good subject, but I am afraid that the world that you are living in is a Zionist fantasy land: A tall tale that would even make Baron Munchausen blush. Hollywood did a much better job of decapitating Robin Williams in that film than "Al Qaeda" ever did decapitating Nick Berg in the video which a medical doctor later declared to be a fraud.

Nick Berg decapitation video declared "a fraud" by medical doctor

The evidence suggests that the name "Al Qaeda" is a Mossad Joke used to show just how stupid goys are. "Ana raicha Al Qaeda" is colloquial Arabic for "I am going to the toilet." the name is derived from the Arabic word for "to sit." It is a reference to a foreign toilet upon which you sit. You squat when you use an Arabic toilet which is flush with the floor.

The scum that you are talking about worked for the Mossad. Take a good look at the plane that flew into the WTC. How did those "Islamic terrorists" ever manage to put that laser guided targeting navigation pod and missile onto the bottom of that airliner?

You know, the kind of technology that the US is using in the middle east right now to murder Islamic women and children in order to get the Muslims riled up enough so that they will fight back so that the war criminals can call them terrorists and keep making billions of dollars in their phoney war on terror.

This is the same thing that the criminal Israeli government is doing in Gaza: Murdering women and children so they can get their creation known as Hamas to fight back so that they can continue their ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from their homeland.

Your Jewish god had told them to do so: Spare not the women and children but "kill every thing that breatheth." Ministers seldom mention the genocidal verses in the bible. Nor do they talk about the time when the Jewish god lied by proxy when he sent a "lying spirit" into the mouths of his prophets to deceive Ahab.

Most are probably not even aware of the verse in the Talmud which say that a Jew must always try to deceive a Christian or the verses which liken gentiles to animals: "whose flesh is as the flesh of asses, and whose issue is as the issue of horses."

Like you the Zionists are on a mission from God and 9/11 was a Mossad false flag project planned at least 20 years before it happened. It was aided and abetted by traitorous criminals within the US. The Twin Towers in the WTC were brought down with thermite set off by remote controlled planes. Molten steel can be seen flowing out of the buildings in some photos. Airliner fuel can not melt steel.

Indeed, Larry Silverstein admitted "pulling" WTC #7 in a controlled demolition on national public TV which he later retracted for obvious reasons. Silverstein made billions on "terrorism insurance" taken out only a few weeks before 9/11/01. The buildings were a money loosing proposition otherwise. They were full of cancer causing asbestos which had to be removed.

The ancestors of the Arab Muslims were originally Christians. That is why Muslims venerate both Jesus and his mother as prophets. By contrast, the Talmud says that Jesus is burning in hot excrement in hell, that he practiced magic with his foreskin and that his mother was a whore who conceived Jesus by having sex with a Roman soldier during her menstruation."

Robin Williams in Hell!

There is no and has never been any separation between religion and government. Nor can there ever be. The very foundation of civilization and the government protection racket is based on religion. The first civilization - Egypt - was based on the idea of keeping the king alive in the another world to avoid chaos in this one.

The entire bloody history of twentieth century was due to the convergence of the twin forces of Zionism and the Jewish cult of Communism - complete with Jewish prophet - Karl Marx. The revolutionary Freemasonry of the 19th century which set the stage of the twentieth century was a secret religious movement backed by Judaism in its war against the Christian aristocracy of Europe which it destroyed.

One ignores this driving force in history at one's peril. It is the active driving force in world history today.

August 13, 2014

Robin Williams was Episcopalian?

"Robin Williams was a depressed man who was an Episcopalian and was struggling with Satan’s evil messengers. He is NOT in Hell merely because he lost this battle."

Robin Williams in Hell!

Williams was a manic depressive. Even if he had everything to live for he would still have bouts of depression and hyperactivity. It is physiological not mental. Manic depression is the only psychosis which psychiatry can do anything about or knows anything about as it is treatable with lithium. Schizophrenia is a psychiatric delusion.

It's all done with smoke and mirrors. Or, how to create the illusion of a schizophrenic brain disease

I always thought that Williams was Jewish. But a Jew would never make a joke about Jesus this way:

"And some people say Jesus wasn’t Jewish; yes he was. C'mon, 30 years old, lives with his parents, come on! He takes his father's business, his mom thought he was God’s gift, give it up!"

Robin Williams.

This sounds much more like Judaeophile to me: which gives one a clue as to William's death being a possible Arkancide (homicide made to look a suicide) rather than a true suicide.

"We hate equally anti-semites and philo-semites."

