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April Fools' Day or Doubles for Dolts

Double Talk by Joe Vialls (aka Ari Ben-Menashe)

Ari Ben-Menashe: Israel Sells Arms to Iran

Alan Sabroksy: Russia Sells Iranian Missile Control Codes to Israel

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April 1, 2012

April Fools' Day or Doubles for Dolts

Allan Sherman is famous for his song "Camp Granada" which pokes fun at the fad in the late 1950s of parents shipping their kids off to camp during their summer vacation from school.

I remember staying at summer camp only one day with my brother in New Jersey. We both hated it because they made us undress in front of the other Kids who made fun of us because our pubic hair had not yet developed. So the song "Camp Granada" by Allan Sherman really hit home with me in 1963 when I first heard it.

At the end of the song, after making up reasons to go home - trying to fool his parents (an appriate song for April Fools' Day) - Sherman gives into the summer camp industry (which was very big in Jersey at the time) and decides that camp is fun.

I do not remember it that way - but then, I did not stay "one whole day."

Camp Granada

There are about 300 million people in the US, so there must be almost a million people born on this day. My mother was one of them, so I am keenly aware of the sensitivity of many people to the issue of April Fools' Day.

But what with all of the stupid lies being published in the media these days and some people actually pretending to believe in them and pretending to take them seriously, I have decided to make fools and the people who trick them a major topic.

Take, for example, the yo-yo policy of the Israeli government on this issue of whether to bomb Iran or not on the phony pretext that Iran has or is in the process of developing nuclear weapons. One day, Iran has to be bombed, the next day, there is no problem, the next day we are back to the urgency of bombing Iran, and so forth ad nauseam.

Gives one the distinct feeling that this is really about the internal politics of Iran vis-ŗ-vis Israel getting a piece of the Zagros oil fields more than about nuclear weapons. According to Joe Vialls Israel got its oil for free from the Shah, and according to Ari Ben-Menash (who some say was/is Joe Vialls) Israel sold Iran weapons during the Iran-Iraq war.

Double Talk by Joe Vialls (aka Ari Ben-Menashe)

"Late in the afternoon of 11 February 1979, a strange crackling voice could be heard on the radio from Tehran. The announcement was short but electrifying, "In sedaay-e enghelaab-e mardom-e Iran ast!" , literally meaning "This is the voice of the revolution of the Iranian people!" Analysts at both the CIA and the Mossad were taken completely by surprise, because both organizations were convinced the Shah would stay on his Peacock Throne for a thousand years.

The revolutionaries did not spend all of their time listening to the pitiful screams of the dying Savak torturers, but sent teams down to the oil terminals to permanently shut the gate valves on Israelís free oil supply Ė for ever.

Within weeks the Jewish State managed to replace the Iranian supplies with oil from Mexico, which, as always, was funded by unwitting American taxpayers, but it just wasnít the same thing as having your own tame Shah just around the corner, and a fleet of Iranian supertankers waiting to discharge free crude at Eilat.

It is no exaggeration to say that the current problems in the Middle East can be backtracked directly to the fall of the Shah, and the resulting cessation of free crude oil supplies to the Jewish State.

There is no doubt that the Zionists played a major role in Gulf War One, especially in setting up Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait.

Their ultimate goal was a full invasion of Iraq designed to undermine that nationís national security, but George Bush Snr chickened out at the last minute and decided to play the game by UN rules, which required only that the Iraqis be removed from Kuwait. This was a body blow for the more rampant Zionists, who already had their eyes on Iraqi crude oil as a replacement for that of Iran.

During the nineties the Zionists penetrated deeper inside the US political and military establishment, seeking to warp and distort intelligence to their advantage, and through this find ways of getting America to act again as surrogates, sacrificing American men and women in combat for the greater good of the Jewish State.

One of the more obvious ways of warping intelligence was recently exposed as the "Office of Special Plans" in the Pentagon, an "office within an office" run by some of the most unsavory people in America, for example Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Douglas Feith, with Dick Cheney directly responsible for liaison in Tel Aviv.

American Vice President Cheney Bows Before His True Masters

This particular unit is relatively new, but Cheney is the continuity link from one generation to another. Defense Secretary under George Bush, Cheney is an obsequious servant of the Zionists, who has been doing everything he can to undermine America in favor of the Jewish State, for at least fifteen years."

