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Victims of Government Treason Call for a Real Grand Jury Investigation of 9/11
The Lying Politicians Who Killed the Heros: Dying First Responder to 9/11 Tells the American People to "Avenge Us!"
Impossible Lies They Want You to Believe About The "New Pearl Harbor"
Silenced US Navy Veteran Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews James Ennes and Wayne Kyle on the Treasonous Recall of the Planes Sent to Rescue the USS Liberty from a Treacherous Attack on the USS Liberty
Evidence Pointing to Israel Being Behind the 9/11 Attacks with the Aid of Traitors in the Bush Adminstration
Israel did 9/11 All The Proof in the World
911 Evidence of Treason
Molten Steel Burns Gapping Hole in NIST's Pack of Lies
The Planes of 9/11 Were Under Remote Control
Chrystopher Bollyn on the United Airlines Flight 93 landing at Cleveland International Airport
Bonesman Bush uses Waco "Bones Guys" for 9/11 Autopsies

News Blog Current Topics
Trump's Money Trail Leads to Shell Corporations in Delaware
Russian Oligarch Mobsters Linked to Putin, Trump and Netanyahu
Trump Child Rape Victim Katie Johnson Withdrew Her Lawsuit Because of Death Threats
Bimbo Bombs Away: Madsen Uncovers Mossad Russian Jewish Mafia Bribes to 100 Trump Bimbos
Israel Was Not Attacked By Iran But By Syria Which Has the Right to Do So Under International Law
New Info on Trump/Epstein Rape of Little Girls Oozes Out of the Trump Swamp
Red Cross Dispells Hasbarat Lie
Brits Hand Tony Blair His Head
Trump and Macron Shilling for the Rothschilds
Memorial to Buchenwald Concentration Camp Inmates Annihilated by Putin's KGB

News Blog Topics

Page 1
Super-Thermite Found in Dust from World Trade Center
Peter Myers: The Fatal Flaw in Holocaust Denial
The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed
Joe Vialls Predicts Nuclear False Flag on San Francisco
Is the "War on Terrorism" the Fourth Opium War?
Dishonest Abe Foxman at it Again

Page 2
VP Confronted with WTC Super-Thermite Evidence
Organ Trafficking Rabs Busted
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Complains about Israeli Nuclear Weapons
Former Head of Army Intelligence says 9/11 was a Fraud
Fortieth Anniversary of "Give Peace a Chance" Release

Page 3
Anniversary of 9/11
What's that thing that looks like a 3rd engine?
It's on my VCR recording I made on 9/12/01 too!
Streak of Light
Pod on the cover of Newsday
No questions asked even by "alien autopsy" inquiring Fox News!
Bryant Gumbal Interviews Tony Amos on Hollywood Central Casting of 9/11 Actors (wav file)
Mohammed Atta's Double Does not Sound Egyptian
Chrystopher Bollyn on UA Flight 93 Landing at Cleaveland International Airport
Voice Cloning Software
The Real 911 conspirators: Naming Names
Pertinent Exerpts from "The Panama Deception":
"FBI has no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11"
Ari Ben-Menashe: Arial Sharon's Role in Iran-Contra

Page 4
Solving 9/11
Update 7/29/15

Page 5
Zbigniew Brzezinski Advises Obama to Shoot Down Israeli Planes if They Attack Iran
Ari Ben-Menashe on the US and Israel Selling Weapons to Iran
John 7:13 "Howbeit no man spake openly of him for fear of the Jews."
Sajida Hussein on the US Tovernment Trying to Convince her that Saddam's Double is her Husband

Page 6
Theologian Demolishes the NIST Report
Right to Bear Arms Argument: Correction #1
Right to Bear Arms Argument: Correction #2
Benjamin Freedman on Jews Controlling Post WWI Germany
Douglas Reed on Adolf Hitl-er
The Mind of Adolph Hitl-er
Naeim Giladi on "Cruel Zionism"
Mark Weber on The Nazi-Zionist Haavara Agreement
Mark Weber on the Nazi-Zionist Military Alliance
Insane murderous hatred of Gentiles and Christians in the Talmud
Paranoid teachings in the Talmud
Meir Kahane on why the World Hates "The Jew"
More Ashkenazis

Page 7
Hundreds of Mossad Agents Caught Running Wild in America
Suppressed Footage of Explosions at the World Trade Center
The Fort Hoodwink Massacre
FBI Agent Provocateur Edam-Salem
Mukasey's Refusey to Recusey
Mukasey and Hellerstein: Twin Pillars in the Fight Against 9/11 Truth
Correcting Jerry Mazza's Disinformation
Nicole Bagley: Mossad Agents on the CIA's Payroll
Victor Marchetti: The CIA is a Secret Tool of the President - Every President
Rahm Emanuel: Deputy Chief and Thug for the Mossad in North America

Page 8
New Fatima Movie
Testimony of O Seculo's Avelino de Almeida
Symbolic Marian Prophecy in Revelation 12:1
Symbolic Marian Prophecy in Genesis 3:15
Eyewitness Accounts of the Miracle of the Sun

Page 9
Pearl Harbor Day and 9/11: Two Dates Which will Live in the Annals of Infamous Treason
Mohammmed Atta and His Stunt Man
USS Liberty Memorial of More Infamous Treason
Archibald Maule Ramsay on President Roosevelt's Role in Starting World War II

Page 10
The Christmas Star of Bethlehem
Rev. James D. Kennedy on the Gospel in the Stars
The Protoevangelium and the Virgin Birth of Christ
We Three Kings

Page 11
Happy New Year of Our Lord 2010 AD (Anno Domini not CE or "Common Era") according to the Venerable Bede (673-735 AD)
The invention of the "Common Error or CE" is an Insult to Christ from Orach Chaiim 113
Thomas Jefferson on Unalientable Rights Being Derived from God
Daryl Bradford Smith interviews with Jim Condit Jr
Israel Shamir calls for the "de-Jewification" of the Israelis
Jewish Writers Denounce Zionist Neocons for Driving USA Into Wars
Who Are The Neocons?
The Neocons and 9/11
Michael Collins Piper on the ADL Spying on America
The Leo Frank Case and the Creation of ADL
Update: The Leo Frank Case and the Creation of ADL

page 12
Afghan Government Demands Arrest of US "Death Squad" who Handcuffed, Executed 8 children. US Refuses
Rabbi Joseph Crooll on Setting Gentile Governments against each other for Zion
Joe Vialls: "Flight 77 shown in death dive as Ehud Barak demands attack on Iraq"
Genocide of half million Iraqi children for Greater Israel "worth it"
Harun Yahua on Israel's Balkanization policy for the Middle East
Joseph Caiaphas' Failed Scapegoat
Robin C. Miller: Five Decades of Israel's crimes against humanity
Kawther Salam on Israel's use of Flesh Disintegrating Weapons against the Palestinians
Arkancides for Israel

Page 13
Kuwaiti Foreign Minister says that Israel's Prime Minister Is Stupid and Insane
Israel Shamir on Contagious Jewish Paranoia
Dr. Arnold A. Hutschnecker (Nixon's Psychiatrist): Jews are Crazy and it's Catching
Douglas Reed: 90% of WWII German concentration camp inmates were Gentiles
Rabbi Yaacov Perin: A million Arabs are not worth one Jewish Fingernail
Tehran Times: Israel has 150 nuclear weapons
Mordechai Vanunu: Israel Must Be Held To Same Nuclear Scrutiny as Iran
Saint Rachel Corrie to Palestinian Kids: Bush and Sharon are Crazy

Page 14
Alagebrium: 2010 - A Breakthrough Year in Aging Research?
Mark Twain: "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated"

Page 15
Desert Lies: "Does-one-holocaust-justify-another one?"
Douglas Reed on the true nature of the Nazi persecution during World War II
Benjamin Freedman on the The Kol Nidre
Elizabeth Dilling on the Talmud
Benjamin Freedman on the Talmud
Melvyn Bragg on the Selfish Gene
Jayne Gardener: The Abortion Industry as Jewish Genocide
Douglas Reed on Adolf Hitler
Benjamin Kubelsky on Jewish Extremism
Holocaust Porn in Israel

Page 16
Who Can Censor the Internet?
Israel Shamir on Jewish Censorship in France
Cover up of the Attack on the USS Liberty
DBS interviews USS Liberty survivors James Ennes and Wayne Kyle (MP3 audio)
Douglass Reed on Jewish censorship in the Former Soviet Union
Kenneth Clark on Bastille Day
Israel Shahak on the duty of Jews to kill Jewish converts to Christianity
Reuven Schossen on the Discrimination Against Jewish Converts to Christianity in Israel (MP3 audio)

Page 17
Hungarian Lawmakers Make Holocaust Denial Illegal
Orson Wells on Hungarian Cookbooks
Israeli Special Ops Forces will Help to Control Hungarian Gentiles

Page 18
Irish Bishops on the Protection of Pervert Priests
Daryl Bradford Smith interviews John DeCamp
Kay Griggs on the Perverts in Power at the Pentagon
Texe Marrs on Talmudic Pedophilia
Brian Viner on Jewish Prostitution in Argentina
Rabbi Jackie Mason on Jewish Girls wanting too look like Prostitutes
The Book of Numbers on Genocide and little Girls as Booty in War
Ms. A. C. Herts on Circumcision Perverts
Marilyn Milos' Doctor: no Medical Reason for Bloody Torture of Babies
Circumcision Watcher Mother Melissa Morrison would Have killed Dr. Baby Butcher if she had a gun

Page 19
Happy Easter Bunny from the Folks at the FED!
Ben Bernanke Admits to Milton Friedman that the FED caused the Great Depression
Professor of Economics Todd A. Knoop: Modern Economics is a Joke
Andrew Jackson on Central Banking
Andrew Jackson on Financial Reform

Page 20
Remembering Saint Cecilia on Good Friday
Roman Senator Apollonius: Witness for Christ
Tertullian on the Spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire

Page 21
Holy Saturday

Page 22
Resurrection Day

Page 23
Cameramen Must not Embarrass the US Military
Uncle Sammy Taking Orders From Bibi?

Page 24
April Pansies Pestering the Pope
InkaDinkaDoo: "Eclipse of the Church?"

