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Irish Bishops on the Protection of Pervert Priests

Daryl Bradford Smith interviews John DeCamp

Kay Griggs on the Perverts in Power at the Pentagon

Texe Marrs on Talmudic Pedophilia

Brian Viner on Jewish Prostitution in Argentina

Rabbi Jackie Mason on Jewish Girls wanting too look like Prostitutes

The Book of Numbers on Genocide and little Girls as Booty in War

Ms. A. C. Herts on Circumcision Perverts

Marilyn Milos' Doctor: no Medical Reason for Bloody Torture of Babies

Circumcision Watcher Mother Melissa Morrison would Have killed Dr. Baby Butcher if she had a gun

Trionfo Publishing News Blog

Trionfo Publishing News Blog

March 14, 2010

Irish Bishops on the Protection of Pervert Priests

"Referring to the Vatican's statement on the scandals, the bishops said they welcomed "its timely publication and specifically its reference concerning survivors of abuse that 'the correct starting point is recognition of what happened and concern for the victims and the consequences of the acts committed against them' and also that 'the Church exists as part of civil society and shoulders her own responsibilities in society.'"

The bishops' communiqué also noted the Vatican's reference to the 2001 Letter "De delictis gravioribus" [On grave crimes], and its affirmation that the document is "sometimes improperly cited as the cause of a 'culture of silence.'"

The Irish prelates clarified: "It was made clear to the bishops in Rome that the 2001 Letter in no way precluded Church authorities from their civil obligations especially in regards to reporting and cooperating fully with the civil authorities. "

Irish Bishops Welcome Vatican Statement on Abuse

According to Kay Griggs and John DeCamp to get to be a top civil authoritarian you have to join the club of perverts.

Daryl Bradford Smith interviews John DeCamp

"John DeCamp explains how he discovered that the bizarre stories were true; that government officials and other people were routinely raping orphans at Boystown; using them to smuggle drugs; and taking them to their parties. The people who engage in this rape and abuse are blackmailed by the criminal network. Many (or most?) people in top positions of government, media, school, and military were promoted to leadership because they can be controlled by blackmail. Orphans have been abused for centuries. Most people think it doesn't affect them, but ignoring the blackmail is allowing a criminal network to get control of our nation.

Furthermore, this pedophilia and blackmail is happening in other nations, also. "

Daryl Bradford Smith interviews John DeCamp

Kay Griggs on the Perverts in Power at the Pentagon

Kay Griggs on the Perverts in Power at the Pentagon

Nothing much seems to have changed since the days of Caligula.

In her September 5th 2006 interview with Daryl Bradford Smith, Kay mentions that a "Zionist anarchist" who worked at the Pentagon told her that he was warned not to come to work the morning of 9/11/01. The "financial wing of the Pentagon" containing the records of the trillions of dollars of Pentagon assets misplaced by Dov Zakheim was destroyed when something hit the Pentagon on that day.

"Dov Zakheim. Not many Americans know who he is, but they ignore him at their own peril. If for no other reason, a dual Israeli-American citizen as Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer of the United States Dept. of Defense should raise some eyebrows. He was also President Bush's senior foreign policy advisor during the 2000 campaign. He was Corporate VP1 at System Planning Corporation, a major player in the "Homeland Security" industry. One of the products that SysPlan sells is the Command Transmitter System, a remote control system for planes, boats, missiles and other vehicles . It's highly customable and configurable to interface with an almost limitless number of vehicle types. "

Dov Zakheim's Homeland Security biz and the remote control of aircraft

The chief cover upper in the JFK assassination and originator of the "lone nut" theory was closet homosexual, pedophile, and head of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover.

Hoover's sexual partners included big time bootlegger (and business partner of Meyer Lanski) Lewis Rosentiel and mob attorney Roy Cohn. We know this from Rosentiel's wife who filed for divorce papers after catching Cohn and her husband in bed together. She apparently did not buy the story that Lewis just wanted to talk things over with his lawyer in private.

The flag waving Cohn would later go on to try to swindle a senile Rosentiel out of his fortune. He was disbarred for forging Rosentiel's signature. It was Cohn who supplied Hoover with his little boys. Cohn died of AIDS.

