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Who Can Censor the Internet?

Israel Shamir on Jewish Censorship in France

Cover up of the Attack on the USS Liberty

DBS interviews USS Liberty survivors James Ennes and Wayne Kyle (MP3 audio)

Douglass Reed on Jewish censorship in the Former Soviet Union

Kenneth Clark on Bastille Day

Israel Shahak on the duty of Jews to kill Jewish converts to Christianity

Reuven Schossen on the Discrimination Against Jewish Converts to Christianity in Israel (MP3 audio)

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February 15, 2010

Who Can Censor the Internet?

Sarkozy can!

"THE FRENCH PARLIAMENT has buckled under pressure and approved the Sarkozy government's authoritarian plans to censor the Internet."

Can-Can Sarkozy.

Daryl Bradford Smith, who lives in France, is afraid to talk about the "Holocaust", lest he be "eating out of a tin plate".

The suppression of free speech is tyranny.

Israel Shamir on Jewish Censorship in France

"The French may no longer respect Freedom of the Press, but the US is still honoring its Constitution.

The Flowers of Galilee is coming out in The United States in April 2004. The book was published by Editions Blanche, a subsidiary of Editions Balland on 9 October, 2003 and immediately a French Zionist website, called attacked my book. In a long and tedious diatribe, a Johan Weisz , insisted the book is criminal under ‘hate laws’ for it calls for the alliance of Christendom and Islamic World.

It was not surprising: the Jews arrogated to themselves the supreme right to decide whom the rest should love or hate. As if the two world wars in the last century won’t suffice, now they insist the Christians and the Muslims should fight to the end, for the greater glory of Israel.

My immediate publisher, good Franck Spengler of Blanche publishers, rejected the claims of the Zionist hate-mongers in a witty letter to the owner of Balland, Denis Bourgeois. But Denis Bourgeois received his job after proving his devotion to the cause on the position of the chairman of Calmann-Levy, a big Jewish publishing company. After hearing His Master’s Voice, Denis Bourgeois ordered the book off the shelves and to the stake . This is the way of Jewish influence: buying publishers, promoting their own devotees and eventually scrapping the freedom of press and the freedom of speech.

I have no quarrel with the Zionist site: they just do their usual worst. But the French stooges of theirs, the likes of Denis Bourgeois, who prepare the Judeo-American occupation of France, should be outed. They pave the road for the American tanks on their way from Baghdad, to Paris. They fully participate in destruction of Rafah, in massacres of Gaza and Jenin, in preparation of the assault on Damascus and Teheran. It is because of them President Chirac was forced into humiliating ‘condemning’ of the daring Dr Mahathir.

They have no arguments, but money and power they misuse to shut up the voices of opposition.

France can’t be free and lead the world to freedom until these stooges are exposed and denounced. "

Censorship in Modern Day France

The US may be still honoring its constitution despite the traitorous "Patriot Act" but only about 6 corporate monopolies control virtually all of the US media and these corporations are controlled by a single group with an ethnocentric and zionist agenda.

"In 1999, the Los Angeles Jewish Times ran an article entitled "Yes, Virginia, Jews Do Control the Media."

Four of the largest five entertainment giants," it announced, "are now run or owned by Jews. Murdoch's News Corp (at number four) is the only gentile holdout -- however Rupert is as pro-Israel as any Jew, probably more so." [LOS ANGELES Jewish TIMES, p. 14] (And who is the Executive Vice President at the News Corporation? Gary Ginsberg.) [WEINTRAUB, B., 3-4-01] "Time-Warner, Disney, Viacom-CBS, News Corporation and Universal rule the entertainment world in a way that the old Hollywood studio chiefs only dreamed of," noted the Jewish Week in 1999, "And, after all the deals and buyouts, four of the five are run by Jews. We're back to where we started, bigger than ever." [GOLDBERG, J.J., 9-17-99, 12]

Since Australian-born Rupert Murdoch is the lone non-Jew in the aforementioned pantheon of elite media moguls,

Jewish Media Mogals

Rupert Murdoch is Jewish by Jewish law because his mother is Jewish.