Page 25
Ready for Earth (Peak Oil and Global Warming) Day?
The Man-Man Global Warming Hoax
Jalousies Wide Open = no Green House Effect.
Earth Day Update
Computer Models of Global Warming.
Simple Experiment that Anyone Can Do to Disprove Man-Made CO2 Global Warming

Page 26
Dishonorable shooting of 2 Palestinian Women and a Woman from Malta Raises the Ire of the Maltese Government
Kawther Salam on the Arabic Toilet Bowel (Al Qaeda)
Voltaire on the Siege of Malta
Douglas Reed: Judaism as Terrorism
Motto of the Mossad: "By way of deception, thou shalt do war"
Paranoid teachings in the Talmud
Meir Kahane on why the world hates "the Jew"
Genocidal Teachings in the Talmud
The Jewish Genocide of the Armenian Christians: "the Amalachites"
Armenians as Competitors to Jewish Businessmen in the Ottoman Empire
Chaim Weizmann, Henry Morgenthau, and Felix Frankfurter as conspirators in the Armenian genocide
Chaim Weizmann's Contempt for Christian Zionists
The Biblical Warrant for Genocide

Page 27
Remembering Princess Diana and Land Mines on This Mother's Day
Five Intelligence Agencies Spied on Di
Joe Vialls: Zion Did Dianna

Page 28
Earth Day Supplement: The Gulf Oil Rig Explosion - Did someone put Superthermite in the Cement?
Texe Marrs on Dick Cheney Hunting "Human Animals"
Rabbi Menachem Schneerson on the Jewish and non-Jewish Species
Talmud Sayings as Summarized by Benjamin H. Freedman
Mohammed Rafiq on the Modus Operandi of Zionist Terrorism
Selling Oil Theft as Israel's Raison D'être
Israel's Greenwash Day
Rose Cohen: "Bin Laden is Jewish"
Ari Ben-Menashe: Israel as the Biggest Arms supplier to Iran
John Lennon: "Show Business is an Extension of the Jewish Religion
Mel Brooks on Cute Nose Jobs
14 Explosions Heard on the Gulf Oil Rig
Jim Condit Jr. on the Big Six Media Vote Fraudsters
Necon Scam: North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig
Iran Renews Offer to Help with Gulf Oil Spill

Page 29
False Flag Memorial Day
Beijing Detects Neocon False Flag Plan to Start Trouble with North Korea
Chaim Weizmann Admits: "There Never Were Any Pogroms"
Lyndon Johnson was a Crypto Jew
JFK Killed to Save Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program
Marilyn Monroe: a Shiksa Convert to Judaism
Jack Ruby Did not Die of Cancer: He Absconded to Israel
Ariel Sharon: Americans Know Jews Control America
Elizabeth Dilling on the Jewish Look
Danny Steinberg: Crypto-Goy
A "Light onto the World" or a "Blowtorch to the Genitals?"
Israel Shamir: Jewish Censorship Creates a Distorted View of Reality
Douglas Reed on the Destructive Mission of Judaism
Robert Oppenheimer: "Now, I Have Become Death, the Destroyer of worlds."
The False Flag as a Ritual Sacrifice
Benjamin Freedman: Facts Are Facts
The Real Warrant for Genocide is in Deuteronomy
Benjamin Ginsberg: Half of US Billionaires are Jews
Ted Turner: "Christians are Losers."
Israel Shamir: "No Jew Is Free"
Circumcision as a Sign of Being a Slaves to Sin
True Christianity
Isaac Asimov on His Khazarian Roots
Moishe Dyan: P rovoke and Destroy
Arthur Koestler on the Racial Differences between Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews
Charles Pope: The Gospel According to Egypt
Henry Makow: Most Jews are Khazars
Arthur Koestler: 95% of Jews are non Semites
Genghis Khan on Happiness
Golda Maier: The Palestinians Do Not Exist
Moshe Katsav: Palestinians are From a Different Galaxy
Ehud Barak Compares Palestinians to Crocodiles
Menahim Begin: Palestinians are Beasts walking on two legs
Raphael Eitan Comares Palestinians to Drugged Cockroaches
Rabbi Yaacov: One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail
Yitzhak Shamir: Smash the Palestinian Heads Against boulders and walls
Rose Cohen on the Jewish False Flag Stategy

Page 30
Israel Slaughters Humanitarians
Israel's Plan to Kill Peace-nicks
Christopher Bjerknes: Documenting the Armenian Genocide
Gaza flotilla Activists Were Shot in Head at close Range
Christopher Jon Bjerknes on Israel's Attack on Humanitarian aid to Gaza
Sayanim: Israel's Little Jewish Helpers
Israel killed More Than 9 Threw Wounded Into Sea
Defenders of the Mavri Mamarra
Hillary the CIA Agent Provocateur
Bad Jew Skolnick
Suing the Federal Fraud Machine
Dov Zakheim and the Missing Trillions
Qui tam

Page 31
Palestinians "Don't Believe in Torah" Says Schumer
Timeline of Jewish Persecutions
Timeline of Jewish Atrocities Against Arabs in Palestine
Naeim Giladi on Cruel Zionism's Iraqi False Flag
Century of the Levitical fallacy
Menachem Begin Admits Israel Started Six Day War
Elizabeth Dilling: The Talmud Reverses Every one of the Ten Commandments
Judaism Sprang From Akhenaten's Monotheism
The Exodus in Egyptian Sources
Old and New Testaments Finger Akhenaten as the Moses of the Bible
The Foreskin is Necessary

Page 32
Henry Makow Promotes Alleged Mossad Agent Provocateur
Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Reuven Schossen
Reuven Schossen on Michael Korn
Carol Valentine on the Fake Opposition
The Good Shepherd
Sheeple on Wolf Speel
Reuvin Schossen on the Israeli Government "Changing Reality"
Michael Korn Denys That He is a Mossad Agent

Page 33
Armada of U.S. and Israeli Warships Head for Iran
Army Suicides Highest in 26 Years
Suicide or Arkancide: That is the Question!
The Clinton Body Count
Likely Jewish Zionist Gangster Assassinations
Witnesses Murdered in Arkansas Rein of Terror
Bill Clinton on Murder
Benjamin Freedman on Act III
Tehran Times on Israel's Nuclear Arsenal
Mordechai Vanunu: Israel Has Been Making 10 Nuclear Bombs per Year Since 1976
Jim Condit on Nuclear Blackmail Against the Vatican
Rachel Corrie to Palestinian Kids: Bush and Sharon are Crazy

Page 34
Siege takes toll on Gaza children
Israel Shamir on the Grossley Disproportionate Percentage of American Billionaires Who Are Jewish
Napoleon Bonaparte on the Miraculous Ascention of Shylocks in France
Archibald Maule Ramsay: Debt Sets the Stage for Media Control, Paralysis, and Revolution
David Ben Gurion on Who is a Jew
Benjamin Freedman: Zionists are Thieves
Napoleon Bonaparte: "Jews are the master robbers of the modern age"
Goat Skins of the Spiritual Descendents Jacob the Impostor
Curt Maynard on AshkeNAZI Bill White
American Jewish Historical Society White Washes Slave Trader Aaron Lopez
Uncle Joe Lieberman: "China Can Shut Down The Internet, Why Can't We?"
Preparing the Way for More Bolshevik Killing Fields
Fake Opposition Update
Israel did 9/11: All the Proof In the World!

Page 35
Pots of Hessian Gold for the US Congress?
U.S. Invades and Occupies Pakistan
Sarah Silverman's Hatred for Jesus
The Talmud: Teaching Jews to Hate Jesus and Chistians
Rabbi Leon Spitz's Psycholgical Projection of Jewish Hate onto Gentiles
The Devil and Daniel Webster and The Synagogue of Satan
Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild: Control of Money More Important Than Who Makes the Laws
Nathan Rothschild: The time to buy is when blood is running in the streets
The Specter of Karl Marx
The American Revolution was About the control of Money not a Tea Tax
Benjamin Freedman: Zionists Seek World Domination
The Protocols of Deuteronomy
The Synagogue of Satan
The New Testament God is no Respecter of Persons
Israeli Kickbacks to US Politicians
Plato's wheel of Politics

Page 36
Pope Pacelli Lied to "Save Jews?"
John Paul II Tears Down Auschwitz Crosses to Please Christ-Hating Rabbis
Crystal Night: A Zionist Scam
The Talmud Says Jews Must Always Try to Deceive Christians
Haavara Transferred Jews to Palestine With Their Wealth
Gentile Victims of Nazism Magically Transformed into Jews
Ignored Gentile Concentration Camp Inmates Agree: Number of Jewish Victims of Nazism Monstrously Exaggerated
Douglas Reed on the Nazi Anti-Semitic Scam
Douglas Reed on Terrorism and Enthocentrism in Literal Judaism
The World War II Jewish Shuffle
The Torah Demands That Jews be Persecuted and Gentiles be Punished for their Persecution
Israeli Jews Killing Iraqi Jews for Zion
Nazism is a Jewish Scam
Adolf Rothschild: The Big Kahuna of the AshkeNAZIS
Douglass Reed on The Floating International Government of Zion
La Kosher Nostra
Jewish Commie Butchers Claiming to be Survivors of the Fictional Holocaust
Nordic Kids Transformed Into Jews by Holocaust™ Propagandists
Nero The Anti-Christ Became a Convert to Judaism Says the Talmud
Jews who Are Not Jews But Are The Synagogue of Satan
Is the Star of David the Mark of The Beast?
The Hyksos: the Hebrews of the Bible
Transcendental Christianty
The "Torah" Calls God A Liar
Machiavellian Immorality: The Theology of Talmudic Judaism
Living in Truth: Archaeology and the Patriarchs
The New Testament Says that God Can Not Lie

Page 37
The 9/11 Charade Continues
Goofy Government Trial of 911 Patsy - Dopey Double of Khalid Sheik Mohammed - Hits Snag
Double your Money with Terrorism Insurance Larry Admits pulling WTC 7
William Anderson on How Jews Forced America into World War II
Thought for the Day From Whatreallyhappened Dot Com August 5, 2010
Victor Marchetti: The CIA is an Instrument of the President not a Rogue Agency
Thought for the Day From Roseanne Barr

Page 38
Obama Appoints his Bosses to the Fed More Paper Money for Jewish Wars
Obamas Nominees to the Federal Reserve board ALL Jewish
Congressman Louis McFadden On the Federal Reserves Gigantic Train of Crime
Congressman Louis McFadden On the Federal Reserve Sending Gold to Germany
Niemöllers Thought for the Day is a Fabricated Quote
Benjamin Freedman on Jewish Control of Post World War I Germany
Zionists Bankers Drafted of the Versailles Treaty with Another World War in Mind
Emil Ludwig: Hitler Will Have no War But He Will be Forced Into It
Otto Warburg: Rothschild's man in Nazi Germany
Haavara not Holocaust Was Hitlers Zionist Policy
Zionist Control of Woodrow Wilson
Shyster Sam Declares a Jewish Holy War Against Germany
The Smell of Jewish Incense
Churchill Bombed Civilians in Order to Force Hitler into War
Why Did Hitler Let the British Escape at Dunkirk

