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Christmas 2012

Christmas Videos

Santa in Syria

Santa Santa Everywhere

Massacre of the Innocents

Lies Told about Columbine

Hanukkah: A Celebration of Slaughter

"Merry Christmas" is an Anti-Semitic Remark?

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Videos

The Living Christ Series (1951)

This is a reverent rendition of the life of Christ is good to watch on Christmas because of it's coverage of the navtivity.

It is historically inaccurate as Assyrian documents say that the reason why Assyria did not invade Judah as it invaded the Northern Kingdom of Israel was that it paid tribute to Assyria.

Judah, which did not get along with the Northern Kingdom of Israel, may even have allied itself with the Assyrians against the Northern Kingdom for it excommunicated the Israelites on the pretext that they refused to remain racially seprate from their Assyrian captors thus "polluting the Holy Seed." An ironic state of affairs as the Judahites themselves were converts to the Hebrew faith as are today's Khazars.

The Zionist founders of the modern Jewish state chose the name "Israel" for PR puposes.

Controversy of Zion: The End of Israel

Christianity has preserved the original Hebrew text which time and again has been corrupted by the Judahites and their Levite predecessors. Unfortunately, some popular renditions of the Gospel such as the TV miniseries "Peter and Paul" accept the corrupted Masoretic text as describing the Christ's mother as being a "young woman" when the orginial Hebrew text said "Virgin."

"The Virgin in the prophecy became "a young woman" in their rendering. Since then, the Jews have made and/or influenced dozens of translations into all languages, while ferociously defending their own Hebrew version, the MT, as the only legitimate primary source."

Translating the Bible into Hebrew By Israel Adam Shamir

Some characters are invented to make the film more interesting.

The Living Christ Series Part 1/3
The Living Christ Series Part 2/3
The Living Christ Series Part 3/3

The Starry Dance

The Starry Dance (Text to speech for Internet Explorer)

Star of Bethlehem (Text to speech for Internet Explorer)

Evidence for the Census in Luke 2:1 - Part 2

Evidence for the Census in Luke 2:1 - Part 3

Evidence for the Census in Luke 2:1 - Conclusion

Armenian Christmas Music

Merry Christmas!

Santa Box

Santa takes odd jobs off season. Here is Santa working as an astronaut.

Santa has also worked as a piano tuner, a submarine commander, a bull fighter, a TV engineer, a cheerleader, and a beach comber. He has worked for the Coast Guard, and for the CIA.

While working as a Broadway writer,

Santa revealed the astonishing fact that he is of Khazar heritage, as his native language is Jeebrew. Jeebrew is actually not a Semitic language. It is Yiddish with a few Arabic words added so that the Hewish people can understand what the native Semites are saying about them. Jeebrew has Hebrew letters in it because the Jeebrew king decided to teach his people to read and write in their own language (they already knew how to espeak). So he imported some rabbis from the middle east to teach them.

Santa in Syria

Santa Santa Everywhere

A Few Days Before Christmas and Santa Santa Everywhere

Baby Jesus Behind the Wall

Merry Christmas!

Grinch Box

Massacre of the Innocents

The massacre of the innocents episode in the TV miniseries "Jesus of Nazareth" is particulary revelant this year as it shows the lengths that politicians will go to maintain their power.

Sandy Hook massacre: Official story spins out of control

Although there is no hard evidence as yet, the similarties between the fumbling attempt to pin the Newtown Massacre on Lanza and his brother look very much like the terrorist false flag gone bad in Norway. Israel had to resort to pinning it on a "lone nut" Neo Nazi with Mossad connections.

Massacre in Norway Mossad Strikes Again

Oslo Attacks Links to Israel

Mike Harris Blames Israel for Newtown Massacre

Israeli death squads involved in Sandy Hook bloodbath: Intelligence analyst

Flashback: Lies Told about Columbine

Michael More's pseudodocumentary "Bowling for Columbine" should have been called "Gulag Groupies Groping for Gun Control."

Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Evan Long on Columbine Massacre (November 2, 2007)

Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Evan Long on Columbine Massacre (November 3, 2007)

More's Hollywood agent just happens to be brother of Rham Emanuel who is the son of a Zionist terrorist who was a member of the Israeli assassination squad which murdered UN peace envoy Count Bernadotte" in 1948.

Why Do Jews Commit Massacres?

Hanukkah: A Celebration of Slaughter

Hanukkah: A Celebration of Slaughter

"But what is Hanukkah? I have been told by Jews that all their celebrations, are celebrations of massacres"... FolkPhotographer

The Globalization Of Hanukkah

"Merry Christmas" is an Anti-Semitic Remark?

"I went to a natural healing apothecary here in Frisco last Tuesday to buy some "healing" supplements and said to the owner as I walked in, 'Merry Christmas,' out of the goodness and kindness of my heart and the Christmas spirit.

The owner scowled and said, 'Happy Holidays'

I answered, "I don't celebrate holidays dear Dr Kim. As far as I'm concerned there is only one holy day in December and that's Christmas....

I went to the Post Office and there was a letter from the Apothecary in my box...

there was a typed letter inside the envelope stating that because I made some "anti Semitic" remarks during my shopping trip that I was BANNED from shopping in the store."

My Journey Into The Orthodox Church

An Electronic Christmas Carol

Sorry, couldn't resist this personal power packed pun this Christmas season.


I delinked the Evan Long's "Columbine Cause" youtube videos because after reading the transcript I think that it is disinfo piece. You can read the cached transcript here:

Official Transcript of The Columbine Cause

The piece is misleading because it suggests that the shooters were neo-nazis when they were, in point of fact, Jews who were planning to abscond to an unnamed foreign (can you say Israel?) after they carried out their odious deed.

The shootings nothing to do with psychoactive drugs Hitler's birthday, Satanism, pedophila, homosexuality, or tricycle racing in raincoats. The "Trenchcoat Mafia" was a protection racket for Jews like the JDL and the ADL. And like the state of Israel is.

The Columbine Killers

Columbine Super Detailed

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