Roy Cohn

It is claimed that Hoover's homosexuality resulted in him being blackmailed by Meyer Lanski who acquired pictures of him giving his boyfriend, Clyde Tolson, a blow job but Hoover was on the take. He got race track fix tips from Walter Winchell who got them from Frank Costello. Costello did not want to give the tips directly to Hoover because in his words:

"I got to be careful of my associates, They'll accuse me of consortin' with questionable characters."

Frank Costello

J. Edgar Hoover

Whether Costello was referring to Hoover as director of the FBI, to Hoover's cross dressing or to Hoover's pedophilia is anybody's guess. Perhaps his pun was a double- or triple entendre.

At any rate, Costello bragged that the mob had Hoover "in their pocket". Hoover was a Freemason and the Jewish-Italian Mafia ("The Syndicate" ) was a Freemasonic organization.

"Summers quoted Susan L. Rosenstiel, a former wife of Lewis S. Rosenstiel, chairman of Schenley Industries Inc., as saying that in 1958, she was at a party at the Plaza Hotel where Hoover engaged in cross-dressing in front of her then-husband and Roy Cohn, former counsel to Senator Joe McCarthy.

Susan claimed Cohn introduced Hoover to her as "Mary." Hoover allegedly responded, "Good evening." She said she saw Hoover go into a bedroom and take off his skirt. There, "young blond boys" worked on him in bed. Later, as Hoover and Cohn watched, Lewis Rosenstiel had sex with the young boys."

The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover

The cross dressing incident that Mrs. Rosentiel witnessed with Hoover may have been a gimmick to discredit her. LBJ got a $500,000 bribe from Lewis with Mrs. Rosentiel acting as a bag lady used to carry the money to Congress. Rosentiel saved 40-50 million in boos taxes.

FBI chief exposed as a secret transvestite

Hoover kept tabs on all the big whigs who might jeopardize his position at the FBI. He kept a thick file on Nixon which Clyde Tolson kept till his death.

A Canadian police wire tap showed that Meyer Lansky had access to FBI files.

Meyer Lansky

The murders and mysterious deaths of many witnesses to the assassination of JFK can only be explained by the killers having access to FBI files. Cohn's boss Meyer Lansky was a big supporter of Israel.

"Meyer Lansky donated large sums of money to his synagogue, Temple Sinai in Hollywood, Florida, to Brandeis University, and to causes related to Israel...has been very generous to Israel -- not only with personal contributions, but also by regularly turning over his Las Vegas hotels and casinos for Bonds for Israel rallies. "

Wall Street, Jewish / Israeli Ethics, and The World of Fund Raising

And Israel was trying to develop nuclear weapons at Dimona; a project which JFK was opposed to. Once LBJ was installed the objections to Dimona came to an end.

Opium Lords Israel, the Golden Triangle and the Kennedy Assassination

Not that people are not blackmailed.

According to Jim Condit the Vatican was basically blackmailed into its present corrupt position with regards to homosexuality and pedophilia in the Church.

Jim Condit on the Threat to Nuke the Vatican

And there is massive spying by the criminal friends of Israel on Americans to maintain control of America and to run interference for Israeli drug gangs and Israeli terrorists pretending to be Arabs.

Is Israel Blackmailling America?

The Israeli Spy Ring Part I

The Israeli Spy Ring Part II

Israel and 9/11

With Israelis being the "experts on terrorism" (because they, their friends and their dupes do virtually all of the terrorism) they are making a killing selling the peeping Tom machines.

How many of the airport scans will be sold to the Israeli porn industry is anybody's guess.

"Recently, former Homeland Security Secretary, Michael Chertoff, an Israeli dual citizen and Zionist Jew, has been on interview spree in favor installing more full-body scanners (an Israeli product) at US airports. He recently said in an interview on CNN: We could deploy the scanning machines that we are currently beginning to deploy in the US that will give us the ability to see what someone has concealed underneath their clothing. It was Chertoff who in 2005 initiated the purchase of the first batch of these Made in Israel scanners five from California-based Rapiscan Systems. Currently, 40 full-body scanners are use among 19 US airports."