"Rupert (actually Keith Rupert) Murdochs father was Keith Murdoch (died 1952), his mother Elisabeth Joy (nee Greene) and yes her mother, Marie Grace de Lancey Forth was born from a Jewish mother. Rupert's paternal grandfather, Patrick John, was the REV., the maternal grandmother was Marie Grace de Lancey Forth, who was born in Warnambool VIC (Australia), HER mother Caroline Jemima (nee Sherson) was born to a Jewish family, hence by "Jewish law", making Rupert jewish.

The Jewish ancestry comes purely from the MATERNAL line and has squat to do with the paternal."

Is Australian billionaire broadcaster Rupert Murdoch Jewish or Gentile?

Cover up of the Attack on the USS Liberty

"After thirty-five years, James M. Ennes, Jr., a retired officer of the U.S. Navy, is still having difficulty prying loose documents that shed light on the worst peacetime disaster in the history of our navy. In this quest, he has encountered resistance by the Department of Defense, the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the book publishing industry, the news media, and the Israeli Foreign Ministry. "

They Dare to Speak Out

DBS interviews USS Liberty survivors James Ennes and Wayne Kyle (MP3 audio)

In the former Soviet Union a charge of "anti-semitism" was punishable by death.

Douglass Reed on Jewish censorship in the Former Soviet Union

"The Soviet Government had repeatedly complained about Russian news being published from Riga and asked why a correspondent was not sent to Moscow to see for himself, and the answer was always censorship. The censorship department, and that means the whole machine for controlling the home and muzzling the foreign press, was entirely staffed by Jews, and this was a thing that puzzled me more than anything else in Moscow.

There seemed not to be a single non-Jewish official in the whole outfit, and they were just the same Jews as you met in New York, Berlin, Vienna and Prague - well-manicured, well-fed, dressed with a touch of the dandy.

I was told that the proportion of Jews in the Government was small, but in this one department that I got to know intimately they seemed to have a monopoly, and I asked myself, where were the Russians? The answer seemed to be that they were in the drab, silent crowds which I had seen but which must not be heard of.

And then, looking farther afield, I saw the universal sign of the terrorist State, whether its name be Germany, Russia, or what not. Barbed wire palisades, corner towers with machine guns and sentries. Within, nameless men, lost to the world, imprisoned without trial by the secret police. The concentration camp, the political prisoners. In Germany the concentration camps held tens of thousands, in this country hundreds of thousands. "

Insanity Fair

Kenneth Clark on Bastille Day

"When the Bastille fell in 1792 it was found to contain only seven old men who were annoyed at being disturbed."

Civilization: A Personal View

The Talmud teachings on the duty of Jews to kill genuine Jewish converts to Christianity has been censored out of the English translation.

Israel Shahak on the duty of Jews to kill Jewish converts to Christianity

"In 1962 a part of the Maimonidean Code ... the so-called Book of Knowledge, which contains the most basic rules of Jewish faith and practice, was published in Jerusalem in a bilingual edition, with the English translation facing the Hebrew text. The latter has been restored to its original purity, and the command to exterminate Jewish infidels appears in it in full:

"It is a duty to exterminate them with one's own hands." In the English translation this is somewhat softened to: "It is a duty to take active measures to destroy them." But then the Hebrew text goes on to specify the prime examples of "infidels "who must be exterminated: "Such as Jesus of Nazareth and his pupils, and Tzadoqand Baitos [the founders of the Sadducean sect] and their pupils, may the name of the wicked rot."

Not one word of this appears in the English text on the facing page (78a). And, even more significant, in spite of the wide circulation of this book among scholars in the English-speaking countries, not one of them has, as far as I know, protested against this glaring deception."

Jewish History, Jewish Religion The Weight of Three Thousand Years

Reuven Schossen on the Discrimination Against Jewish Converts to Christianity in Israel (MP3 audio)

Reuven may no longer be with us. He and his website have disappeared from the internet.

Situation Grave - All Email Messages To And From Reuven And His Website Have Been Erased

Reuven Schossen on the Israeli Government "Changing Reality" Through Censorship (mp3 audio).

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