Page 39
HIV as The Cause of AIDS: Denial is not a River in Egypt
HIV-AIDS Hypothesis Satisfies Koch's Postulates
HIV Born on Koprowski Day
Humans Got HIV from a Low Life Chimp
The Warburg effect: Damaged Respiration is an Effect not the Cause of Cancer
The Warburg effect is Caused by a Derangement in Magnesium Metabolism in Cancer Cells

Page 40
Happy Mexican Independence Day!
Crypto Jews of Texas
Bush Family Descend from Sephardic Jews
Castro is a Crypto Jew
Diana (Castro) Hagee Hates Her Jewish Nose
Ariel Sharon: Jews Know How to Hate

Page 41
Columbus Day: The Vilification of Columbus and the Spanish Inquisition
Fifteen Percent of the Jewish Population of Argentina involved in Prostitution in the 1920s
Racial Slavery: an Invention of the Jewish Religion
Rabbi Jackie Mason on Jewish Girls wanting too look like Prostitutes

Page 42
Remembering Gravis Mushnick this Halloween Season
Spoof of 1950s Public Service Announcements: Playing with Matches
Hollywood Goes to War Against Monsters with WWII Army Surplus
Palestinian Children Do Have a Sense of Humor

Page 43
CNN Celebrates October-Faust With a Bomb Blast in the Philippines
The "Chicago 7" Were CIA Agent Provocateurs
Michael Ledeen: Turning the Middle East in to a Boiling Caldron
Kawther Salam: Ana raicha Al Qaeda is Colloquial Arabic for "I am going to the Toilet"

Page 44
Allhallows Day and the Myth of the Vampire
The Torture and Murder of Saint Simon of Trent
Professor Van Helsing on the Power of Ignorance
Skinless Bleeding Baby Weenies are Kosher?
Genesis: The Spirit is in the Blood

Page 45
A Patriotic Plea to American Veterans of All Wars This Veteran's Day November 11, 2010
US Military Targeting Civilians
Concentration Camp Workers Killed by Allied Air Raid (American Bombs)
Victims of American Firebombs

Page 46
National Geographic's Thermate Debunk Debunked
Neocon False Flag: US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig

Page 47
Thanksgiving, Jerry Falwell, and the Mena Connection to 9/11
Iranian Mossad Agent Ari Ben-Menashe on Ariel Sharon's Involvement in Iran-Contra

Page 48
Armenian Christmas Music
Estonian Christmas Carol
Christmas in Palestine
Stupid ADL slams Helen Thomas as 'vulgar anti-Semite'
Helen Keller could hear through her finger tips!
Christmas Bonfire News Box
The Neurophone Works by the Helen Keller Effect!
Torture and Mind Control Box
Obama (Grinch of Christmas Future) Box

Page 49
Blood Red Ink: Will Obama Top FDR?
Moshe Dayan's Provoke the Arabs so You can Smash Them Foreign Policy
Reagan Administration Official Craig Roberts Says US Government is Puppet of Israel
Ariel Sharon: Americans Know Jews Control America
UN Sanctions: Holy Genocide for Israel
Jayne Gardener: Jews Behind Abortion Industry in US
Genocide in The Talmud: Exterminate Non Jews. Reduce Christian Birth Rate
Genocide in the Old Testament

Page 50
A Tehran Street to be Named After Rachel Corrie
Michael Collins Piper on the "Anti-Defamation" League's Connection to the Murder of Martin Luther King
The Legalization of Narcotics: A Policy of Demoralization Recommended by the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?"
Chinese Premier Chou En-lai on the Effects of Legalized Dope
Barry Chamish: From UFOs to Holocaust Stories
Medieval Holocaust Story Stolen From Pharisaic Instigated Christian Persecution Historic Event
Mossad Recruits New Abu Nidal

Page 51
Revolting Developments in the Arab World
David Ben-Gurion: Nasser Must Follow Orders or Israel will Topple Him
Puppets Saddam Hussein and Ayatollah Khomeini Put in Power to Divide and Conquer Muslim world
Ayatollah Iconography Proves Isalmic Fundamentalism Sham Religion
Christopher Jon Bjerknes' Analysis of the Egyptian Situation
Know Your Bible: Kill Every Male Among the Little Ones
Douglas Reed on The End of Israel
Israeli Death Squads to Infiltrate Egyptian Protests
Goldman-Sachs Brings Neocon Boiling Cauldron Food Plan to Middle East

Page 52
Madsen Blows Lid off Toilet
Mossad Toilet Recruiters Unmasked By Palestinians
Monty Python's Flying Circus Finds no Latrine Afghanistan
Israel Fingers the Toilet for 9/11 Says FOX News
Did Israel Assassinate FBI Agent Brad Doucette?
CSI Forensics Proves Israel Killed US Marines in Their Lebanon Barracks

Page 53
Neocon Artificial Famine Fuels Arab Revolt
How the West Bank was Won or In Search of the Cigar Store Palestinian
Sharon Plan for Mideast War Exposed
Turning the Middle East into a Boiling Caldron for Israel
Blessing Jacob the Impostor

Page 54
Easter 2011: Time to Chase the Devil!

Page 55
Tsunami of Deception as 9/11 Fraud Starts to Fall Apart
Japanese Tectonics and the Pearl Harbor Schtick
Lyndon Larouche's Anglophobia
Netanyahu to Pollard: Once We Squeeze All We can out of the US it Can Dry up and Blow Away
Pre-Vatican II Missal
Seymour Hersh's Youtube Lies
US Foreign Policy Dictated by Israel
One Hundred Israeli Spies Picked Up on 9/11
Napoleon Backs Judah Into a Corner

Page 57
Easter Sunday April 24, 2011
Easter Movie Reviews

Page 58
American Bar Association Bars Free Speech
The Jewish Mafia's Omertà for 9/11

Page 59
Victor Marchettii: The CIA is a Private Instrument of the Presidency
Removing the Cone of Silence
Rose Cohen: Ben Laden is Jewish - Full Stop!
Jared Israel on the Connection Between the Bin Laden Family and the Construction of US Bases in the Middle East

Page 60
The Truth About the Cover-up of the Attack on the USS Liberty
Israel's Murderous Attack on the USS Liberty Was an Attempt to Cover up The Mass Murder of Egyptian POWs at El Arish
Likely Zionist Assassinations
Rabbi Joseph Crooll on the Religious Reasoning Behind Israeli False Flags

Page 61
Terror Drills Turned as Sources of False Flag Terrorist Attacks
False Flag Zionism in the Bible
Germany's Death Wish: Gives Israel Submarines Capable of Delivering Nukes
Israeli Professor: "We Could Destroy All European Capitals"
Genocide as a Religious Mandate in the Old Testmament
Discrediting Truthers With Obviously Easily Disproved Fakes

Page 62
CNN Becomes The Comedy Channel
JFK Assassination: An Israeli Coup Not An American Coup
Oliver Stone and the "Military Industrial Complex"
On the Allegation that Jack Ruby was Injected with a Cancer Virus
Zion's Greatest Hits
Jack Ruby Got Away with Murder Absconded-to-Israel
On the Allegation that Oswald and Ruby Were Childhood Friends
Arlen Specter Protecting Israel
Jackie Kennedy and LBJ
Delaying the Truth Until Nobody Cares
Ron Paul Supporters on YouTube
The False Opposition and the Meaning of Life
The Neocons Behind Ron Paul

Page 63
9/11 Ten Years After: The Real Dope on 9/11
The Clinton Bush Mossad Cocaine Train
The Phoney Wars on Drugs and Terrorism
Peter Dale Scott on the Economics of Narcotics Trafficking
The 911 Psyops as an Extension of the Jewish Religion
Red China Wanted US Vietnam: Grew Opium for US Soldiers
Bill Clinton's Rain of Terror in Arkansas
The Real Dope on 9/11
Psychologists Help 9/11 Truth Deniers
Our First Crypto-Jewish President - Franklin Pierce - Ancestor of Barbara (Pierce) Bush
Historical Origin of Jewish Opium Trade
The Diamond Connection To the Opium Trade
Opportunities in Drug Money Laundering in the Jewish Diamond Cartel
Using The New World Disorder as a Cover for Jewish Organized Crime
The Soviet Union And The De beers Diamond Cartel
Israeli Employee of Urban Moving Boasts "Give us Twenty Years and We'll Take Over Your Media and Destroy Your Country"
Dancing Mossad Agents, Ecstacy, and Moving Scams

Page 64
911 And The Roots of Terrorism
Quoting John Adams and Albert Einstein Out of Context
Documents Proving the "Holocaust" was Invented As a Cover Up of the Armenian Genocide
Chaim Weizmann Admitting that Zionist and Communist Jews overthrew the Russian Empire
Chaim Weizmann Thwarted President Wilson's Attempt to Stop the Armenian Genocide
Chaim Weizmann's Contempt for Christian Zionists
Genocidal Terrorism in the Talmud and Deuteronomy

Page 65
9/11 and The Phony War on Terrorism
911: Roots of Terrorism and Evidence of Treason

Page 68
48th Anniversary of the Zionist Assassination of John F. Kennedy
Marilyn Monroe: a Shiksa Convert to Judaism
Zionist Mobster Mickey Cohen was Marilyn Monroe's Handler
Jack Ruby Did not Die of Cancer: He Absconded to Israel

Page 69
Efraim Halevy Master Turkey of 9/11
What you Won't See in the Mainstream Urinal!
What you won't see in the mainstream urinal! (Much too long version)

Page 70
Star of Bethlehem: A Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the Year 4BC
Corruption at Home False Flag Terror Planned Abroad
Santa Shows Solidarity with Syria
Thoughts for Hanukkah
Evidence for the Existence of God and the Truth of the Christian Message

Page 71
The Hitler-Rothschild Connection
More AshkenNAZIS
Even More AshkeNAZIS
The Jewish Creation of Adolf Hitler
Jewish Nazi Leader Frank Joseph at Skokie
Hitler is a Yiddish Name Meaning Hat Maker
Hitler's Grandmother Shicklgruber Means Jewish Coin Digger in German
Jewish Adolf Abraham Hitler's Tombstone
The "Red Symphony" and Hitler's Alleged "Persecution of Jews"
The Real "Warrant for Genocide" is the Book of Deuteronomy
Purim: A Celebration of Gentile Genocide Based on a Fictional Bible Story
Samuel Untermyer on Jewish Bankers Supporting of Hitler
Congressman Louis T. McFadden on Jewish Bankers Supporting Hitler
Jewish Oppenheimer Diamond Cartel Kept Hitler's Tanks Rolling
Fools Buy the Holocaust Fraud While Hitler Retires to the Argentine
Kissinger's Protocols
Documented "Holocaust" Frauds
Jewish Freemasons Order the Extermination of Armenian Christians
Masonic American Hebrew Magazine Invents the Holocaust as a Cover for the Genocide of Armenian Christians
Deception in the Name of Relgion: The Shem Tov Version of Matthew

