Trionfo Publishing Reader

This is an HTA file. The HTA extension enables Javascript to run as an executable program on your computer. You should examine the code of all HTA files and check all executable programs with anti-virus software to see if they are safe.

Although I have read that the Microsoft speach api (sapi) is "unstable" over the internet I have had no problems with this program so far. It should not write to your disk. There is no code in it to do so. It should be as safe as the Microsoft Speach api itself.

Use it at your own risk. Read the Microsoft warning before running any executable file which you download from the internet.

Also beware of navigating to other websites using the links in the HTA file. Windows may warn you if an HTML file contains scripts but to be sure download the file first and examine its contents in a text file first. The vast majority of scripts are not malicious but be aware that some scripts are.


The Microsoft Speach API must be Installed on your computer for this program to work.



If you do not have a text-to-speech engine on your computer you can install one by downloading and installing TPReadClip.

TPReadClip is available as a Freeware program for now.

Use it at your own risk or do not use at at all.

It should be safe since all it does is read the clipboard and speak using Microsoft's speech engine (sapi).

I have only tested the program on my own computers which have the Windows XP and Windows 98 operation systems installed. It may not work with any other operating system or with any version of Windows developed prior to Windows 98.

When you install TPReadClip the sapi should install on your machine if it is not there already.

Write me at if you encounter any problems.

If you encounter any conflicts with other speech software then simply remove the program using the Add/Remove application in Control Panel.

Follow the instructions. If you are not familiar with adding and removing programs to your computer then you should not attempt to install this program.

If you are then you should have no problems.

One problem that I know of is that the when the automatic button is checked and texted is copied from the Acrobat reader (which has its own text-to-seach reader installed) then the text is spoken 3 times.

This problem can be overcome by simply unchecking the automatic checkbox button.

It is set by default.

Continue to check for further updates to TPReadClip.

Here are the set up files for TPReadClip and some Microsoft voice fonts. To install TPReadClip, place these files in a separate directory and run the setup program:

Setup files: Setup files : For Windows 2000, XP, NT etc.




For Windows 98, Me, Me Two etc.




Installation issues:

If you already have a speech engine installed installing another text-to-speech application may interfere with the other. At least I have found this to be the case with ReadPlease 2002 and TPReadClip. If you have any trouble running TPReadClip simply uninstall it from Control Panel.

If you would rather just install the Microsoft speach api then you can download it by clicking the following links:

Voice fonts

and the

Speech engine

Or visit the Microsoft web page at: Speech SDK 5.1