Scannergate: Terror Scares A Boon for Security Grifters"

New scanners break child porn laws

But you can be sure that if pictures of naked kids or even the kids themselves are sent to Israel Americans will have a snowball's chance in hell of finding it out.

Texe Marrs on Talmudic Pedophilia

"In Rome, Italy, in 2000, Italian police broke up a ring of eleven top Jewish gangsters. It was discovered that they had been kidnapping Gentile (non-Jewish) children between the ages of two and five from orphanages, raping them, and then murdering the children. These despicable crimes were recorded live on film and sold throughout the infamous global "snuff film" industry. Over 1,700 customers had paid as much as $20,000 per film to view little children being raped and murdered.

Both the Associated Press and Reuters agencies reported this heinous crime on September 27, 2000 (Also see The Rome Observer, October 1, 2000). But few U.S. newspapers and none of America's TV news networks carried this shocking news story. Why?

When Italian TV broadcast scenes of the arrests of the snuff film perverts at prime time to more than eleven million viewers, Jewish officials went berserk. Claiming "blood libel," they demanded that the Jewish elite who sat on the board of directors of the Italian TV network punish those responsible for allowing this news to surface. It was done. The TV executives were fired.

One cannot help but wonder: Was it Judaism's most holy book, the Talmud, that put it in the hearts of those monsters to commit such brutish and evil crimes against children? After all, their Talmud says that if a grown man rapes a young girl under three years of age, "it is nothing." And Gentiles, according to the Talmud, may be killed practically without restriction. "

All Hail the Jewish Master Race

The "German disease" that Kay Griggs talks about is really an infection of the Jewish whorehouse culture that Germany acquired when the converted Jews migrated from Khazaria into Europe as the result of the overrunning of their empire by the Mongols during the middle ages. That is the true "Diaspora".

Brian Viner on Jewish Prostitution in Argentina

"of 60,000 Jews living in Argentina by the 1920s, 9,000 were involved in prostitution rackets. You have to admit it's a conversation stopper."

Jewish Chronicle

Rabbi Jackie Mason on Jewish Girls wanting too look like Prostitutes

"My daughter asked me, 'how do I look?' I said, 'you look like a hooker'. She said: 'reeeeeeeeeeeeeally!!!!? "

The reason why many Jews are so "liberal" when it comes to sex has to do with the sexual dysfunction caused by the genital mutilation of Jewish babies and to what has happened to the Jewish culture over the millennia (which is related to the religious rite of circumcision).

The land we now call Israel/Palestine has been conquered by just about everybody and his brother down through the ages, including: the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Califs of Islam, the Crusaders, the Ottomans, and the British (who were more into tea drinking than raping and pillaging due to Christian inhibitions on the latter).

In ancient times it was customary for empires to kill or enslave their male enemies while taking the women as concubines; except for the tribe of Israel who only took the little girls who were virgins.

The Book of Numbers on Genocide and little Girls as Booty in War

"And the children of Israel took all the women of Midian captives, and their little ones, and took the spoil of all their cattle, and all their flocks, and all their goods... 'And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive?'... Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves. "


The Mongols considered women to be booty.

It was the practice of the Assyrians was to castrate their male enemies who they had captured. They even castrated the dead, stuffing their genitals into their mouth as a warning to all of what would happen to them if they opposed their empire.

This may be the reason why the Jews who returned from Babylon despised the Samaritans and considered them to be Assyrians. The Babylonians, however, must have done much the same thing. The prophet Daniel, you will recall, was a eunuch.

"In ancient Egypt captured warriors were often mutilated before being condemned to the slavery. Amputation of digits and castration was common, but the morbidity was high and their resultant value as slaves was reduced. However, circumcision was just as degrading and evolved as a sufficiently humiliating compromise. Eventually, all male descendents of these slaves were circumcised. The Phoenicians, and later the Jews who were largely enslaved, adopted and ritualized circumcision. In time, circumcision was incorporated into Judaic religious practice and viewed as an outward sign of a covenant between God and man (Genesis XVI, Fig. 2) "

The History of circumcision

The male population of Judah was so devastated by Rome in 70 AD that Judaism had to switch from a patrilineal descent system to a matrilineal descent system just to survive. It also had to engage in a brief period of proselytization and forced conversion via the slave trade followed by the modern denial that it had never happened.