Page 72
The New Space Race
Do we live in a Cycling Universe?
Carl Sagan: If God Created the Universe Then Where Did God Come From?
The Christian Answer: God Created Himself
A Tree is Never Far from His Traitorous Fruit
The Twonky: A Metaphor for our Times
American Witches and Saudi Warlocks
Idiot Judge Rules Iran Responsible for 911

Page 73
Why was Martin Luther King Assassinated?
Did The US Government Assassinate Martin Luther King?
The Real "McCarthyism" - The ADL's Purge of Patriots from the US Government

Page 74
Fools Gold: Ron Paul and the Gold Standard

Page 75
Buzzy Krongard and 9/11 Put Options
How the Israeli Government Terrorizes Israeli citizens
IDF Captain Reuven Schossen: "Israel is an Unhuman Country"
Be Kind: Keep The Watches From Melting
Brigitte the Bigot Lies Her Face Off

Page 76
April Fools' Day or Doubles for Dolts
Double Talk by Joe Vialls (aka Ari Ben-Menashe)
Ari Ben-Menashe: Israel Sells Arms to Iran
Alan Sabroksy: Russia Sells Iranian Missile Control Codes to Israel

Page 78
CNN & Al-Jazeera Participating in False Flag Terrorism in Syria
The American CIA is Controlled by the Israeli Mossad
Skipping Holocaust Rememberance Day
The One Day Nazi Boycott of Zion on April Fools Day 1933
Deny This!
Documented Holocaust Frauds
Facts are Facts: Talmudic Judaism Stinks
Hitler Was a Jew Under The Original Judaic Patrilineal System
Douglass Reed's Superb Analysis of Judaism and Zionism

Page 79
The Palestinian Authority: Another Arm of the Criminal Israeli Government
The Cast Lead Method of Killing Gentiles
The Lies of Ron Paul and "Here Come the Judge" Napolitano
The "Chicago 7" Were US Government Paid Agent Provocateurs
The Sixties "Counter Culture" Revolution was a CIA Mind Control Experiment
How to Get the Truth Out
World War II was fought for Debt Slavery and World Jewish Government Not for Freedom
Trolling for Gabriel The Liar
Debunking the Bunker Lie or Is "Roy Tov" Really Reuven Schossen?

Page 80
Israeli Kickbacks to US Politicians
Part IV of 911: Evidence of Treason
Part V of 911: Evidence of Treason
Part VI of 911: Evidence of Treason
Part VII of 911: Evidence of Treason
Evidence of Treason Part VIII
Ward Boston on Lying Necons Rats Spying for Israel and 9/11
Declaration of Ward Boston, Jr., Captain, JAGC, USN (ret.)
Declaration of James R. Gotcher, May 17, 2004
James Ennes on The Israeli War Crime Which Sparked the Israeli Attack the USS Libery
Did the Assassination of JFK Embolden Israel to Murder USS Liberty Sailors?
JFK's Letter Threatening a cut off of aid to Israel
The Chosen Rapists, Thieves, and Bloodsuckers
Catholic Church Buys Crystal Cathedral from Bankrupt Schuller Organization

Page 81
Circumcision as The Generational Transmission of Perversion and Child Abuse
Sex with Children by Talmud Rules
Syrian Christians used as Human Shields by the "Rebels" (Mercinaries of Zion)
The Neocon Boiling Caldron Plan for the Middle East
Sham Sham on the "Muslim Brotherhood"
Christopher Jon Bjerknes Rejects the "False Savior" of that "Beautiful Religion"

Page 82
No Friend to the Truth: Hitler was a Rothschild and a Jew based on the Judaism that Jesus Knew
Douglas Reed on Hitler being the Jewish Messiah
Gore Vidal on Official Fictions

Page 83
Neoconservative Devils Call for a Purim Genocide of Iranians
Devil Dyan's Palestinian Provocation Policy Becomes US Foreign Policy
Anger of Afghans over the Killing of Afghan Children

Page 84
Israeli "Survival Instincts" Described by Texe Marrs
Share the Truth : Stop the Lies
Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Alan Sabrosky
The USS Liberty: A Necessary Prerequisite for Understanding 9/11
Reuven Schossen on the Criminality of the Israeli Government
The Criminals at the Helm of the "Ship of State" on 9/11
Netanyahu's Plan for a Nuclear Free Iran

Page 85
Goldman Sachs says "Buy Monsanto!"
Fake Science Creates Hysteria while Giving the Real Case against Monsato a Black Eye
The Case of the Curious GMO Study

Page 86
The War Criminal's Guide to Mental Health
DEA Agent Celle Castillo on Drug Smuggling by US Government Officials
Prelude to Crimeocracy: The "Clinton Body Count"
Netanyahu's Plan for a Nuclear Free Iran
Alledged Veteran Suicides: NPR can Stick it Up it's Dipole
Witnesses to Collateral Murder
Israeli Sniper Rifles and IDEs killing US Soldiers
Mercinaries Murdering Iraqi Civilians
Typical Arkancide of a Raped Woman

Page 87
"Wise Words" from Misanthrope Edward R. Murrow
Gore Vidal on Edward R. Murrow
Miracle of the Sun on Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack
Price of Gold at or near its Peak as Predicted
The Vision of Hell
The Great Anti-War Statement of Our Lady of Fatima
Will Hurricane Sandy sail up the Potomac to Washington DeCeit?
A Message from Brother Nathanael on Holocaust Day (October 31, 2012)

Page 88
Zionist Zombies Push Voodoo Economics
Thomas Paine on Fictional Elections
Haaretz Says "Obama is good for Israel"
Reuvin Schossen on what the Israeli Government is Really Like
Israeli Kickbacks to US Politicians
World's Top Gold Producer Holding Onto All of Its Gold
Netanyahu Getting Ready to Press the Button
Post "Election" Disconnect from Reality

Page 89
World Jewish Demographics Compiled by the American Jewish Committee
IDF Shoots its Own Troops, Blames Palestinians
This Veterans Day Remember the USS Liberty
Malaria Vaccination: Disguised Genocide?
Genocidal Commandments of the Talmud
"Live Goods" and "Beasts of Burden"
Isaac Asimov on his Khazar Blood
Brother Nathanael on Jewish Control of US Elections

Page 90
Holocaust Porn in Israel
The Plight of the Palestinians This Thanksgiving Eve
Thanksgiving Day 2012: Reason for the Season
Likely Zionist Assassinations
David Ben Gurion on Pitting India against Pakistan
The Great Walmart Shake Down
Anti-Defamation League Defames and Censors Walmart
Carol Valentine on the False Opposition
Real Defamation and a Proven Forgery

Page 91
16 US Intelligence Agencies Conclude in Report Israel Greatest Threat to US
Michael Ledeen on Turning the Middle East into a Boiling Caldron
Brother Nathanael Tells it Like it is
Roy Tov: "Iran Shows Captured Drone"
Mossad Agent Victor Ostrovsky
Netanyahu's Plan for a Nuclear Free Iran (aka Operation Shekhinah)
Israel Plans Blitzkrieg to Capture Arab Oil Fields
Pearl Harbor Day: Two Dates Which Live in the Annals of Infamous Treason
More on UN Baby Babble on Palestine
The Birth of Monotheism: Great Hymn to the Aten
Christianity vs. Pharisaism

Page 92
Come on to My Hamas
Electronic Intifada Refuses Post: False Opposition?
The Best Solution for Palestine: Make the West Bank and Gaza UN Protectorates
1945 BBC Radio Broadcast Proves Hitler Suicide a Fraud
School Shooter Adam Lanza Described as a Loner who Played Computer Games
Examiner Website Convicts Lanza Without Trial
If the Alledged Port Arthur Massacre Shooter Martin Bryant was Innocent Adam Lanza is Certainly Innocent
Newtown Massacre: Major Discrepancies List
Corruption in Newtown
Stoned on Libor
The Libor Scandal
Mike Harris Fingers Netanyahu's Government for Newtown Massacre
Joe Vialls on Why Adam Lanza Has to be Innocent
PressTV is False Opposition

Page 93
Christmas Videos
Santa in Syria
Santa Santa Everywhere
Massacre of the Innocents
Lies Told about Columbine
Hanukkah: A Celebration of Slaughter
"Merry Christmas" is an Anti-Semitic Remark?

Page 94
The Israeli Occupy America Movement
Max Blumenthal on the Israelification of Amercian Police Departments
Bjerknes' Blunders
In Search of Human Origins Transcripts
Guilty if Dead!
Violence against the Autistic is "Alleged" says CNN
CNN Presents Alleged Violence by the Autistic as Fact witout Question
The CNN Bronfman Gang And Dope Inc.

Page 95
Sandy Hook Witness Heard Shots 45 seconds AFTER police Arrived
Jean Duffy on the Three Rs of Modern Pseudo-Journalism
Government Corruption in Saline County
French Troops Mobilized to Protect Rothschild Gold Mines
Are the NEO-CONS Fearing Arrest?
Sandy Hook as Disinfotainment
Traitors Taking Aim a Patriots with Banned Bullets?