...When the end finally comes for Israel, it will all be over in microseconds. Flying faster than rifle bullets, the Sunburns will approach Tel Aviv and Haifa at twice the speed of sound, detonating in blinding white 200 Kiloton flashes designed to instantly transform animal vegetable and mineral into heat and light."

Russia Ready to Vaporize the Jewish State

What Joe Vialls does not tell you is that, in addition to selling sunburns to Iran, Russia sold (or gave) the control codes which control those missiles to Israel.

And as the alledged alter ego of Joe vialls, Ari Ben Menashe, tells us, Israeli arms manufacturers sold weapons to Iran during the the Iran-Iraq war and brokered the deals of others - including the illegal sales which helped fund the Contras.

Ari Ben-Menashe: Israel Sells Arms to Iran

"In February 1987, while [Senator John] Tower was investigating a minor part of the sales to Iran, the Joint Israel-Iran Committee, together with Robert Gates, ran the biggest-ever arms supply operation to Iran.

Under the noses of the American people, 4,000 TOW missiles were flown out of Marana Base in Arizona to Guatemala and were shipped through Australia, where they were temporarily parked in the western part of that country...

From Israel: 128 U.S. tanks; 200,000 Israeli-made Katusha rockets said to have been "captured" from the PLO in Lebanon; 122mm artillery shells; 105mm artillery shells; 61mm rockets; 51mm rockets; air-to-air missiles; small arms; tens of millions of rounds of ammunition.

Israel became very good at copying weapons and alleging that they had been captured in Lebanon, while the reality was they had come out of Tel Aviv factories...

As for the Silkworm sea-to-sea missiles from China, they were brokered for Israel by Saul Eisenberg."

Profits of War Inside the Secret U.S.-Israeli Arms Network

Alan Sabroksy: Russia Sells Iranian Missile Control Codes to Israel

Excerpt: Daryl Bradford Smith on the control of Russia by Zionist Jews

(from interview with Alan Sabroksy - wave file)

Johnathan Pollard sold just about every secret the Pentagon had to Israel which in turn sold the secrets to the Soviet Union. Russia sold Iran sunburn missiles which are unstoppable by any aircraft carrier defense system.

But Russia also sold Israel the control codes to those missiles according to Daryl Bradford Smith - see interview below with Alan Sabrosky. This may have been deleted from the mp3 file.

At any rate, Sabrosky retorted that Jacques Chirac gave the control codes to the Exocet missiles it sold to Argentina to Margaret Thatcher, yet Argentina was still able to use those missiles successfully against British warships.

Daryl Bradford Smith With Dr. Alan Sabrosky Part I

Daryl Bradford Smith With Dr. Alan Sabrosky Part II

The Iranian people may not have wanted nukes before but, after all of this harassment by Israel's holyarchy and their proxy puppets in Washington, I would not be surprised that they want them now.

The Israeli goverment is obviously using its own nuclear weapons as an existential threat and bullying tool to get what it wants - If one assumes that the whole story about Mordacai Vanunu's persection by Irael is true.

Mordechai Vanunu: About My Case

When it comes to "by deception thou shalt do war" Israel, you can take nothing for granted. It is always best to start with the assumption that the Israeli goverment and their proxies in Washington are lying and then to try to find out what they may be up to with unbaised, truthful reporting - if such exists anymore in today's world - may be it never did.

Vanunu's story may be true, but then nuclear deterrents (and blackmail) are based on the perception of nuclear weapons, not on their actual existence.

One has to assume, however, that since JFk was assassinated most likely because he threatened to cut off aid to Israel if the Israeli Prime Minister Eshkol did not let him inspect the Dimona nuclear reactor, that Vanunu's revelations about the Dimona nuclear reactor being a breeder are true.

JFKís Letter to Eshkol About Dimona

The cowardly hypocrites in the American fraudocracy are falling all over themselves to threaten Iran (even with nuclear annihilation) debasing themselves at ever lower levels in order to please the world wide Zionist political machine.