Judaism must have come under the domination of the sons of Roman slave traders who were raised as Jews. The only Jews to still practice Patrilineal descent are the Cohens and they have Italian Y chromosomes.

"the Cohen modal haplotype is the most common haplotype among Southern Italians and Central Italians "

Studies of Cohens and Levites

The slave trade went hand in hand with war as enemy captives were invariably turned into slaves. Despite the distain that Crassus (Laurence Olivier) had for Peter ustinov (Sempronius Gracchus) in the fictional movie "Spartacus" the real Marcus Licinius Crassus and other aristocratic Roman generals must have owed their fortunes to the slave trade.

Prostitution and slavery were a huge part of the "military industrial complex" of the day and probably the main driving force for war and empire building.

Pagan aristocrats fancied themselves as being the descendant of gods and this gave them an excuse to exploit their fellow man. Unlike Christianity Judaism, likewise, declares that its believers to be the superior descendents of a god and hence a master race of demigods chosen to rule the lessor beings of the world.

Pedophila comes into play when the "master race" begins inbreeding to keep the genes (and the money) all in the family. Inbreeding brings out recessive alleles which cause such conditions as progeria (premature aging), hemophilia, and various forms of lunacy. Infantile circumcision (genital mutilation) and having the bloody penis sucked by a rabbi probably makes a big contribution in the pedophila/lunacy department.

In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated child

"I'd like to exchange stories/fantasies with people (male and female), who find a adult male circumcision as an erotic event and who have fantasies and/or experiences about circumcision. I find an adult male circumcision including a pregoing examination of the penis and foreskin, discussion on it, diagnosis and the operation itself sexually very arousing and I think that the origin and original motives of circumcision include much of sexual and homoerotic elements."

Circs make me HARD!

Ms. A. C. Herts on Circumcision Perverts

"What turned me off the whole circumcision scene was to read a report recently about a bunch of men nursing erections as they watched a shrieking baby having his foreskin cut away. When I contemplate the perfection and symmetry of my little boy's body, including his penis, I feel a sense of pride at having produced such a beauty, and I shudder that there are perverts, like I describe, who would actually take pleasure in marring his perfection."

In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child

Marilyn Milos' Doctor: no Medical Reason for Bloody Torture of Babies

"I'm sobbing. The baby's screaming. The doctor's cutting. There's blood everywhere. And the doctor looked into my face and said, 'There's no medical reason for doing this.'"

Circumcision Watcher Mother Melissa Morrison would Have killed Dr. Baby Butcher if she had a gun

"It's absolutely horrible. I didn't know how horrific it was going to be. It was the most gruesome thing I have ever seen in my life. I told the doctor as soon as he was done, if I had a gun I would have killed him."

In Memory of the Sexually Mutilated Child

Infantile circumcision also damages the brain and may lead to violent behavior in adults.

"Today, Jacob is nine years old and is severely brain damaged. He cannot walk, talk or care for himself in any respect."

Alaska Law Firm Settles Lawsuit With Family of Brain-Damaged Boy

"There's something deranged about anyone who persists in circumcising babies after being confronted with the facts."

Infant Circumcision: The Perfect Crime

"Last weekend, nurture had its day, at a meeting at the New York Academy of Sciences on the childhood causes of violence. Several strands of findings presented by researchers at the weekend conference pointed to the same conclusion: brutality and cruelty to children can leave a clear mark on the chemistry of the brain. And those changes in brain chemistry may be the route by which a brutalized child becomes a violent adult...

One animal study that was particularly telling showed that normally mild-mannered golden hamsters that were threatened and attacked when they were young, and that grew up to be cowardly bullies, had lasting changes in the brain circuitry for two neurotransmitters that regulate aggression. And parallel data from several long-range studies of large groups of children show that those who were childhood victims of abuse or neglect were the most violent as teenagers.