Page 96
No-Soul Gang Comes to Fairfeild County
Two Cops vs. The US Cocaine Importation Agency (CIA)
Arkansas Ladies Against Government Corruption
Corruption in Newtown
Sandy Hook: Details of Second Suspect and Motive
Sandy Hook Witness Heard Shots 45 seconds AFTER police Arrived
Saline County as a "High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area"
Figures Describing Military Suicides Beyond Misleading
Gene Rosen's Story Just does not Add Up
The Hagelian Deception
Robin C. Miller on Israel's Crimes Against Humanity
Chalk Up 3 More for the "Clinton Body Count"
Youtube Video - Gene Rosen's Facebook Mission to Take Down Videos Questioning Sandy - Censored by Youtube

Page 97
Action! Camera! Occupy!
Denis Fahey on the Rulers of Russia
Asia Stocks Rise After Dow Hits New All-Time High
Ben Bernanke Admits That the Federal Reserved Caused the Great Depression
Pat Robertson says that the US "Government is Preparing for Battle Against Us"
Douglas Reed: Literal Judaism Based on Fear

Page 98
Veterans Today's Stephen Lendman Eulogizes Commie Chavez
Karl Marx: "Communism or Nothing!"
The Fruits of Stupid: Using Nuclear Reactors to Sterilize Food
Rabbi Menachem Schneerson
Chavez: "Where is the Justice in this World, for God's Sake?"
"Chavez Knew US Special Services Were After Him"

Page 100
Setting Fire to Lord Snowden
Monty Python on Right Thinking People
The Israeli Criminals Behind the NSA Spy Scandal
The Disinfo Doldrums
Susan L Rosenstiel on Pedophile J Edgar Hoover and the Bible
Michael Collins Piper on the ADL spying for Israel
Masonic Lodge in Back of Sandy Hook School
Snowden Seeks Asylum in Torture City
Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Reuven Schossen
NSA Spying Never Catches Israelis

Page 101
Sick Israeli Soldiers Making Fun of the Murder Rachel Corrie
Iraq War Part of Israeli Plan to Balkanize the Middle East
Israel Created Hamas And Keeps It Going
"Al Qaeda" is an Israeli Joke
Israel Armed Iran During the Iran-Iraq War
The Holocaust: ADL Masonic Trick for a Treat Day
Congressman Louis T. McFadden on How Jewish Bankers Sent Gold to Hitler
Samuel Untermyer on Jewish Bankers Funding Hitler
The ADL Spied On And Blackballed World War II Reporter Douglass Reed
100th Birthday of The Hidden Tyranny

Page 102
Economist Todd A. Knoop on Economist Jokes
Economist Todd A. Knoop on the Failure of Modern Economics
Nathan Lewis on The Inflationist Ideology of The Neo-Keynesian Economists
Why the Gold Bugs Really Do Not Want a Gold Standard
Ezekiel in Egypt
Ezekiel on the Subcontinent
Ousting of Mubarak Coincides with the Uncovering of a Lavon Type False Flag Plot in Egypt
Fascist Neocon Michael Ledeen on Turning the Middle East into a Boiling Cauldron
Musharraf Charged in Bhutto Assassination
Pacemaker Pat Speaks Out!
Jacob Brownowski Demolishing the Big Lie that Ayatollah Khomeini was an "Islamic Fundamentalist"
Contrasting Cowardly Christians with Brave Palestinian Children
Palestinian Authority Working with Israel to Assassinate Dissidents and Control the Palestinian Press
Why is Israel "Warning its Syrian Mercenaries?"
Shadow Boxing for Israel
News for Morons: Tootpaste is not Full of Nerve Gas

Page 103
BiBi is in Town Spreading it Around
A Word from the Great American President Who put the American Flag on the Moon
A Fascist Neconservative Threat to Arkancide Truthers
The Masonic Connection to the JFK Assassination
Texe Marrs: RINOS plan to Sneak ObamaCare into the Budget
The Criminals at the Helm of the "Ship of State" on 9/11
Allahu Akbar: A Correction in Toiletries
Palestinian Journalist Kawther Salam on the Difference Between Al-Qaeda and Ma Qa'adia
Rose Cohen on the Ethnicity of Osama Bin Laden
How Israel Created The Myth of Al-Qaeda

Page 104
The Great Anti-War Statement of Our Lady of Fatima
Bill Clinton: "I Believe in Killing People Who Try to Hurt You"
Nancy Banks on ObamaScare

Page 105
Madeleine Albright: Genocide of a Half Million Iraqi Children for Israel Good Deal
Victor Ostrovsky: How Mossad Got America to Bomb Libya and Fight Iraq
Harun Yahua: Israeli Strategists Had Been Planning the Destruction of Iraq for Decades
Ariel Sharon Tells Shimon Peres That Jews Control America and the Gentiles Know IT
Henry Kissinger's Alien Invasion Ploy for World Dictorship
Ahron Jay Cristol's USS Liberty Photo Fraud
David Icke Lives!

Page 106
The Wit and Charm of President John F. Kennedy
Best Books on Who Killed JFK
JFK's Deadly Dump Dimona Diplomacy
Victor Marchetti: The CIA is a Secret tool of the President -- Every President
Gore Vidal on Robert Kennedy's Plans to Assassinate Castro
Bastista and Castro Worked Together to Install a Communist Regime in Cuba
Lucien Sarti: The Man Who Blew JFK's Brains out with a Dumb-Dumb Bullet Worked For Permindex
Permindex Funded Assassination Attempts on Charles de Gaulle
Jim Garrison Connects the Dots Between the CIA, Permindex, Meyer Lansky and Dimona

Page 107
"Ana Raicha Al Qaeda is Colloquial Arabic for "I'm Going to the Toilet"
911: At Least Twenty Years in the Planning By the Mossad
Abu Nidal Worked For Israel
Israel Supplied Iran with Disguised Israeli Weapons and Chinese Silkworm Missles
Bin Laden's Mother is Jewish and Lives in Israel
Bin Laden's Wealth Comes from Building US Bases at Saudi Expense

Page 108
Christmas Video Box
Christmas Cheer
Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Conquest of Darkness
Christians Should be Proud Not Ashamed of Their Christian Heritage
Bernal Diaz dell Castillo on the Human sacrifice That Cortes Ended in Mexico
Anti-Christian Judaism Has Brought Nothing but Genocide, Misery and Slavery to the World
The Gospel in the Stars Brings Hope to Mankind
Israeli Government Installed Palestinian Authority Arrests and Tortures Palestinian for Christmas Protest
Mossad Chief Isser Harel's Psychic Insight into Islamic Theology 20 Years Before 9/11
Inside Jokester Larry Silverstein on Razing the WTC to "New Heights"
A Happy Birthday Jesus from John Lennon
A.E. Wilder-Smith's Objections to Popular Evolutionary Theory
Saint Paul on the Christian Code of Ethics
Chinese High Rise Survives Eleven Hours of Raging Inferno
100th Anniversary of the Federal Reserve Scam
Happy New Year from Abba

Page 109
It Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Wings
Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Reuven Schossen
Deja Jew or The Polish Corridor All Over Again
Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay Hitler Forced into War
Rise of Russia Blogspot Distains Democracy and the Diaspora
Speaking the Truth Makes You a Nazi According to the Dopey Duma
Israel Shamir: Jews Rule so Shut You Mouth!
Simple Club Soda Experiment Debunks CO2 Global Warming Theory
Class Warfare Warrior Bill Moyers Quotes Warren Buffet
Jon Bjerknes vs. Brother Nathanael on Putin
USA: Indications that Netanyahu is Still Using Hypocritical Propaganda
God's Not Dead: Happy Easter!
Holy Saturday, Hell, Limbo and Michael Ruppert's Alleged Suicide.
Good Friday Thoughts: Science and Religion
Peter Possessed on the Eve of the Passion
It's Jesus Bashing Time Again!
World Jewish Demographics Compiled by the American Jewish Committee Debunks Big Fib of the Holocaust
Politician Puking With Putin
Remember the Alamo Girl
The Handcuff Asphyxtiation Murder of Charles Eimers
Criminalizing Criticism of Israel in Canada
Double Whopper Whammy for April Fools Day: Comparing "Climate Change Denial" to "Holocaust Denial"
Big Brother Communicates Again: Your Hot! Take off That Overcoat!
Aging Breagthrough or Money Raising Hype?
Mystery Of The Missing Malaysian Airlines: Old Man Rothschild Gets Semiconductor Patent
Narus Software: An Incarnation of Promis Backdoor Spy Software?
Israeli Company Linked to 9/11 and NSA Spying Behind Boeing 777 SkyJacking?
Vladimir Putin's Christian Faith in His Own Words
AshkeNAZIs in the Ukraine
School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook
Earth Day Update
Banned From Veteran's Today

Page 110
Remembering Rachael Corrie (1979 - 2003)
War Crime Excuses Crammed into Headlines
A Tale of Two Cites: Israelis Sunbathing in Tele Aviv While Gazans are Bombed
Iron Dome Launches Crackpot Rockets in High Tech False Flag
Isaeli Government Tells Gaza Residents to Flee for Their Lives
All Out War Against Palestinian Civilians
Israeli Strategy: Provoke The Palestinians To Provide an Excuse to Destroy Them
Israel Wants Ethnic Cleansing Not Occupation
The Big Lie of Greater Israel
Noam Chomsky: A "Duplicitous Critic of Israel"
Douglas Reed on the Duplicity of Judas Iscariot
Internet Mantra of the Controlled Opposition
Hal Lindsey: "God Told Me That Israel Will Discover Oil"
The Fruits of Operation Shekhinah
Cord Meyer Brings Morrano Infiltration Tactics to the CIA
The Soros Funded War on Police
The Unabomber Psyop And The "Global War on Terror
What Really Happened to Vince Foster?
The Ken Starr Moby Dick Report
Jewish Scholar Robert Litoff Refutes The Holocaust
Obama's 9-11 Black Humor
More Evidence of Treason: More Do Nothing About It
Police Corruption in 2014: Nothing Much Seems to Have Changed
Staff of Russia Today Nominated for the Special Olympics
Sissy Kerry Tells Snowden to "Man Up"
Jim Fetzer's Disinformation on the Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK
Christian Zionist Link to the JFK Assassiantion
Memorial Daze
Shut Your Mouth or Go to Jail Putin clames Russia Stands for Human Rights
"The Girls who Never Grow Older": A slick BBC Advertizement for a Skin Cosmetic
Latvia Criminalizes Russian Aggression Denial
General Otto Ernst Remer on WWII Anti-German Propaganda
Can a Third World Diet Can Extend Your Lifespan?
Monty Python calls for Abdication of Prince Charley
Spoils of War: Son of Joe Gets a Seat on the Board
Russia's Putin Outlaws Denial of Nazi Crimes