Their Zionist masters would not stop even if Iran gave up its peaceful nuclear energy program, which it should as nuclear waste is an expensive and dangerous proposition. It has long been a political hot potato in the US as to where to put it so the Zionist morons who took over Washington decided to dump it in middle east in the form of "depleted uranium" munitions.

Now the Iraqis, eventually Europe and all of the world will suffer the consequences of the folly - of the US and NATO's low level nuclear warfare - for that is what the use of DU really is.

"At the Saddam Teaching Hospital in Basra, Dr. Jawad Al-Ali, a British-trained oncologist, showed me photo albums he kept of dead and deformed infants that he believed were linked to DU. There were photos of infants born without brains, with their internal organs outside their bodies, without sexual organs, without spines, and the list of deformities went on and on."

UN Member States Must Demand Action Against NATO War Crimes

Are these are the faces of your future children?

Here are some interesting faces.

Gaddafi's Double was Killed

Gaddafi's Ties to Rothschild & Jewish Oligarchy

All of the photos on Bollyn's page about Qaddafi except one are actually of his double - Ali Majid Al Andalus. Andalus is shown with Nicolas Sarkozy, Tony Blair, and Obama. Were the world "leaders" (i.e. Zionist puppets) really fooled or did they know all along? Think about it. Qaddafi harbored - the worlds most prolific terrorist hijacker - who was probably a Mossad asset - Abu Nidal.

Why would these world "leaders" want to be seen with such a notorious character if not to give credence to the idea that Andalus was the real Qaddafi?

The real Qaddafi was invariably clean shaven as all Arab military officers are required to be, but his double almost always had the Yasir Arafat look - a fad which was apparently started by Abu Nidal.

"Mr Gaddafi told Stirring Trouble that he is enjoying his new life in exile, contradicting all those stories that he wanted to die a martyr.

"When you have several billion dollars, like I do, dying is the last thing that is on your mind,"

he said with his tradition nod and a wink that he does so often.

"I may look stupid, but Iím not an idiot."

Dead Man Shown On Libyan TV Is Gaddafiís Double. Real Gaddafi Is In Switzerland

Nidal probably worked for the Mossad. Besides killing 600 Palestinian enemies of Israel, Nidal made sure that all Palestinians he recruited were unshaven on the pretext that only army officers shaved every day.

Once a Palestinian joined his organization he was terrorized and under constant surveillance by higher ups in Nidal's organization - who also were under surveillance - a tactic which originated in the Jewish Ghettos of Europe, according to Douglas Reed.


PLO leader Yasir Arafat always looked like he needed a shave. He never had a full beard or was clean shaven. He always looked like a bum - the stereotypical hollywood "dirty Arab" - as opposed to the clean shaven Paul Newman Exodus - look.

This was very bad PR in the US and a coup for the Israeli government which wanted to portray Arabs as terrorists, suggesting that Arafat was secretly working for Israel. One Palestinian leader claimed that he was a "Moroccan Jew."


Bollyn is not alone in being fooled by a double. It is a constant amazement to me that the most ridiculous trial in history - the trial of Saddam's double - could have happened with so many people swallowing the hogwash.

Mrs. Saddam says Defendant not Her Husband

"Iranians are laughing about it. In the orchard around Saddam's hideout, the dates are on the trees! Everyone in Iraq knows that dates are harvested in the hottest part of August. The dates on the trees and the color of the trees tell us the photos of Saddam's hideout were taken in summer. This is late autumn."

Date Trees and Flies in the Ointment: The U.S. "Capture" of Saddam Hussein

The criminals who try to pass off the doubles as the real thing often photoshop the double to make him look like the real thing and photoshop the real thing to make him look like his double. After they killed his double they photoshopped Qaddafi's neck on to the head of the dead man to make him look more like Qaddafi - who had a neck like a turkey buzzard (i.e. like a vulture)

This is easy with today's digital technology as the photo above shows. It is easy to put a mole on Qaddafi's double and to remove the mole from Qaddafi's face using a little cut and paste. It is harder to give the double an underbite or an overbite, or raise his cheekbones convincingly to make him look more like the real thing.

9/11 is riddled with doubles, and doubles have played a big role in the falsification of history.

The 9/11 Charade Continues

The Hitler-Rothschild Connection

Stalin's Double Finally Tells His Story

Obama-Look-Alike #2

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