Several studies presented at the conference showed that children who were abused or otherwise severely stressed in childhood were far more likely than others to be violent as teenagers or adults. And, again, some of the data implicated changes in serotonin or related neurotransxmitter systems".

Early Violence Leaves Its Mark on the Brain:

Listen to the sound of a baby being Circumcised

The Roman slave trader hypothesis is supported by the fact that the only Jews to still practice patrilineal descent are the Cohens and the Cohens have Italian Y chromosomes. And it explains why the prostitution and pornography businesses have been historically dominated by Jews.

"Lee M. Friedman, a one-time president of the American Jewish Historical Society, wrote that in Brazil, where most of the Africans actually went, "the bulk of the slave trade was in the hands of Jewish settlers." ...

Says yet another Jewish writer of the Jews of Cura'ao, "Almost every Jew bought from one to nine slaves for his personal use or for eventual resale." Seymour B. Liebman in his New World Jewry, made it clear that "the ships were not only owned by Jews, but were manned by Jewish crews and sailed under the command of Jewish captains."

"Moshe Kahan stated bluntly that in 1653-1658, "Jewish-Marrano merchants were in control of the Spanish and Portuguese trade, were almost in control of the Levantine trade...were interested in the Dutch East and West Indian companies, were heavily involved in shipping; and, most important, had at their disposal large amounts of capital." ...

Jews in the South were of the merchant class, according to a Jewish historian, having developed "a separate and distinctive accommodation to the plantation economy." The Southern planters depended upon these merchants to move their produce to market as well as for a source of supplies and financing..."

Jews and Slavery

Who Brought Slaves to America?

Jewish Tribal Rerview: Sex/Prostitution/Pornography department Part 1

Jewish Tribal Rerview: Sex/Prostitution/Pornography Department Part 2

Jewish Tribal Rerview: Sex/Prostitution/Pornography Department Part 3

Jewish Tribal Rerview: Sex/Prostitution/Pornography Department Part 4

Pagan Slave traders must have been attracted to Judaism because Christianity, unlike Judaism, considers all people to be equal in the sight of God.

This is a fatal point of view in terms of slavery and organized prostitution (“white slavery”). Jews were also afforded a greater tolerance than Pagans after Constantine converted Pagan Rome into the Christian Byzantine empire.

And after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD Judaism had to undergo a brief period of proselytization in order to survive.

It is during this period of history when a phallus worshiping Turko-Finnish tribe (who were believed by their contemporaries to be the descendants of Gog and Magog) known as the Khazars were converted to Judaism. These are the Ashkenazi Jews of today.

"Jews were accepted into Khazaria with open arms. Enterprising Jews quickly founded a flourishing market in Itili (today's Astrakhan), becoming "middlemen" between Western and Eastern traders, between Asia and Europe, between the Caliphate and Byzantium, between Ancient Rus (whose rise was just beginning), India and China. One particular type of merchandise which Jewish tradesmen quickly monopolized, and which gave them hundredfold profits, was "live goods", slaves. These slaves were even given a special name: "sakalaby", which translates as "slavs". Many authoritative researchers consider that Khazarian tradesmen's main "startup capital" was made on just such "live goods". "

The Three Khazarias -- the three main components of Judeo-Nazism

95% of all Jews in the world are Ashkenazi Jews

The Thirteenth Tribe

Now, if we use a little Mendalian genetics we can see why even the Sephardic claim to being the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is ridiculous, as this geneology of Christ demonstrates:

Each generation from the time of Abraham would loose 1/2 of Abraham's chromosomes. That is Abraham's chromosomes would be diluted by half each generation. So by the time of Esrom or the 5th generation onwards only the male line could be certain of inheriting at least one chromosome from Jacob.

Switching from a patrilineal descent system to a matrilineal one would completely loose track of Jacob's Y chromosomes which we know that even the Cohens do not possess.

The "seed of Abraham", if it ever existed, must have been totally wiped out as a result of the Roman rape of Judaea in 70 AD.

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