Page 111
Does God Have a Racist Plan?
The Khazarian War on Holy Russia
Dancing Israeli Dominik Suter Financed the 9/11 Attacks
A New World Order or Fungal Rot?
Bryant Gumbal and Hollwood Central Casting for 9/11
NSA Whistleblower Calls For Real 9/11 Investigation
Does the Death of Robin Williams Compute?
Israel Shakes its Booty
Armageddon and the Medieval Military Industrial Complex
The Myth-Taken Days of Summer
Myth-taken About Einstein
Myth-Taken About Gaddafi
Neocon Michael Ledeen on Turning the Middle East into a Boiling Cauldron
Police Harassment: A Major source of City Revenue in Ferguson?
Ferguson: A "New World Order" PsyOp?
Beheading Of J.W. Foley A Ridiculous Hoax?
Ferguson's Mega-Corp Mega-Psyops
John Lennon on "Wasp Jews"
Bum Rushing Officer Wilson
Rushing to Judgement Day
Robin Williams' "Money Troubles Not True"
Was the Last Film That Robin Williams Made a Snuff Film in Which He was the Star and Victim?
Brother Nathanial on the Mendacity of Zion
Robin Williams was Episcopalian?
Mork and Marsha Break up over Charlotte
Robin Williams Suffocates Himself to Death with a Pillow?
Page 112
Trick for Treat Day Frauds
Whom To Fear: Ebola or The CDC and The WHO?
Gulf War Syndrome Denial by US Government
US Government Gives World War II Vets Hepatitis
Contamination of Vaccines by Cancer Causing viruses
Leathal Covert Vaccine Experiments
Anti-People Vaccines
Abortion Industry Now Part of US Vaccine Production
DHS not Ready to Play with Dead Things
News Flash! US Presidents Catch Ebola Become Zombies and Confess All!
Play Sink Soros Psyops Santas Now!
Ebola Boo-la Boo-la
Connecting the Firey Dots of the Wicked
97th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun
The Great 1950s Epidemic of Kids Playing with Matches
Pot Luck on Halloween
The Ex-lax Coated Doughnut Conspiracy
Bowling for Ebola
Ebola Crapola
Ode to Ebola
Inka Dinka Doo for Rinky Dink Rip Off Inc.
The Mass Graves of October

Page 113
Putin's Provocative Ploy of Offering Humanitarian Aid to The Urkaine
"Make Russia Great Again," What Does it Mean?
Poroshenko Uses Russians as Scapegoats for Jewish Conspiracy To Genocide Urkranian Christians
Masters of Deception
Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres: Jews Control America and the Americans Know it
What If America Became a Can of Worms?
Who Killed Camelot?
It's A Wonderful Reefer
George Bailey: a Member of the "Illuminati?"
Soros Drug Pushers for Obama
The Plot To Make America Gay Queer
Return of the Goy With an Axe
Arkancide in Palestine
Veterans Day Original Purpose: A Commemortion of the End of War
Veterans' Day: A Time to Forget?
George Garlin: Don't Vote!
All Saints Day: Will the Nit-Pickers Judge World and the Angels?

Page 114
Putin Offers the Man with the "Jewish Soul" an Olive Branch
Douglas Reed: Hitler Was a Commie
Jewish Scholar Claims that Stalin Put Jews in Charge of the Gulags to "Foment Anti-Semitism"
NSA Whistleblower William Binney says NSA is not interested in Catching Terrorists Only in Spying on Everyone
The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians Continues
The Ghosts of Christmas Past
The Tragic Case of Ebenezzzer Power Transistor
Is Russia using the CIA's Laosy-Money
Russia Plays into the Hands of the Supreme Soviet in Washington
The Problem with Adjuvants: Autoimmune Disease
The Birth of Time, Again
"The Clouds" a Play About Socrates by Aristophanes
Rethinking John Lennon's Assassination
Shock and Awe Wishes from Obama and his Neocon Devils to Syria
A Satanic Salute to Pearl Harbor Day
US-Israeli Death Squads in Iraq
New Horizons: Clues to the Evolution of the Solar System and Life
Freemasonry: A Satanic Cult that Rules the World?
Red Herrings, Tar Babies, and Nazis, Oh My!
Reuven Schossen Calls Michael Korn an "Agent Provocateur" of the Mossad
Disraeli: Secret Societies Spawned by Jews to Destroy Christendom

Page 115
Charlie Hebdo: the Movie, Starring Alex Jones and a Cast of Minions!
Review of "American Sniper" by an American Sniper
IDF captain Reuven Schossen on Israel's Military Military Junta
"Anti-Semite" Mike Harris vs "Self Hating Jew" and "Self Hating White" Gordon Duff
New Skit for Fibber McGee and Molly
Gum-Shoe Truth Stampede
Ooh, Ooh, Coporate Media! Ooh, Ooh, Pod People! Ooh, Ooh, The Sky is Falling: Buy Gold!
Who is ISIS?
Sacre Bleu! Zey Caught Us Faking Ze Screams!
Charli Hebdo in The Zionist False Flag Theology
Crooll Zionism is Cruel Zionism
Charlie Hebdo for Dummys
Kosher Supermarket Shootout Take Two
Update: The Youtube Video Terminator Just Terminated Another Hebdo video.
Blankity Blank Blank or A Drilling Experience in Fighting Terrorism in Israel
Isis Reveals the Hand of Hebdo!
Gordon Duff: Paris Attack Ridiculous False Flag
Gordon Duff's Analysis of the Hebdo Slime Scene
"We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook" : A Review of a Review
Hebdo Shooters Speaking Hebrew or Polish Gorali Dialect?
Cut! Bring in the Candles, Flowers and Blood into the Crime Scene!
Israel Celebrates Bastille Day by Bombing US Libraries and Consulates in Cairo and Alexandria.
Patrick Seale: Abu Nidal was undoubtedly a Mossad agent
Toilet Dicks vs. Charlie Hebrew
Kawther Salam: Ana raicha Al Qaeda is colloquial (Arabic) for "I'm going to the toilet."

Page 116
Your Bleeding Hearts Will Tell on You
BiBi is Isis?
Dizzy in the Nudelman General Advises Killing Russians
The Traffic Light Changes
Dr Robert ODowd: Murder and Narcotrafficking in the Marines
Oliver North: Jeb Bush Put the Hit on Barry Seal
Remembering Rachael Corrie
Woman Assaults CT Fraudocrats with the Facts about Sandy Hook
Who is the Superpower Here?
Thar's Gold in Them Thar Slush Funds
20th Century Hoax Presents: The Holocaust Fraud Exposed
Israeli Terrorists Torched the Greek Orthodox Church Monastery in Jerusalem
Genocidal Zionism: Numbers|31:9-18
Israel Shamir on The Rabbis' Fatwa: Religious Duty to Kill all Arabs
M. Jean-Marie Le Pen accredite les theories du complot de Charlie Hebdo
The Youtube Cruise Missle Fake Video Challenge
Jean Duffy on How the US Government Controls the Media
Mossad Unit 8200: Follow the Hardware Software Middleware and Backdoors
9/11s Unanswered Question: The Silverstein Gang
Holy Lies: Snookering America into Brutal Child Molestation
Genital Mutilation of Babies: A Sign of Godliness or Sick Perversion?
Sodom and Diaspora
Circumcised Sex: Cant Get No Satisfaction
Battle of the Sexually Dysfunctional
Indian from Sri Lanka: Jews are Crazy Man: They cut Their Pricks off
Simple Experiment that Anyone Can Do to Disprove Man-Made CO2 Global Warming
Middle School Memories: Arrows vs. the Skinless Sausages
The 9/11 Plot Thickens: Boeing Bunker Buster Nuke Used on Keive?
Is Putin Guilty of Obstruction of Justice in 911 Case?
Oiling the Zionist War Machine

Page 117
Time for a Second American Revolution?
Call to Impeach Supreme Court Justices Who are a Threat to American Democracy
America's New State Religion: Oompa Loompa Judaism
Southern Expansion of the Northern Lights Portends God's Judgement
It's Let's Pretend We're Concerned About Iranian Nuclear Weapons Time Again!
Queer Court Tears the Fabric of Democracy: Legitimizes Sodomy
Divide and Conquer then Sell the Slaves
As Usual, the ADL makes Heroes out of Monsters
False Opposition Story Goes Viral: Russia Today Cuts Scene showing Fake Occupy Confrontation with Police
The Charle$ton Church Ma$$acre Con$piracy in Per$pective
The Corrupticut Lottery $andy Hook Retirement Plan
1990 CSPAN Interview Reveals Secret Official Name of Mossad is ISIS
USS Liberty Day 2015
Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Wayne Kyle and James Ennes of the USS Liberty
Part IV of 911: Evidence of Treason - Attack on the USS Libery
Part V of 911: Evidence of Treason - Attack on the USS Libery
Parts VI and VII of "911: Evidence of Treason" - Attack on the USS Libery
Part VIII of 911: Evidence of Treason - Attack on the USS Liberty, AIPAC, and Jonathan Pollard
Veterans Today Accused of Holocaust Denial
Was Meir Kahane Henry Ford's Ghost Writer
The Protocols of Zion in the Torah
Jesus a Pot Head?
French Decadence and the Suppression of Free Speech in France
Benjamin H. Freedman on Jewish Control of Germany
Napoleon Bonaparte on Jewish Control of France
Archibald Maule Ramsay on Jewish Control revolution and Finance
Nathan Rothschild on When to Buy
Honesty in Israeli Military Intelligence
Daryl Bradford Smith interviews Wayne Kyle and James Ennes of the USS Liberty
How to Interpret Classic Hollywood Westerns
Officer of the Week Okiro Foils Tiger Cages Halliburton in Nigeria
The Veterans Kill Truth Network
Remembering Fragging on Memorial Day
Chinese Premier Chou En-lai's Opium Revenge War on the West
Fragging by DEA agent Celle Castillo
Senatorial Acts: Unconstitutionally Taking Constitutional Rights and then pretending to Give them Back
Jean Duffy on The Media's Role in Federal Government Cover-ups
Mothers Day: When Does Life Begin?
Makow on Mother's Day
The Best Jewish Mothers Don't Allow the Rabbi Child Molester to Mutilate Their Baby's penis
The Best Gentile Mothers Don't Allow the Dr. Sicko Quack to Mutilate Their Baby's penis
A Daughter Describes the Effects that Circumcision Had on Her Mother and Her Family
70th Aniversary of Post World War II Propaganda
What is the Genocide in Yemen all About?
Neocon Michael Ledeen on Turning the Middle East into a Boiling Caldron
The Jewish Genocide of the Armenain Christians on MP3
Naeim Giladi on Why Israel Does not Have a Constitution
Israel: 67 Years of Occupation
9-11 Truth Blitzkrieg of Holland
Danish Scientist Niels Harrit on What Really Never Happened: A Real investigation of 9-11
Iranian Airline Asks for Trouble: Buys Electronically Hijackable Boeing from Israel's Long-term Strategic Partner
Ayatollah's Iran Armed the Contras, Funded the Likud, and Funded American Politicians through AIPAC
American Politicians Funded Both Sides in the Iran-Iraq War
Israel Offered to sell weapons to Iraq as well as Iran
Easter Sunday 2015: God's Not Dead
The Big Six Limits Iran's Nuclear Potential
Israel: Nuclear Mad Dog of the Middle East
Holy Saturday: The Day Christ Descended into Hell
Good Friday: The Day The Jews Cursed Themselves