…Chaim Weizmann, 1st president of Israel

The Jewish producer of Seinfeld thinks that urinating on painting of Jesus is funny. Jesus on the cross jokes are a Jewish specialty. Jews are not suppose to even mention the name of Jesus in their home.

So the joke of the comedian is far more credible than anything that people who are taught that "Jews must always try to deceive Christians" have to say. History abounds with Jews pretending to be Christian for some sinister purpose. "Is it good for the tribe?" is the only morality that they know.

"The talented improvisational comic was born an Episcopalian, but the Jewish media accepted Williams as one of its own as word of his death spread."

Jews Mourn the Loss of Honorary Member of the Tribe: Robin Williams

Mork and Marsha Break up over Charlotte

Did Alimony Kill Robin Williams?

or was it him keeping a bimbo in a $10,000 a month apartment in Manhattan?

"It was his cheating that was said to eventually drive his wife to file for divorce after 19 years of marriage.

Williams met modern artist Charlotte Filbert about six months ago through friends and owns some of her paintings. Filbert lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, and comes from a well-to-do family. "

Robin Williams was cheating on his wife with 27 year-old artist

Looks like Charlotte is out of a trick. And frankly my dear, I don't give damn.

Did I say that this guy had a conscience?

August 12, 2014

Robin Williams Suffocates Himself to Death with a Pillow?

"How could of Robin Williams cause asphyxia to himself, when there wasn't any evidence ei: carbon monoxide fumes, plastic bag, rope, or other toxic fumes present that could lead to self inducement of death. Wherefore, if "asphyxia" was cause of his death, without the above materials found". Then it was asphyxia by SOMEONE else forcing the asphyxia, suffocation, to Robin Williams death."

Robin Williams found dead at home: suspected suicide by asphyxiation

When you have mystery you need a theory to begin your investiation of it. And what better theory than a conspiracy theory to explain the death of Robin Willians?

Williams was a Jewish insider. He was used to push the homosexual agenda in film and on TV but he also "felt the pain" of the homeless. "There but for the grace of Satan go I" - he must have thought.

At any rate, he had some kind of conscience which can be a dangerous thing those who associate with certain "progressives." Progress toward the pit can be a slow and painful process or it can happen quite suddenly.

"the Clintons had a lot of deaths among their enemies and people they considered had crossed them or may cross them in the future. The deaths listed here in theory should be enough but apparently the author thinks there are more than double that number. It seems common that these deaths follow these evil progressives "

20 More Bodies That do Not Matter to Hillary Clinton

Perhaps there will be a library to honor the casualties (murders officially declared to be suicides) some day.

Presidents and VP

William Jefferson Clinton Memorial Library

It could be that Robin felt the pain of the Gazan children and made his unpopular views known to the other insiders in which case he would have been put under constant surveillance. It is important to keep such celebrities informed about how many times they flush their toilet on their favorite morning show. Big Brother TV can keep them informed.

Big Brother: How many fingers

New Samsung TV Watches You Watching It

This conspiracy theory could explain William's renewed drinking after all of these years of being sober. His problem breathing may have been due to one of his progressive friends in the underworld dropping by to tuck him in making sure that his mouth got a good rest for the long night ahead. Don’t even need another Famy Malak for that one.

As Williams was probably on lithium for his manic depression, his progressive friend might have had a lot of fun zapping him with auditory microwaves. What could Williams say? "I am hearing voices!" They would just say "He's off his meds" as Dick Cheney once said about Newt Gingridge. But neither lithium nor a tin foil hat would have afforded Williams any protection.

On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study

A few minutes after posting Reuters reported that Williams hung himself and tried to cut his wrists with a pocket knife. A pocket knife? Give me a break. You eat an apple with a pocket knife. Now they are saying he hung himself with belt. Sure. That is what belts are for isn't it? And the police are still investigating? No wonder!

Apparently, these cops must have had some experience with murders made to look like suicide. And with Williams being a big Clinton supporter in the past (meaning that Hillary would be hitting him up for a big contribution this time around) that makes murder made to look like suicide (aka Arkancide ) a very likely possibility. Just hold a Séance and ask Ron Brown and Vince Foster!

Psychic Predicts Robin Williams Death In January 2014

Every "psychic" that Harry Houdini ever investigated turned out to be a fraud. And the predictions that the psychics make in the supermarket tabloids, invariably, turn out to be flops. So if a psychic makes a prediction about someone dying in the near future and that person is murdered or dies under suspicious circumstances, you can make a safe bet that her info came from the Underworld and not from the Netherworld.

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