Page 118
Viral Video Fails to Mention Bush Clinton Connection
9/11 Connection to Mena Drug Smuggling: Attempted Anthrax Letter Murder of Police Detective Russell Welch
Bollyn Rides Again: An Open Letter to Donald Trump on 9/11
Statistics Confirm that U.S. Elections are Fraudulent
Catherine Austin Fitts: Criminals are Running the US Government
E Pluribus Foolum: The Incredible Shrinking Dollar
Questions for Hillary: The Fostergate/Waco Connection to Promis Software
Is "National Security" All About Covering up Criminality in High Places?
Milestones on the Road to Serfdom: Exponential Rise in the M2 Money Supply Propping Up Stock Market
Catherin Austin Fitts for President: The Draft Fitts Write in Campaign
The Business of Government Corruption And the Myth of the Rule of Law
The RJR/CIA Drug Cartel's Business Plan for Drug Smuggling and Money Laundering
ISIS is Totally Jewish or Esther's Matzo Ball Iranian Massacres
Crown of General Dyanmics Presents Simon Wiesenthal's Genocide Cover up Award
Crown of General Dyanmics Has Ear of Prez is Keeping Open Mind Toward Purimizing Persians
9/11 Evidence of Treason Part IX: The Planes of 9/11
The False Opposition and a Review of Two Books
The Russian Holocaust Denial Law as a Lingering Effect of The Red Terror
Despicable FOX Fake: Dancing Israelis become "Celebrating Palestinians"
What Changes Would you Make if you Were Hitler?
Message to All 911 Pod Deniers
Question Time for Mr. Prime Sinister
Market Trends
Cycles Analysis and Crystal Balls Agree: There will be a Whopping Stock Market Crash!
Donald Trump's Mob Lawyer Roy Cohn, Myer Lansky, and J. Edar Hoover
An Islamic M.T. Graves Kicks Off the Fraudulent War on Terror
Reagan's Iran-Contra Cocaine Junk Bond Robber Baron Carl Icahn Bailed out Trump's Taj Mahal
Trump's Corporate Raider at Treasury
Donald Trump's Economic Plan for America: Great for the Puplic Health but Bad for the Environment.
Firebird: Hail to the Thief!
Disinfo on Disinfo
Olivia Nuzzi on Alex Jones' Disinfo-Creeps
The Woman Who Should be President: Catherine Austin Fitts
America Does not Need Another Phony Election: It Needs a Revolt!
Argentina's 911: Argentina Stumbles onto the Truth - Israel Did It!
The Devious Ways of the ADL
Who BUAPed Boeing MH370?
The Revolution Begins with 9/11 Truth
Johnathan Pollard and the Invisible Hand
Israel's Low Birth Rate Due to Sexual Dysfunction Caused by Circumcision
Trotsky's Defense of Terrorism
New Horizons Finds Nitrogen Ice Glaciers on Pluto
Doubting Dunces are Taught the Physics of Space Flight
What Reform Means to Me: Hang the Mass Murdering 9/11 Traitors!
The FED will Pay for the Phony "War on Terrror" with the Inflation Shell Game
The Great Satan's Great Laundromat
Buap-ed Boeing Flight MH17
The Fake Rift Between Bibi and Obomba
Alan Hart's PBIF Barf Bag: In-Your-Face!
War on Terror Productions Presents: An Islamic M.T. Graves!
BUAPed Boeing EgyptAir Flight 990

Page 119
How America Lost its War of Independence
How to Create Life From Ultraviolet Radiation and Electricity
Does the Presence of Oxygen in the Ancient Martian Atmosphere Mean That Mars had Photosynthetic Life at One Time?
European Union Exit, Islamic Immigration, and The Zionist Plan for Eretz Israel
What the Hell Went Down at Sandy Hook?
British Hymenic Denial
Alleged Disney Fairies on Parade Shooting Confederate Charged with Child Molestation
Orlando: Another Mind War For Israel
Orlando and Sandy Hook: The Disney/Robin Williams/Zionist Pedophile Ring Connection
Is the Murder of Robin Williams Connected to the Orlando Killings?
How Flag Waving Traitors Get Elected
Did the Jesuits Kill Robin Williams?
The Lord Our Gods Are One! Matthew Fingers Akhenaten as Moses
Jews as Professional Christian and Muslim Relics
Bryant Gumble and Central Casting for 9/11
USS Liberty Day 2016
What's In Hillary's Emails? I Wanna Know!
The God of War Approacheth Closest on Memorial Day: How Appropriate
The Einstein Catastrophe
Remembering Those who Died for a Greater Israel and the Principles of International Banking
The Micky Mouse and Donald Duck Ticket: Your only Real Choice in 2016
Mud Slinging at Hillary? Hey, If The Mud Sticks Then Wear It!
Hillary Email Scandal? Give Me a Break Oh Stupid Ones
The Arkancide of Superman: George Reeves - a Victim of Hollywood Decadence
Trump Courting Dangerous Bedfellows
The Micky Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Ticket: Your Best Choice in 2016
There is But One Party Now: The Party of Traitors and Criminals
Trump offers Treasury Narcotics Money Laundering Job to Two Financiers with Experiance
Musical Banks and Brady Bonds
Trump And Hillary in Lockstep with Drug Traffickers and Money Launderers
The European Union Vs. Karl Ichan and Henry Kravis (Trump's picks for Treasury)
Voter Fraud Legal? Don't You Believe it!
The Now-More-Credible-than-the-"Mainstream-Media" National Enquirer Investigates the Possible Murder of Robin Williams
The Mind Control of America: Satanist Cult Leader Claims That He Has Top Secret Security Clearances.
The Blackmailed Elite Who Run America
Is America Ready for its First Lesbian President?
The Fog of Robert McNamar
Yes Virginia. There Really Was a Conspiracy Against Nixon
What the Watergate Burglars Were Really After
Americans Like to Think That They Govern Themselves
Zakheim's Missing Trillions in Pentagon Assets Found! ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) Mercenaries Have Got Them!
Zionist IMF FED Puppet Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Wants to Ban Free Speech!
How to Ease Bill Gates' Global Warming Paranoia by Degassing your Beans

Page 120
Trump Meets With The Mossad In Secret
Daryl Bradford Smith on the US Election and Donald Trump
Queers in The Boy Scouts? You Voted for Trump But You Got Hillary
So if Obama Was Not Legally Qualified to be President Then Are All the Bills That He Signed into Law Invalid?
Saudi Princes All Cut Up about Hillary Loosing to the Infidel
What Kind of Shiite Would Shell Mecca?
Swamp Things
The False Flag Zionist Interpretation of the Bible: Sucker the Gentiles Into Fighting Each Other
December 7th 1941: Whose Infamy?
Time Trumps On
The Greatest Snow on Earth
A Gold Standard or Populist Economics?
Special Interest Funding of US Politicians: Israeli Kickback Traitor Division
Is The Fed Manipulating Stock Prices By Manipulating Stock Volume?
King Familiy Accused Martin Luther King Assassination Conspirator Jesse Jackson Calls upon Nobel Peace Prize Winning War Criminal Barack Obama to Pardon Hillary Clinton
Larry Nichols says he killed 15-20 people for the Clintons
Those Magnificent Old Men in Their Lying Machines
An October Surprise: The Truth about the War on Terror
The 25th Amendment and the Plunge Protection Team
This Week in Catholic Priest and Jewish Rabbi Abuse
Soros Smartmatic Vote Rigging machines Inc. Will Travel
Crazy Man Crazy! Fitts Endorses Trump!
It's Deuteronomy Stupid
Dopey Declassified Death of Daffy Gaddafi's Double Crossed Double
The Most Important Suppressed Book in the 20th Century: The Controversy of Zion by Douglass Reed
Obaminocchio Cooks the Books for Hillary
Obama Discovers His Jewish Soul
Bernie Sander's Audit: Fed Embezzles Trillions for Cronies and Foreign Banks
The Scum That Run America in 4 MP3 Files
Special Interest Funding of US Politicians: Israeli Kickback Traitor Division
Wall Street and its One Arm Derivative Banditos Don't Need No Stinking Badges!
Only One Issue in 2016: 9/11 Treason
Sentator John McCain's Record of Treason
What to Expect From a Hillary Presidency
Imaginary Ways to Increase the National Debt
Central Banking: Endosymbiotic Lessons from the Mitochondria
False Opposition Links for Fake Election 2016
Pulling Obaminocchio's Legacy
Alton Sterling Shooting: Most Ridiculous Hoax Yet!
Dallas Shooting Pysops: Insights from Israeli Defense Forces Captain Reuven Schossen
Boeing Demands the Right to Kill Iranians
Hillary's Village of the Damned: The Commune that Paid for the Clintons' Crimes at Mena
Pat Buchanan And Hillary Clinton: Both Member of The Presidential Liars Club

Page 121
No Record of "Esteban Santiago" Being Arrested or Indicted in Broward County Court
Fake News Time Line: FBI Investigation of the Mena Arkansas "Train Deaths" vs. The Time Line of the O.J. Simpson Trial
NBC France Re-runs Carlos The Jackel
Trump and His Supporters as Super Dis-Information Agents
Who is Spreading False Rumors about Crime Rising in Germany Because of Refugees?
James Perloff and the Celebrity Vegetables
Is Trump Dead Meat?
Oh No! Not Another Phony War on Drugs!
Special Forces and Special Lies: Trump Putting the Jewish American Empire First
Mahatma Gandhi: Assassinated for Rejecting Zionism
David Ben Gurion on Pitting India against Pakistan
The Monkeys vs. the Muslims: Who will Win?
Trumps Pick For Defence Secretary: James Mattis: "It's fun to shoot some people. You know, it's a hell of a hoot"
Trump's Muslim Ban Shows that He is Just Another Zionist Shabbot Goy
Eeny Meeny Miney Moe We Are Jews and Away We Go!
Share This All Ye Shabbos Goys!
Trump Sells His Daughter's Soul to the High Priests of the Golden Calf
Reconvene the 9/11 Grand Jury to Indict Obama for 9/11 Obstruction of Justice And War Crimes
In Hoc Signo Vinces:
(By This Sign, Conquer) The Conversion of Constantine
Why Yemen?
Who is Using Cluster Bombs in Yemen?
Counter Punching Christian Civilization with the Lies of Barbaric Zionism
Conspiracy to Commit Mass Murder on 9/11: Grand Jury Prosecutor Fingers Giuliani, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Silverstein, et al.
Rita Does Istanbul: News Media Gets Its Info From a Mossad Agent
Dov Zakeheim's 9/11 Army Surplus in Syria: So where are the Invoices to "The West?
High Tech Dangers: Heads Up for the New Year
The Targets of Mind Control Targets
Fake News and the Video-Shopping of Reality

Page 122
100th Anniversary of Mary's First Appearance at Fatima
ISIS Videos: A Production of Israeli Intelligence
Trump Wins the Carl Bernstein Presidential Liars Club Award
The Organzized Crime Tradition Trumps Law and Order
2016 Military Spending: Decreased in Oil Producing Countries, Increased in Oil Stealing Countries
Traitor Trump Proclaims Loyalty Day on Totalitarian Dictator's May Day
Get Radical or Say Good Buy to San Francisco
Assad Pussyfoots About Pussy-Faced Actors & International Mercenaries
Balkanizing Syria with Balkans
Fragging "Al Qaeda"
Trump's National Security Adviser James (War Profiteer) Woolsey Sits On Genie Energy's Strategic Advisory Board
Thoughts on "Ron Paul: 'Zero Chance' Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag"
Trump Brings the Swamp to the Stolen Golan
An Open Letter to the Daughter of the Commander and Thief
Why We Is Bombing Mosul
Barret, Bollyn and Gage Expose the War on Islam
The Fake Opposition: Slyly Justifying The War On Islam
The Two and a Half Trillion Dollar Fraud Paid For by Your Tax Dollars and the Theft of the Value of your Money

Page 123

The Curious Case of the Goofy Las Vegas Shooting Victim Cheerleaders
Lookie Lookie Crowds on Demand Breaking US Anti Terrorism Laws
CNN Keeping an Eye on Gun and Casino Stocks
Fraudocracy Does Another Stupid Fake Terror Shooting In Vegas
Censorship, Eugenics, and Racism
Christopher Bollyn on How 9/11 Almost Happened in the 1980s
Trump's Terrorist Mask Comes Off in Syria
Trumping the UN with Insanity
Trump Following The Nutty Neocon Strategy of Turning the Middle East into a "Cauldron" for Israel
Donald's Loony Little Satanic Helpers
Dutch Commercial Pilot: The Official 911 Story Complete Crap - All Mainstream Media and Poltical Arenas Complicit in Treason - That's Reality
Chief 9/11 Suspect is Chief Strategist for President Donald Trump's 2020 Re-election Campaign
Barret Does not Deny B'nai Brith's Big Lie
Daryl Bradford Smith Interviews Mohammed Rafiq on the Roots of the Armenian Genocide
Documents Proving the "Holocaust" was Invented As a Cover Up of the Armenian Genocide
Is Donald Trump the Anti-Christ?
The Internet is the Battlefield Be prepared!
Confirmed: Russia Gave Control Codes of Missiles That it Sold to Iran to Israel
Traitor Trump Korean False Flag Nuke Question of the Day: Does Israel Have the Control Codes of US ICBMs?
Soviets as "Thick as Theives" with the Zionists
Reason Treason Prospers: Review of Jim Garrison's "On the Tail of the Assassins"
Unholy Charlottesville Crisis Actor Hoax, Batman!
The Zionist Atomic Cocktail For a Greater Israel
Public Service Announcement
Trump vs. The Mega-Monopoly-Media: A Ratings Gimmick
Carrots for the Fat Boy: The Israeli MAFIYA GAZPROM Siberia pipeline to North Korea
The Israeli-Iranian Fake Out of the Arabs
Johnny is Gone for a Liar
South Florida Junkies Enlist to Help Fight The Neocon War of Terror on the Middle East and Afghanistan
US Using the Moishe Dyan Plan For Creating "Terrorists" to Fight
The Arsenal of Hypocrisy
Netanyahu Accidentally Leaves Mic On - On Purpose
British Foreign Secretary:
"All Terrorist Gangs in Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Elsewhere Are CIA/Mossad Created"
Saudi Arabia Contributes $66.7 Million Towards Anti-Cholera Program in War Torn Yemen
Israel's Contribution to Yemen: Cholera and War?
JFK: "Man was Born to be Free and Independent"
Barrett Backpedals on Trump
Spooking Saudi Arabia
The Broken Window Fallacy and The Blessings of Destruction by Henry Hazlitt
Are the Chabad Lubavitchers Jews?
Trump Kerry "Safe Zones" Part of Zionist Imperialist Plan For Middle East Balkanisation
Reason for Treason: Israel's Imperial Middle East Ambitions
Over 10,000 Arabs Killed by Zionist Biological Weapons and They Look in Iraq for WMDs?
DynCorp is ISIS Headquarters
Return of the Swamp Thing
DynCorp is ISIS Headquarters
Did Feinberg Put the Hit on Scalise?
Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on DynCorp's Involvement in Human Trafficking.
British Newslady Struggles to Keep a Staight Face While Reporting Terror Attack Hoax
Let's Play Pin the Tag on the Crisis Actor!
Remembering the Panama Deception as the Fake News Continues
British Newslady Struggles to Keep a Staight Face While Reporting Terror Attack Hoax
Let's Play Pin the Tag on the Crisis Actor!
Remembering the Panama Deception as the Fake News Continues
Memorial Day 2017: Will the Beetles Remember the Humans who Died Fighting in the Third World War?
The Last Rhyme and Testament of Tony Lumpkin by Harry "Breaker" Morant

Page 124

The Bad to the Bone Big Boys Don't Play By the Rules
Depleted Uranium Bullet Registers 15,000 counts per minute on a Geiger Counter
Trump Grants Palestinian Residents of Jerusalem Israeli Citizenship
Trump Grants Palestinian Residents of Jerusalem Israeli Citizenship
Cold War Cuisine
Things to Come: PNAC's Remake of the Middle East
Saudi Gazette: Saudi-Led Coalition Denies Blocking Humanitarian Aid to Yemen
Silly Saudis
Follow Veterans Today's Advice on Vaccination and You'll get Yours!
Malaria Vaccination: Disguised Genocide?
A Subliminal Veterans Day
What, Another War in Lebanon? False Opposition Gears Up to Push Mossad Propaganda Again
November 10, 2017: This Day in History - What the History Channel Left Out
This is How to Properly Draw up a Bill of Impeachment
Kadir A. Mohmand: DAESH-ISIL-ISIS are Mercenaries and Thugs Hired by the US Government
Steve Paddock Still Boozing it Up In Vegas
All Saints Day
The Halloween Road to Success and Damnation
Newly Released JFK Assassination Records
The Trumpsters
The European Union Vs. The Trumpster Plan For Arab Genocide
ISIS Director Brings a Flower Child Sacrifice to Mohamed Theophrastus Graves
The Trumpsters
The European Union Vs. The Trumpster Plan Arab Genocide
The Trumpster Plan to Continue the Musical Banks and Brady Bonds
Will War with Iran Bring Down the Neocons and Their Politicians?
Zionist Hoaxers Win the Day in Austria as in America
Moving Back to the Bogus Boston Bombing
Fakers Hijack Sound System in MGM Las Vegas Shooting Hoax
Yemenites Blow the Whistle on Israeli-Houthi Alliance
Revelation 12:1 Fullfilled?
Virgo Will be Seen in the West in Conjunction with the Sun at Sunset on the Miracle of the Sun Centennial
Significance of the Miracle of the Sun Centennial Falling on Friday the 13th
Trump Expected to Give Israel a Trading Monopoly with Iran
MGM Presents Sucker-Time at the Mandalay-Bay Casino

Page 125

1984 is Here!
Turkey Trotting Shills Letting the Steam out of Steemit
Who is Setting Up Russia?
How to Create an Orwelling Nightmare by the Department of Homeland Security
Big Brother Youtube Removes "Parkland: Breaking Broward County's Cone of Silence"
Gimme Moola Moulage Fakers Presented as Real Victims by MSM
America the Ugly: Poll Shows Plurality Would Murder for Money
Broward County's Cone of Silence on DHS Exercise Drills
Government Sponsored Drills as Cover for Government Sponsored Crimes
Which Came First The Chicken or The Egg?
The False Oppostion and Snake Oil From Hell
The Neocon Fascist Agenda: A Blueprint for Failure
Great Scott! Champion Fraudster Presides over Parkland Psyop!
Bad News for Israel's Zionazis: Their Getaway Submarines are Lemons
Syrian News Media Yet to Find Out that Half of Syrian Air Defenses Has Been destroyed
Sold Out by an Amphibian
The Jig is Up for the "War on Terror" Scam?
Shades of Silverstein: Insurance Fraud in the Sinking of the Estonia
Did Ari-ben-Vialls do Port Arthur?
God Tells Hal Lindsey that Israel will Strike Oil!
Israel Threatens More Tararaboomdea on Lebanon
Weimar Wall Street?

Page 126

May Day 2018: Why Christianity Should Return to its Pagan Roots
Nationwide Call-In Day for the Bobby McIlvaine Act
ISIS on Line: Our Headquarters is Located in Langley Virginia You All
ISIS on Line: Our Headquarters is Located in Langley Virginia You All
Trump's top Zionist Donor is a Big Promoter of anti-Muslim propaganda
9/11 Grand Jury Petition: DOA
The Business of Government Corruption And the Myth of the Rule of Law
Trump to Israel: We have no Better Friends Anywhere
9/11 Grand Jury Petition Filed with Trump Appointed Law Partner of Grand Jury Indicted 9/11 Conspirator Rudolph Giuliani
Trump, Netanyahu and Neocons are Guilty of Crimes against Peace
IDF Captain Reuven Schossen on Breaking the Cone of Silence on Israeli Atrocities
Israel's Alleged Destruction of an Alleged Nuclear Power Plant in Syria
We Choose to go to Oblivion Rather that Back to the Moon
The PRISM that Separates the Patriots from the Traitors
How to Shoot Down a Drone with a Home Made Microwave Gun
How to Build a Home Made Microwave Hearing Device
Florida Obituaries Show No Parkland School Shooting Deaths
Israel's Black Sheep Yehiyeh Sinwar Leads 9 more Palestinians to the Slaughter House
Which is Funnier: A Database or a Toilet?
Trump and Netanyahu Reject Indpendent Investigation of Latest Massacre in Gaza
Atheist Reporter Fibs About Francis

Castro's Yarmulke
Ruben Fulgencio Bastia Conspired with Castro to Take Over Cuba
Prelude to Communism: Corruption, Persecution of Catholics, and Creation of the Castro Myth
Castro's July 26th Publicity Stunt
Cuba Before Communism
How to Degas Beans